World Class Idiot Threatens to Sue Me

You may recall John Bowen Brown II.   He is the bright fellow who contacted me with allegations of being the leader on an international terrorist organization and hurling accusations against me that were baseless, ill formed and just plain wrong.  He gave me permission to post our lengthy initial e-mail exchange on my website.
Since that time he has periodically e-mailed some other baseless charges against me that usually result in him ending with “AND DON’T EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN!”  He never seems to realize that I don’t contact him.  He contacts me and I respond.  I never think of this guy until he sends me something in my email.  It happened a while ago when he invited me to be a part of what appears to be a global scam he has bought into where I’m supposed to buy crap from his website, courtesy of the biggest thing ever on the net, the Blastoff Network.
I asked him why he was contacting me and he told me it was an automated invitation that sent an email to everyone in his mailbox.  I asked him the simple question, “Why don’t you remove me from your mailbox?”  That type of logic sends him to a tizzy of foot stomping and ended with him saying I should never contact him again.
Then a month later, I get another email from him saying “Check out my photos on Facebook.”  Another automated message showing that he didn’t take the simple step of removing my name from his frigging address book.  Seems pretty simple.  I never think of this nutcase until he contacts me and then he yells at me for contacting me.  I wrote back to him a simple, “Really?  You threaten me if I contact you and then you once again contact me to be your Facebook friend?  You really are nutty.”
Today, after a couple months of blissful Brown-free living, I got a letter from his attorney threatening me if I ever contact him again.

I wonder how much My. Brown actually told his attorney about this case?  Did he show him all the emails when he was threatening to come to my home, telling me how he was researching me  and he was planning to show up at my door.  This is the guy worried about me responding to his email.
What a dope.
Incidentally, Anonymous pointed me to his CESNUR “paper” on Anonymous, a poorly researched and written piece, delivered at the cult apologist organization’s annual event.  Scientology loves itself some CESNUR.

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  1. You should do a better job of redacting your address, if you want to obscure it. I could still make it out. Also perhaps blur out the ZIP.
    I find that there’s a trend among really ideological people, cult members or not, where they project their actions on their enemies, in fact decry those actions using those actions. I’m sure you’ve come across that many times.

  2. Is this guy even a Scieno, or just a weirdo? In his email exchange he seems to just disagree with Anonymous’ tactics. I think smearing yourself in pubic hair and Vaseline is pretty fuckin’ dumb as well, so I might even agree with him on some things, but why is he obsessed with you?

  3. Lawyers will take on any nut that whinges about something. To bad the lawyers can’t be penalized for wasting the courts time with lunatics.

  4. If one were to take this literally, then his cease and desist would succeed against you; in order to stop the whole debacle you would have to take out a cease and desist against him … then, the next time he is stupid enough to e-mail to his contact list, you can sue him for money, or get him thrown in jail … it would be nice to see him contact his address book from behind bars.
    It is rather unfortunate that usage of the Internet does not require a drivers licence … so many people would be revoked and the sherrifs office would make a fortune in fines.
    “Excuse me, Sir; you know why I pulled you over? You’re mouse is greasy, I can’t read your PC serial number and you were swerving all over the forum.”

  5. In Scientology, he is your classic example of an
    anti-social personality. He certainly has SP traits.
    He selects the wrong target (i.e he accuses of you of being the
    leader of Anonymous when obvioulsy you are not, threatens to sue you
    for harassing him but he is only doing that because in his deluded mind he thinks
    you’re the leader of Anonymous), he has an inability to see the facts for
    what they really are! He also suffers from paranoia. He thinks everyone is out to get
    him. I bet you any money that there is no one in Anonymous that poses a threat to him
    or has ever done anything bad to him. I think it is all imagined.
    Your classic example of a SP, if you ask me.
    I think your PTS, Mark, maybe you should consult an Ethics officer! He has threatenned to sue
    Frankly, the fact that you chastised Anonymous and imparted to them to wake up to themselves
    is evidence that all the harassment and terrorist tactics towards CO$ has ceased and they
    wisely chose to use legal means and peaceful demonstrations to disabuse the world of scientology.
    Perhaps you can consult your ethics book. Are you familiar with disconnection policy? That’s what you do when
    you are confronted with SPs like that!
    By the way, you are not a SP, from immediate observation! You are a good influence on Anonymous or the misguided youth
    of today.
    By the way, Mark, a scientologist would never grant you this much credit! However this is a fair Scientological evaluation!
    We must remain impartial as best we can!

  6. I don’t think he’s intentionally doing it but in the end the effect might be the same. Be careful because he might build up a case against you. Don’t ever contact him again. Use an attorney and make police reports every time he contacts you. Make a formal request through an attorney to have your email address removed from his list. Save all evidence of what transpired and make backups. Give a backup to your attorney as well so they have the evidence on hand if needed.
    I’m sure you know this already and probably practicing it anyways. But a reminder never hurts. Good luck.

  7. Like others have suggested, I would take a cease and desist out against him,and formal legal request to have him remove your email address from his address book… and then when he contacts you again. Sue the ass off him.

