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  1. Scilons beware! The Day of Judgement is at hand! The Dies Irae (Days of Wrath) are coming. Prepare ye Scilons and Lament, for the S.P.s have brought forth a Pandora’s box for your publicity. The Suppressives are growing. Your assaults on real religions, Scientology will lead to your downfall. Mark, Tory, and Anonymous are spreading the truth about you. Scientology you hath been warned.

  2. I meant to put a comma between Scientology and will. So the Sentence should read Your assaults on real religions, Scientology, will lead to your (Scientology’s) downfall.

  3. Just in case, fortune favors the prepared. I rant because I never found a topic that stirs my anger like the Cult of Scientology. The more I learn about the abuse and other shenanigans, the more I feel that I have to share my outrage that they are still ripping people off. I feel that as an ordinary law abiding citezen (typo)I have the first admendment right to express that outrage. My fire branding is an expression of righteous fury at the crimes and scheming machinations of David’s “church.” I cannot stand idle as the scam-church goes after a person who wants to stop the ponzi scheme of L. Ron’s so called religion/science. I want to say what must be said. I want to stop the con. I read a few post that sounded like they came from Scilons. Anyway, I respect what you said.

  4. Fascinating stuff, again.
    At this rate, CoS is going to implode by June. I wonder if you can place a bet on Miscavige being indicted/on-trail/a-laughing-stock.
    No house that sustains itself on lies stays standing for long.
    And it’s not the best market to offload real estate, is it?

  5. Hahahaha…. So ya figure by June, eh? Jeeperz, I thought it was already imploding….:) Poor DM has been very introverted for quite a while… maybe he put himself back on the Bridge so he can catch up with his superior OT’s…:)
    And Greg, I am reading here, and I am obviously a Scientologist is KSW. Watch how I talk. I mean this is such an up-stat site considering that it is WOG-hosted. The ARC level is so Tone 40 here, that those perverted child molesting MOC’s don’t dare to enturbulate this ORG sector with even a word of entheta. Our colleagues are on-post, in-session and on-source, so theta beingness ensures that MU’s don’t steer us off the whole track… perfect duplication. The psychs can’t confront the is-ness of this bizness…:) See? Nothin’ to it.
    Whew! Knight of Anonymous… what kind of horse are you riding there? When I hear You speak, I can almost picture you in full armor on your thundering galloping horse waving a nice big shiny sword! It’s almost as though you have a bone to pick with a cult….:)

  6. I seen what the Cult has done and chills me to the bone. Like everyone, I watched the interactions between the Scilons and Anonymous. I watched youtube to see both sides and have come to the conclusion that Scientology is incredulous. I have read dianetics and found it a load of tripe. I have used the services of Psychiatry and found that works. I am Catholic by my own choice. Music like Ave Maria, Gloria, Kyrie Eleison had brought me in. I have observed both sides and believe Scientology is a Heretical Cult and a Blasphemy against all things good. I have seen the Xenu story. I have heard Racism uttered by L. Ron and other Scientologists. L. Ron abused writing and fiction to exploit gullible people. W.B.M. and others have in my opinion provided an indictment of Scientology. The fact that the South Park incident proved the Cult is Anti-freedom infuriated me. Scientology falsely claims to have no hypocrisy. The fact that Scientolgy uses child labor makes me angry. The fact that Scientology has no mercy for anyone saddens me. The fact that Scientology calls it self a church, yet defames Christ made me despise this cult. The fact that members cannot freely leave concerns me. The fact that Scientology committed treason makes me want to campaign to ban the cult. And now an attack on Mother Church has made them my mortal enemy forever. This is my bone to pick with Scientology.
    I hope this was the answer you seek:)

  7. Right On Dude!… ya gots me awll fired up and ready ta blow… yeeeehaaw…:) I am waiting ta see what sleeping giants this nun attack is going to conjure up.

