7 Replies to “Scientology Convicted of Fraud in France”

  1. Mark, you aren’t entirely accurate here. The “clerical error” that removed the possibility of dissolution has already been corrected, and other trials are forthcoming. However, the court still had the option of banning their activities, but didn’t for fear they would just go underground.
    What’s important here is the nature of the fraud convictions. The administration of the Purification Rundown as prescribed by LRH is now adjudged to be medical and pharmaceutical malpractice. Yet it’s a required action. I haven’t read all the specifics, but I think the metered “stress tests” and use of the bogus personality test are probably now adjudged to be psychological manipulation. In other words, they can’t perform various functions according to policy without incurring legal jeopardy.

  2. I met with a French Reporter who is here in the USA for a few days and he told me that they are forbidden to use the EMeter or to Deliver any more Purification Rundowns, and if they do one misstep – they are to be shut down. Without Meters and Purifs, what will they deliver? Book One Auditing? Touch Assists?

  3. They are blocking basic access to website zenutv.com. When I try to go directly to this site there are problem and page won’t load. But if I go to a subsite or direct page I can get on the site then all is fine… interesting

  4. X-e-n-u, that’s it for today’s spelling lesson. I predict that sooner or later Scientology will be banned in France. I’m waiting for talk show host to prank a Scilon celeb with a teleconfrence with Xenu at the Oval office of the Galactic Confederacy. That would be Epic.

  5. they were convicted of fraud in appeal last february 20112 it ‘s been one year since they asked for “cour de cassation”and they might even go after the european court for freedom rights and leave theuiir case and wheep and cry “we ar religious victims !” I do not know when it will be released ?

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