Former Scientologist Will Fry Speaks

Will Fry, a former member of Sea Org and sales manager of Bridge Publications, tells his story after a global raid at San Jose. Thanks go to thegoddamnpacman for making these videos and to Will for telling his story.

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  1. Will is a very articulate and thoughtful young man. This insight into Bridge Publications is a rare one and an important part of the overall picture. Thanks Will. And thanks to the interviewers for minimising interruptions and letting Will speak.
    Here’s to more sleeping like a baby!

  2. very good video!
    i really hope that you will live a more healthy life after your experience.
    i have been free now for 20 years of scientology but mentally free for 2 years
    now thanks for the internet and the answers from it.
    i allways beeing happy that people cognited what they are beeing touch with;scientology and what it really is so that people dont kill themselves.
    beeing so angry why people kill themselves.
    i am still alive and gonna always bee!
    feeling so free thanks to you all who get the great information to the
    internet. ariadne

  3. Very moving. This moved me to tears. I had a very similar experience in the church. I am now resolute. This organisation in its present form needs to be taken down. Not by violence. But by truth.
    Happy New Year to all. 🙂

  4. Quick Scientology Quiz:
    Scientology is
    A. a religion
    B. a cult
    C. a science
    D. a philosophy
    L. Ron Hubbard is
    A. a con man
    B. a prophet
    C. a teacher
    D. a scientist
    A scientologist is
    A. free
    B. enlightened
    C. brainwashed
    D. a doctor
    The R.P.F. is
    A. an amusement park
    B. an arcade
    C. a pizzaria
    D. a Dungeon for doubting Scientologist
    Finally: The Sea Org is
    A. a fratenity
    B. a bunch of Scientology militants
    C. a sorority
    D. a club for cool people
    Thanks for the replies. Correct answers will be posted.

  5. Thanks Mark for putting these up 😀 This is definitely a story worth listening to and I’m glad that it’s been more available for others to see and learn from. There’s still gonna be plenty of Will to see in the future, I’m sure.

  6. Wow, you went through hell..I’m so glad you got out. Thank you for sharing your story; I admire your courage and apreciate your candor very much. You are a strong person.

  7. Greetings Will: Your candid testimony here is yet another essential part of the mass inoculation against, and ultimate cure of, the Scientology Plague. Thank You!

  8. And Kudos for cutting through the crap about the so-called ‘Tech’. Anyone who believes and / or practices the ‘Tech’ is a VICTIM of the ‘Tech’.
    The ‘Tech’ REALLY WORKS, as its architect and followers proudly proclaim…Yes indeed! It DOES EXACTLY WHAT IS WAS DESIGNED TO DO!… rape the mind!

  9. Will,
    I gather that you never did any OT level auditing.
    You should thank God you didn’t. Those who bought into the BT thing have even worse problems getting free.
    As an ex S.laves O.rg member myself, I’m guessing you didn’t get any regular bridge stuff except lots of ‘confessionals’ which are suppose to be good for you, of course. For you own good, be aware that anything you said in those is not only in your ‘confidential’ PC folder, but probably in databases in all the alphabet agencies, and then some.

  10. Yeah! What I can gather from all the Scientography wave particles floating around … the OT’s actually got the overwhelming brunt of the SCAM… hundreds of thousands of dollars fraud is just something for and from the ‘bank’… plus a ‘certain’ labyrinth of true real-world psychotic IMPLANTS… plus ‘released’ Engrams (Sins). No wonder these MEST-HEADS are so beamed into the ‘Tech’… they’ve been ultra-scammed into wasting (investing?) (M)oney, (E)nergy, (S)ins, (T)ime… all for a pipe dream of imperialist domination. At least once a Sea Org slave wakes up to Co$ bullshit, they actually get the fuck out… unlike the ‘superior’ cling-on OT’s with their MEST heads still stuck up L. God Hubbards Sanctified Rectum, after having been sodomized by Dave Miscarriage of Justice. Hey! If I sound irreverent, make no bones about it… Terrorists are my friend compared to Co$… See? Told you I was irreverent…:):)… Cling-On OT’s don’t have their heads in the sand. Have you ever been to a shitty beach?…
    Hey Will! Welcome back to the world. We are smiling with You!

  11. Correct Answers to Quick ‘Scientology Quiz’:
    Scientology is
    A. a religion TRUE
    B. a cult FALSE
    C. a science TRUE
    D. a philosophy TRUE
    L. Ron Hubbard is
    A. a con man FALSE
    B. a prophet TRUE
    C. a teacher TRUE
    D. a scientist TRUE
    A scientologist is
    A. free TRUE
    B. enlightened TRUE
    C. brainwashed FALSE
    D. a doctor TRUE
    The R.P.F. is
    A. an amusement park TRUE
    B. an arcade TRUE
    C. a pizzaria TRUE
    D. a Dungeon for doubting Scientologist FALSE
    Finally: The Sea Org is
    A. a fratenity TRUE
    B. a bunch of Scientology militants FALSE
    C. a sorority TRUE
    D. a club for cool people TRUE
    HEY! This is a SCIENTOLOGY Quiz… NOT WOG Quiz….:):)

  12. I was a staff member in the late 80’s and I remember exactly what Will is talking about regarding public and staff being harrassed into going to the local bookstores and buying copies of Dianetics to keep it on the NY Times bestseller list. Looking back, it was so unethical but when you’re brainwashed into believing that Scientology is the only hope to save the world, these kinds of extreme measures seem necessay. I’m glad you found your way out, Will. What I would say to anyone in Scientology is that you can be normal again. When I left, I was so afraid I’d never be accepted into mainstream life again. But thousands of us have left and built lives for ourselves, happy lives and you can too.

