My Billion Year Contract

Nancy Many’s new book is available for purchase.

Nancy Many was a college student in Boston when she frst wandered into a Scientology offce. That was the beginning of the end of independence and freedom, as she knew it. After 27 years of service at all levels of Scientology’s Sea Organization, Nancy left the group, and now works to help others who have been victimized, and to expose the abuse and crimes of her former group. Nancy lives in Los Angeles with her family.


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  1. I’m so picking up a copy of this! Thanks for the post Mark!

  2. Thomas

    Youtube video has been removed ….

  3. ElenaP

    Why is the video removed by the user???

    1. She uploaded a version with music. The link works now.

  4. Scientologist

    Nancy, you are easy quitter.
    You had only 999.999.973 more years to do.

  5. Zipperhead

    I just couldn’t watch it all the way through. The music is bad enough, but her mic must have been on the other side of the closet she was speaking from. Obviously not a Mark Bunker production!

  6. You’re right, some how during the transfers the mix (sound track levels) got shifted, It gott taken off you tube and my site for correction and will be back up – hopefully by the end of today.

  7. mbm

    Travoltas attend IAS event in London w/ Cruises. John is just too big of a coward to leave the cult, come out of the closet, and his wife [who I think is keeping him in]

  8. Robert Biasotti

    I am so sick and tired of hearing that “It was different back then!” or “A great organization has been corrupted!” Pull your head out! It was a TAX DODGE and a SCAM FROM THE START. The FOUNDER was a crook, a con man and a pathological liar! That is proven, historical fact. It is even part of official court records. The current hierarchy is the same thing, just less subtle. The FOUNDER started it. The FOUNDER laid down the ground rules. The FOUNDER created Fair Game and Freak Out and Snow White. The FOUNDER was the one who laid out the strategy for using law suits to harass and bully. The organization was corrupt from its inception. The same fantasy tech that is nonsense now, was nonsense in the beginning. It was created as fantasy for no purpose other than to amass power and wealth for the FOUNDER.
    You sound like an apologist for the NAZIs. “But Hitler did some good things in the beginning!” Well, of course he did you stupid sheep. That’s how he got so many people on his side. Then he kept them there with the GESTAPO and the Storm Troopers. That is one of the classic M.O.s of scam artists with delusions of grandeur. Wake Up! It was in its entirety a scam to begin with. Nothing More. Nothing Less. You bit on the bait. You got hooked. You got hoodwinked into hurting people. Admit it and move on. Just stop insulting my intelligence with this fairy tale about how it has only now become corrupted.
    Oh yeah, Drama Queen, lose the soap opera music.

  9. Scam Shamalam

    I couldn’t watch the video because it has been removed.
    If Robert’s comments are an accurate reaction to the video or not, I must agree with the sentiment towards that sort of behaviour.
    I can only hope that blaming it on Miscavige is a step in the direction to realizing that it was a scam right from the start.
    Miscavige would probably be a junk bond salesman with a medium size company, or maybe an ambulance chasing lawyer or a porn producer if Hubbard had never lived. It is too bad that his proximity to Scientology robbed him of a productive life.

  10. MW

    I understand some of the sentiments displayed here. However, it’s important to not forget these people are victims. It’s very easy to flippantly say ‘just get over it and acknowledge it is all bullshit’. These people have spent most of their lives in a destructive cult; it wouldn’t be easy to just discard everything they have known at the drop of a hat.
    I’ve watched the video and think people should watch it for what it is, not what others say it is.

  11. Robert Biasotti

    Hi, MW.
    Yes, These people are victims, in much the same way as Hitler Youth, Komsomol and Red Guards were victims. They were all lied to. They were misled. They were victimized. Then they assisted in the further victimization of others.
    If she is going to write an expose on a known scam, please do not further the lie by suggesting that the organization was good to begin with, and THEN became corrupted. Admit the FACT that the organization was corrupt to begin with. The fact that she was deceived by a lie may excuse her from some or all of the hurt that she piled on other human beings. The fact that she continues to lie about the organization’s original intent calls her sincerity into question for me. I have no intention of being flip. I am dead serious. I don’t give a DAMN if the organization was “fun” to begin with. DO NOT LIE TO ME. Maybe it was “fun”, OK, but do not suggest that it was “good”. If you cannot see that distinction, I’m sorry that I cannot explain it better.

  12. MW

    As I previously mentioned – I understand your point of view. However, I don’t believe she has come to the same realizations yet. Naturally, it may take many years before she can do so. She may suffer from some serious cognitive dissonance but do you have any evidence to support she is intentionally lying?
    I’ve been reading Marty Rathbuns and Geir Isenes blogs and they still haven’t acknowledged certain flaws in their beliefs. However, I’m not going to claim they are being blatantly deceptive but agree they may still be very misguided.

