The Bridge

In October of 2006, young filmmaker Brett Hanover produced the first feature length movie about Scientology. Entitled “The Bridge,” it was shot in 6 days for $600. Brett released the film freely to the internet including to my site. Just a few days after the release, Brett requested that “The Bridge” be removed.
Brett was facing severe pressure from Scientology and I initially agreed to remove the film as he asked. Others however, put the film back on the net and made sure it was spread far and wide. Seeing that the film was not going to go away, I eventually decided to return the movie to this site. It is an important film and one which should have an audience.
There have been times lately when it seemed possible that Scientology may actually be reforming. Since I started XENU TV, I’ve seen their behavior radically change in front of my camera. They no longer act like complete loons when I am taping, abandoning the “What are your crimes?” tactics which members learn from bullbaiting drills.
We’ve seen explosive episodes like “South Park” air without any legal attack. “The Bridge” went up and no lawsuit happened. Were they no longer litigious? Maybe they have changed? Maybe there is less reason to criticize the group?
Now it appears that Scientology has hired investigators to dig up dirt on Brett Hanover to shudder him into silence. They succeeded. So Scientology hasn’t changed. It seems it can’t change. Which means people have to keep speaking out about it’s corrupt nature.
I was not upset that Brett asked for the film to be removed from the net. I hope he is not upset with me that it remains on my site. Once the info is out there, it never disappears. Thousands of people had downloaded a copy of the movie and they continue to share it with others so it will never go away.
Unlike “The Profit,” which is hidden away on a shelf and unseen by the very people who might find some benefit from it, “The Bridge” will continue to exist and hopefully, Brett will be left alone to continue on and grow as a filmmaker. He is a talented person indeed.
XENU TV is still around. Should the day ever come that I call it a day, I know the videos I’ve made and distributed on the net will still get shown by all the people who have downloaded them, as will “The Bridge.”

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  1. “The Profit” is available to those who look for it, and it may be found in the same place as other video footage which is ostensibly not supposed to be freely available to the general public.

  2. As an on location associate producer and technical advisor for THE BRIDGE, I did invest monies, time, and travel expenses, in help making it realized. I regret deeply that Brett felt pressured by threats to withdraw it from public shortly after it’s release. I am thankful though, places like and have kept it alive and available.
    I was hoping the much newer film THE MASTER was going to be more fucused on the realities of the Scientology fog, but was met with disappointment. The actors/acting was excellent though.

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