The Revenge Picket

Scientology sent two people to picket my home in L.A. on the day following L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday in retaliation for my having videotaped a picket being held against Scientology.
VIDEOTAPED March 14, 1999
For daring to point a camera at Scientology, they overnight found out my identity and printed flyers to spread around my neighborhood.  Hours later, Dan Murnan and a man identified only as D.  arrived at my home.
After Tory Bezazian-Christman left Scientology and became my friend, she told me that she was asked by Scientology to be one of the people to picket my home. She told them there was no way she would do such a thing and it was a mistake to do so.
Ultimately, I think Dan came to agree with that opinion.

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  1. Mark keep up the good work ;eventually the TRUTH will out,don’t let them DE-BUNK you in any shape or form,the primary problem is the wily and coy move by LRH to exploit the system in re-inventing his deliria under the pseudonim as a church,GREED -MONEY and eventually POWER is all its all about ….How could any self-respecting individual seriously consider the spewing of their master as anything close to the truth,it goes beyond anything the Bible,[earth staying still]Koran [Mohameds’assencion to 7th heaven{on horseback}] or the Torah and its derivitives have to offer us!!their SOULS are in great PERIL may the truth soon set them free!!keep on the case !our name is truly LEGION -FOR WE ARE MANY,appreciating all you do ……regards from the Nether-Regions of europe

  2. This is just so gnarly. Scientology has just started to “grow” here in sweden. Strange thing to do when 85% of the swedish people claim to be atheists. I dont think that stories about evil aliens and E-meters will have much affect over here.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. He starts blinking fast when you tell about throwing people overboard. This means that that story grabbed him aswell. You should have stopped talking at that point, and let it sink in real deep.
    By continueing your story, you switched topics and therefore allowed him to forget about the thrown-overboard people.
    My 2 cent for that.
    But, you did superb otherwise, keep saying that you want to hear his story, and his ideas. staying open for discussion (two way). Realy nicely done. This is a prime example how people should try to discuss matters. Tho, sad that Dan not wants to have an ‘interview’ or discussion.
    Well done,

  4. HAHA people die of disease mark, its a very unfortunate thing…
    Its like your just talking to a moving brick wall for 20 minutes.
    Scientology should never have been.

  5. Scientologists are not filthy scum, they are normal people like you and me that have gotten into something they felt would help them and others. Most Scientologists are not aware of the crimes committed by those running the company simply because they are told not to read newspapers or go online and see the other side of the Scientology debate. Faith is something that is so powerful and can yet be so misguided as to blind people to the reality around them. Protest of Scientology must be treated with respect to those individuals in the cult that are just pawns and genuinely think they are helping the planet. The best approach is to treat them with respect and show that you are a reasonable, normal person who is protesting because you believe something is wrong with Scientology. It is best not to get into specifics but rather point them in the direction of the information you read about Scientology that made you protest in the first place.

  6. hahahha, love how you keep your cool. The Scientology was nice enough to stand and listen. Wonder if he is still a member after this unexpected lecture 😛

  7. They’re not used to people standing up to this sort of thing. More people need to keep their cool like this, they’re powerless in situations like this. Great work.

  8. Ugh, I feel sick because of these… people, this culty thing. I’m not completely aware of what they do and have done, but it doesn’t sound good at all. Man, seriously, I’m shocked.

  9. I being an ex-scientologist at one time looked up to any and all OT”s thinking that I wish I could be just like them. Poor Dan who did his thing telling lies to the neighbors where Mark lives I feel so sorry for him. I’m sure he had to forked out tons of money to reach OT Vlll. What ever happens to someone like him ? and will he ever wake up to the real world of reality ? after working so hard and paying out so much my hope for Dan is to find a way to help others who got tangled up in the web of lies from a sick,sick man who loved money more than people.

  10. During my time in Scientology I knew Dan, off and on, going back to the early ’90s. He’s a good guy with a great sense of humor. Unfortunately he’s now a poor soul living an almost poverty existence, yet he still believes that Scientology is his salvation. You know Mark, if you could ever crack Dan’s thick veneer you’d really like him.
    Mark, you were open and honest with Dan but he can have none of it. You’re the suppressive person and he believes none of what you say. It’s all a ruse calculated to degrade beings. Some of my conversations went the same way as yours did here – and I was a fellow Scientologist at the time! The Scientology indoctrination is strong with Dan. In him you’re seeing someone who can’t think for himself anymore, much like the other hard-core Scientologists. That’s a main reason I had to leave – no one could think for themselves.
    Dan Murnan, if you ever read this: Get out of Scientology. It’s killing you (you know what I mean by that! I’m speaking literally). There is no Bridge to Total Freedom. No one has made it to the other side! Salvage what’s left of your life and start to move on. You’ll be happier. I am.

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