  8. Wonderful Interview with Nancy Many. I listened to her on the same station with the same interviewer. This one is much better in many ways, more info, celebrity shi-, more details I suppose. Whenever I listen to this sort of stuff, I am always aware that there is a certain level of ‘background’ info that is needed to fully comprehend the discussion. I guess with my personal direct experience, even though it was not as dramatic as what people like Many, Rathbun, Headley, Tory, etc.. experienced, I always have the feeling that the uninitiated listener is going to have huge ‘gaps’ in comprehension of this cult. I keep telling / reminding even myself (let alone others) of the magnitude of the insanity that is inside and around this ‘dragon’. Co$ is a vast labyrinth of monumental proportions. My feeling is that You have to have been IN and then completely OUT to fathom the monstrosity of the Co$ phenomenon. I often find myself tongue-tied or speechless (like Tommy Davis…:) when I am asked questions about ‘WTF is Scientology?’ in a direct real time situation. My mind becomes flooded with mind-boggling confetti. The financial scam is bad enough… The mind rape is astounding! When some Scientologist claims that the ‘Tech really works’… make no bones about it my friend… it really DOES WORK… IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO!!!… steal your mind. Jason Beghe really understands this aspect of the Co$ cult mind set and he is very good at spitting out what it ‘IS’… but I still find it hard to believe how anyone can truly feel the ‘guts’ of this Co$ BS without actually having swum in it. You can read and read and read and study about it until you have a master’s degree in Scientology… but being IN then OUT is instant PHD++.

  9. http://electiondefensealliance.org/CA-Prop-8-Corrupted
    “The following study of suspect Proposition 8 election results in Los Angeles County, CA, is drawn from data gathered in EDA’s Election Verification Exit Poll (EVEP) analysis of the 2008 Presidential election, which reports similarly questionable election results in several states.
    Although this exit poll analysis cannot provide conclusive proof of election fraud (because such proof would require access to memory cards and computer code accorded proprietary exemption from public examination) it does provide the strongest indirect proof available that election results have almost certainly been altered by manipulation of the computerized voting systems.
    Deviations between exit polls and official results far outside margins of error, cannot be explained away by demographics or polling factors. The facts established in these reports cannot responsibly be dismissed or evaded.
    Election Defense Alliance calls on legislators, secretaries of state, attorneys general, the voting public, and especially candidates in upcoming elections, to read these reports and seriously confront their implications.”

  10. Thanks for the comments. I loved that beltway interviewer. I was on once before and he wanted me back for a full hour.
    He actually read the book and this second longer interview was much sharper and to the point. I hope a LOT of beltway Government Working Commuters got to hear it.

  11. Yes Nancy – I saw that first interview a few weeks ago, and I was looking forward to another one. This one, as I said, has more ‘meat’ in it…:) It further confirms what I sort of knew all along. And I hope that more people who would be otherwise complacent about Co$ will be educated and act accordingly. Thanks Again!

  12. Priscilla Presley is going to be on TCM Elvis’s birthday, sure to be one of MANY appearances she’s going to make on the tube… looking like something out of Madame Tussauds. Obviously the Celebrity Center offers free plastic surgery. I haven’t seen Lisa Marie at all during this hoopla (although the press releases have been saying she’ll be @ Graceland during the candlelight vigil. disconnection blows).

  13. Didnit know Prisy was a Scilon, kinda figured that Lisa M. was the only Scilon in Elvis’s family. Is Prisy a Scilon? Or is she anti-Scilon and that’s why L.M.P. isn’t with her?

  14. Just watch… the illustrious master of alter-is himself (David Miscarriage of Justice)… will announce that the original ‘Billion Year Contract’ was discovered to have been drawn up by SP’s with MU’s… (Oh dear, who woulda thunk…:) so there will be the inevitable call-in to sign a ‘Trillion Year Contract’ (with a registration fee of course). There will be an accompanying ‘Extension Contract’ complete with taped lectures to KSW… for a nominal fee… 🙂 The Ultra New Golden Era Of Contracts… You will receive this mind-blowing CD in the mail… along with a sincere appeal to help improve conditions (not for Sea Org)…

  15. Both Lisa and Priscilla… Probably quacked into the cult on the pretext of helping Elvis thetan to be OT4’d out of his drug implant.

