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Back in 1999, when I started XENU TV, Scientology created a page about me at their site  They have since taken that down and moved their smears of critics over to Religious Freedom Watch.  This is a google cached version of the page they made about me:
Why Did This Man Fail?
Mark Bunker came to Hollywood filled with dreams of becoming a famous actor.
For several years, he worked very hard at succeeding in Hollywood.
He did TV, stage, appeared in videos, and did work for some well known people and companies. His rendition of Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” is entertaining.
It is obvious that he had a good purpose and some drive – for to watch some of his work it is apparent the man had talent.
But he didn’t make it into the big time. It is not known exactly why.
He does admit to his obscurity and it is rather a pity that he failed.
What makes this story different than the tens of thousands of other Hollywood failures?
Did failure make him bitter and cause him to look about for a scapegoat to blame his failure on?
It seems that it did.
What would you say of a man, who failing at his great goal of being an actor turned to running a hate campaign against your religion?
Further, what if some of the members of your religion were amongst the most beloved and successful movie stars Hollywood and the world has ever seen – and this failed actor started targeting them for harassment and ridicule because of their religious beliefs?
This is the story of Mark Bunker – a man who went from being a failed actor to forwarding a hate campaign against religion and successful Hollywood stars.
At a recent movie premier of one these actors, Bunker staged harassment of the actor. He arranged for a homeless ex-jail bird to carry a hate sign about this actor’s religion at the premier, while he videotaped it. Incidentally, the movie went on to be one of the summer’s top hits, grossing over $100,000,000.00.
Another hate monger, Robert S. Minton, bought the video equipment Bunker uses to film the hate demonstrations he stages. Minton also pays for Bunker to fly around the country and harass churches by invading the privacy of the parishioners of the actor’s religion.
In conclusion, Bunker has received thousands of dollars and equipment from Minton to carry out his hate campaign.
Mark Bunker is a front man for a hate campaign.

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