I interview Tanja Neujahr while in Leipzig in 2000. Tanja grew up in Scientology, entered the Cadet Org, then the Sea Org and later left the group, only to lose her father who stayed behind.

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  1. What a lovely young lady. She obviously has pain about her parents but a lot of that was caused by Scientology. Then to have her father disown her if she didn’t join a cult?? huh?? Her story is genuine and I hope she stops feeling she has to make up for what she did while under the directives of the cult. That is just more of the cult’s brainwashing still working on her. She should take some time off and enjoy her life and start to find herself and not torture herself any more about it. She is very brave to have left and to enlighten others. I hope she finds peace and finds some happiness in her life!

  2. Tanja, you are a beautiful and courageous woman! Despite the betrayal and difficulty, may you continue on to weave a life for yourself out of love, trust and true companionship.

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