  13. lop

    If David Miscavige seriously goes around slapping people, he should REALLY give this “Nancy Many” lady a good whack across the face, LOL…

  14. Mary McConnell

    I just finished reading it. I could not put it down. Besides the telling of her personal tragedy and that of others who were harmed by scientology, Nancy really gives the reader a sense of what happens to the compliant member and those who are considered errant. This is a great read about what it’s like to be forced into Scientology’s ‘rehabilitaion project force’ and what it’s like to suffer from the gang bang mental torture sessions group mentality against the perceived enemies of scientology. Best of all, she demonstrates what happens to the mind when totalitarian tactics and policies are used to control the individual and the thought processes that occur which result in a person staying in scientology despite these dehumanizing tactics used against them.
    This is a story of love and how a cult brings it’s members to tow the line or jump off the cliff without a cushion or support. Very sad yet her story is very liberating to read . I suggest it to anyone, personally or via a family member or loved one, ever involved in scientology or similar cult.

  15. HC

    We have to spread this. Scientology will not censor any book or testimony of ex-scientologists or researchers again.
    Scientology: You can’t nullify freedom speach. No more.
    Thanks for all Mr.Mark! You’re the Wise Beard Man. 😉

  16. Mary McConnell

    HC, I agree! I got alot out out of reading this and I know that others, especially former cult members like myself, will too.
    I, too, am spreading the word on this and submitted my review to Amazon, which should be up on Monday or tuesday. I also put up a review on ESMB and at the book’s page over at Facebook, which shared with my friends list.
    Mark, thanks for your help here.

  17. Laura

    Need help.
    I went to http://mybillionyearcontract.com/, clicked to purchase ebook, clicked thru to paypal, paid for book.
    I’m expecting now a down load link to arrive by email. I think.
    Please explain the ebook procedure and when I will get my book.

    1. I’m not involved with their sales but I would image you’d be sent a link to download the file. If you haven’t, contact Nancy at her website: http://mybillionyearcontract.com/

  18. Laura

    Thanks, Mark.
    I did figure it out finally. What a read!! I have been glued to it’s pages since last night, can’t put it down.
    Especially to have a glimpse what was going on at the top as I was getting stuck in the resulting quicksand at the bottom.

  19. acute

    omg i wish there is a way to let the members know that ‘auditing’ is just a way for scientology to get information about them and used later when they misbehave. it is used to hold them hostage and quiet. they claim that they information that they receive during auditing is kept in a safe place. are you kidding me. nothing is ever safe. read what the latest ex member said about them using this information. please do not ever tell anyone your deepest darkest secret. it will be used one day believe me. God save us all!!!!!!!!!

  20. Laura

    To Robert Biasotti:
    You could not say these things if you had ever experienced any of the real gains available in Scientology.
    It is hard for me to understand that the same man who created the personnal liberation available in auditing could be the same man who created the totalitarian slavery that exists today.

  21. RJ

    Thanks Mark for posting this.
    I met Nancy many years ago and I always thought she was an incredibly dynamic individual.
    Looking forward to reading her book.

  22. Gerald

    Robert B, you are correct about your opinions & I agree with you……..Thanks for putting the bottom line out there and saying what needed to be said. I think this lady is a victim & with that I just take what she says with a “grain of salt” and just deal with the facts that she relays and ignore everything but fact……her personal opinions are just that. I still think it was great that she did what she did and I am glad that she is out of that cult. Thanks to everyone that is against The Church Of Scientology is doing a great thing and should be applauded big time. This cult should be shut down for good here in the USA and be done with in every country forever. Thanks and take care everyone.
    P.S. Go to these websites please——–> http://www.xenu.net/archive/infopack/1.htm & http://www.anoncontest.org/
    Please join the 2nd one & participate if you believe that The Church Of Scientology is a dangerous cult. Thank You.

  23. Josh

    I don’t find it productive to criticize Ms. Many’s characterization of the organization as ‘fun’ in the early years. While I agree the organization was a fraud from the beginning, it is possible that at one point a fraudulent organization and some of it’s management went about creating a fun atmosphere to help keep the dollars flowing. In any case this is her own experience and I don’t see the author as an apologist whatsoever for the organization, these comments included. It seems to be a consensus from many ex-Scientologists that the organization has gotten worse over time. Like Mr. Bunker has said, it’s not the beliefs of Scientology that need to be stopped, people can believe whatever they want. It’s the bait and switch game and the abuse that need to end. Thank you to the author for stepping out and writing this book, I have no doubt many lives will benefit from it.

  24. Spanky Miscavige must have smoke coming out of his ears!

  25. I just stumbled upon this list of reviews, sorry for the lag. As far as being presented as a fraudulent organization, that’s right out there in the first chapters wherein I never wanted to change my religions and was assurred over and over again, and even shown things in writing by L.Ron Hubbard, that said calling it a Church would not change their day to day operation, that was only for the accountants and lawyers. It was a business. It was a business for me, it was a business then, it was a business all through my years of involvement, and it continues to be a business. Yet it takes tax Free Status, as if it were a church. All these “good Things”
    the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been doing is highly touted by this “Church” as look what we do??? Scratch the surface and you discover that each person used their own money to help those disasters, or got a sponsor to pay for their donation of ‘help’. Another lie, another piece of fraud that is being perpetuated to this day.
    I was like a lobster in a pot of water that slowly but surely got hotter every day, by the time I “woke up” it was a bit too late. It is a very HUMAN experience, and perhaps not with bogus religions, but with many other things in the world, it’s easy to get that lobster into the water, and the lobster doesn’t realize until too late, that he has been stripped of all access to ways out.
    Sorry to say, it happens every day in one form or another.
    nancy many