  16. Thanks for the clarification. Elvis is probably turning in his grave;)
    I think any celebrity gullible enough for Scientology’s load of tripe should be publicly paddled:) It is so sad that two grown women swallow third rate Sci-fi bullshit with a strait face. I created better stuff than Scientology in my toilet. There is more Science in what comes out of my dog’s ass than in Scientology. I’m laughing as I type this. L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavage are the biggest Quacks with a capital Q the world has ever known. Scientology is a crack pot fantasy for rich people. To actually believe that alien ghost posesssion is the cause of humanity’s problems is the biggest joke in the universe. To believe that Scientology can cure anything, is so absurd that I laugh just thinking about it. The asinine stupidity of L.M.P. and her mother to believe this load of horseshit, makes me giggle. It’s hillarious!

  17. Do I dare crack an ‘Amen’ here? Yo… Knights of Anonymous… I hail thy lulzy toilet creations… maybe we can use that stuff to improve Davie’s ‘Eternal Battery’… recycled green power to supplement his super power… We could distribute the essential ingredients around and up his nose, and coerce him to breath deeply. But we better stay close by, just in case he thinks that he can sell this new tech too… I mean… we deserve our cut right?… He will make a good test subject… and he will have the opportunity to be a model example of KSW (Keeping Shit Working)…

  18. any new updates on L. Marie? I heard, despite a brief visit to Vegas, she’s a virtual recluse in London w/ her kids after MJ’s funeral. guess that brought her back to reality. is she really out of the cult?
    also, I heard that the Scilons posted an ad in a Baptist-backed newspaper and the Baptists are pissed, and Tommy Davis rebutted w/ his usual fail comment.

  19. Scientology, the most ridiculous crap in the world, and from what I hear it’s about to get stupider. The Scilon leader Dorky Misparage has allegedly found some new tripe by the Con. Mr. Davis is a Total Dupe. He is the one who keeps getting mad at the mention of Xenu. Did Xenu ass rape him or something?

  20. Naaaahhh…. Tommy is just all confused, because his Celebrity Center stats are down and plunging further… and the resulting RPF stints are rendering him a little rabid. Davie should leave him in their indefinitely… No Wait! That wouldn’t be any fun! Co$ needs a good clown at the front lines to lend at least a modicum of humor for themselves.

  21. Hi Nancy,
    Just heard your interview. I was on staff at CCLA in 1973-74 when JT first got into Scn at CCLA. Just as a correction in your interview, I believe it was Joan Prather, not Priscilla, that did the introducing of the subject by giving him a touch assist on the set of the movie, Devil’s Rain. I don’t recall Priscilla even being involved at the time, if my memory serves me correctly.
    Not saying, you’re wrong, it’s my recollection which appears to be backed up by the IMBd website on Joan Prather, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072869/. Scroll down and you’ll see JT in the role of “Danny”.

  22. Perhaps Tommy needs an Alien Anal probing to unclog his uptight ass. Anyone tried asking a Scilon about Xenu? I feel like going to a Scilon and saying I’m Lord Xenu and I want my royalty check.

  23. Oh C’mon there Knight of Anonymous: I think Tommy is already experiencing said probing… with no evidence of the specified unclogging… and forget about receiving checks from Co$… except for perhaps a sex-check…:)

  24. Ok, it was worth a try. Remember: A Scientologist is like an Idiot, unable to speak for him/herself.
    Here’s one for a protest banner: Do not be Stupid, leave Scientology.
    or: I’d trust a psychiatrist more than a Scientolgist.
    or: If for nothing else than freedom, avoid Scientology.

  25. re:to Once in…. Joan Prather as in “Eight is Enough” Joan Prather who got busted in a DUI in ’08? wow. is she out of the cult?
    btw, Anton Levay was also in Devil’s Rain, also a good pal of LRH’s.

  26. There HAS to be a way of bringing this cult down due to the fact that they do not allow sick people to seek modern meds.
    I say we all write to Amnesty International and get Scientology on their watch list.

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