  13. Will, you rock! Your story is well recounted and sobering. But one part remains haunting me . . .
    I am so starting a religion based on Jeff from the planet Sassy! 225 zixtillion years ago, the evil overlord Jeff (of the Fornaxian Confederacy) kidnapped the inhabitants of Sassy in spacecraft that looked exactly like . . . uh, . . . the chunnel train (only without the wheels). He cut off all their hair and put it into a solarian vortex impactor and then spread their vortextualized hair over the planet Squeegeegack (the Fornaxian name for earth).
    No volcanoes this time, sorry.
    This hair still falls over the earth like rain. So everything bad in our lives is caused by the interdimensional itchy sensations caused by all this vortextualized hair that’s all over everything.
    My religion Vortexology™®© will have the solution . . . very expensive, water-filtered, vacuum cleaners . . .

  14. Actually the answers are B. A. C. D. B. This particular Scientology quiz is for fun. Marcehole I like the cut of your gib ( sense of humor).

  15. Will Fry, you are incredibly brave and articulate. Your ability to voice your experience and your fight to regain sanity and equilibrium in your life after a lifetime in Scientology, are admirable. You are a light in the darkness, Will. Thank you for speaking out.

  16. @Artoo
    Where the hell do I sign up for this? Does this mean you claim that barbers and hair stylists are the true evil of the Earth and should be destroyed?

  17. Greetings again Will! As you can see, we are all thrilled with your candid expose.
    Also, I hope that Pepsi is paying you…:)

  18. @Knight of Anonymous: Thanks for the WOG answers! I like your enthusiasm (that’s pretty high on the tone scale, isn’t it?…:)

  19. I got another one: The S.P. Quiz
    S.P.s are
    A. intellegent, rational, and wise
    B. agressive, loony, and tyrannical
    C. like Scilons
    D. a Scientologist’s worst nightmare
    (use all that apply)
    True or False
    Xenu is the Galactic Overlord Scientologist claim oppressed the Galactic Federation.
    L. Ron Hubbard is racist.
    L. Ron Hubbard is a Quack.
    David Miscavage is Xenu.
    Tom Cruise is a doctor.

  20. Whoa! That Quiz is way too high on the tone scale….. at least for a dyed-in-the-wool Class 100 Scientographer (like me….:). Let us apply some Study Tech here… and immerse our beingness into the gradient May West Van Allen Belts… this is factual…. um aaah… or some such thing… Our bearded host has Will-ingly posted Will Fry. OK! Fine… will fry what?… brain cells?… Pepsi alternatives?… we peons of mass distraction?… Hamburgs?… Sea Borgs?… Free Willy?… Yeah! OK! Let’s start with that… and then go back to an earlier similar incident… get the whole track… otherwise we Will Fry….:)

  21. Will those Scilons abused you. Scilons are evil. The quizes are to reinforce wisdom and test our knowledge about the cult. We must always remember that: Scientology is a half-baked scam that celebrities fall for.
    And: Initiate the wise in to wisdom and fools into Scientology.

  22. GDPacman, Like the patently false religion of Tarvuismâ„¢, it’s so easy to join. . . .
    Simply call your local VorOrgâ„¢ and have one of our Shavemonkeysâ„¢ delivered to your house where she will shave all your hair whilst you hold two electrified soup cans. When the Shavemonkeyâ„¢ is done, gather the fallen locks and place into a clean, dry, giant clamshell. Place the clamshell in Faraday cage and throw tiny bottles of free hotel shampoo at it while watching Top Gun with the sound and color turned turned all the way down. Do this until you see Fred MacMurray’s head floating in the middle of the room, or until you feel “clear”. Once you have achieved a state of clear, remove the clamshell from the Faraday cage and throw the hair about your home. You must then purchase one of our XL6500 VortexVax units for $12,355 and vacuum your entire house until all the hair is in the tank. Don’t forget to feed the Shavemonkeyâ„¢ twice a day. They get real mean when they’re hungry.
    Welcome to Vortexology!™®©

  23. Oh, Jeffâ„¢ forgive me, I forgot to ask, how many credit cards do you have? Cash? Do you own your home free and clear . . . any inheritances or life insurance?

  24. How ’bout the Church of Scamatology, where for a million dollars we teach you how to scam other people and learn the Secrets of Penu the Alien Terrorist.

  25. Another timely reminder of why we protest. I wonder if WIll can sue for emotional damage and destruction of his family. What other ‘religion’ contains the word ‘suicide’ in every other sentence? I reckon Kamikazes could learn from the Scientology Cult!

  26. Thank you, Will. I feel a bit better about you than I did after seeing you at the news conference. I now think you have the necessary resilience to carry on and live your life to the best of your ability, unimpeded by those miscreants who continue to sell prospective members a beguiling yet thoroughly undeliverable bill of goods.
    I was never a member of this particular cult, but became involved with something just as beguiling (and just as bogus) many years ago, so can commiserate more readily with others who’ve been similarly duped.
    Best wishes to you!

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