  8. Hey Mark,
    This looks like a pre-paid legal law firm, based on the letterhead and the verbage, specifically that you should contact him directly not the lawyer writing the letter. If so this means he did not hire an attorney, per se. A pre-paid monthly fee entitles you to have attorneys write letters for you, like this one. For them to actually represent you in a case there would be big out of pocket fees. But to many people any letter written on a big law firms letter head is intimidating. In this case, bluster and much ado about nothing. If you want to know for sure call the firm and ask them if they are a prepaid legal firm. But I think the letter is telling you they are not representing him when they say to contact him directly (or your attorney should). What would be funny is if you have a prepaid legal attorney respond for you. Very funny.

  9. His spelling, grammar, and punctuation are pretty awful, too. Funny stuff. He is obviously a Scientologist. Why else would he be harassing an SP?

  10. He was a Jehovah’s Witness. Then he renounced them and spoke out against them. Then he renounced people who spoke out against JW’s as he was doing. Then he became “an expert” for CESNAR, the cult apology group and delivered poorly researched speeches at their conventions.

  11. Now you know how James Randi probably feels.
    Imagine the number of mentally ill stalkers that flood his in box claiming he “scammed me out of my ability to ((INSERT PSYCHIC CLAIM HERE)) with his trumped up tests that are meant ONLY to stifle my amazing power of ((INSERT SUPER POWER HERE.))”
    It’s the burden of the truth teller.
    ANSWER: “Show pity, keep him from wrecking the universe, and take his hot companion out for a ride.”
    BTW. May I suggest Michio Kaku’s new series on Sci Fi Science, “Physics of the Impossible” it’s awesome. Tonight is the Lightsabe show. I Wonder when he tells us how to build a Tardis?

  12. Yeah, I’d just ignore it. But if he ever emails you again, print out EVERY email that ever transpired between the two of you, got to a REAL lawyer, and have a REAL Cease & Desist notice sent to HIM.
    Sure, it’s expensive, but sometimes vindictiveness is fun.

  13. Oh, he’s probably just a Prepaid Legal member and Davis|Miles a Prepaid Legal provider. They will write ONE letter on behalf of their members for each situation. In other words, his letter from the attorney was probably free.
    If you check the link to you mentioned above, there’s a lot of mention about Prepaid Legal being connected with the Blastoff stuff. So Dodo-brain is probably a PPL member.
    (Note: I’m also a PPL member and love the service, but that’s also why I know the letters are free.)

  14. Just get a restraining order against this stalker, and use this letter as part of the evidence of his obsession with you, along with his threat to come to your house. Apart from that, I would not do any changes to your life.

  15. That Tyndall address is an apartment complex, looks like. But that address shows up for Arizona Buddhist Fellowship (Rev John B Brown). John seems to be only one in the fellowship’s directory that doesn’t have a website, and no pictures of him. On WWP there’s a quote from him and Satanic group. Lists himself as a human rights activisit, lol. Besides keeping all records, agree to just not contact him. He feeds on it.

  16. It was never my intention to piss anyone off the past couple of weeks. I’m new to all this craziness and can’ believe half the stuff I’m reading, especially the abuse at “org” and Miscavige’s “slapping” sessions. Are we in America?
    One sentence struck me as VERY sensible; that YOU, Mark Bunker, are a GOOD influence on some of the “misguided” of anonymous.
    Irregardless, when I personally read this “I’ll sue you!” BS, mild disgust comes my way. Reminds me of “South Park”; “You are SO sued!”
    I’m not joining the ranks of anonymous, but I sure as hell am not joining Mr. Brown’s “cause”.
    I’d definitely get legal advice. God, I can’t stand “stalkers.”

  17. Hey Mark,
    If this guy was a dog, he would be foaming at the mouth, and you would leave him alone. The only real difference, is that he is a person.

  18. There is no leader of Anonymous. Anonymous is lead by its members i.e. the S.P. Nation. This guy has no clue. Mark, he is probably a hired gun for the O.S.A. This person is deluded into a belief that Anonymous has a leader. He has rhyme or reason. Contact the police and file a restainig order on this bum. Remember: If people do not hate you, you do not exist.
    This guy needs to: Speak with wisdom not stupidity.
    And if that fails tell him that: Idiots should never speak.
    Because we must always: Stay patient with annoying people.
    Finally we should: Judge not those who should know they are wrong.

  19. “What would be funny is if you have a prepaid legal attorney respond for you. Very funny.”
    Please do this Mark i’ll donate some more just for the comedy sketch to unfold.
    I would respect your wishes if you do not want anymore to do with this gentlemen.
    Awaiting further un-solicited spam mail from him…..
    Hugs from London

  20. Aside from his fondness for ‘BEING Angry or BEING Unhappy’…
    It sounds like he has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)…
    i.e. he has not been receiving enough attention…:)
    So he is trying to generate some for himself…
    Perhaps believing it will make him ‘famous’…
    Although it seems, at best, that it will actually make him ‘infamous’…
    And Infamy might be all that he needs to treat his ADD…:)
    Anyway…Hey Mark! This what you get for being a famous SP…:)

    while Scilons are targeting Haiti for slave labor, this pops up after the earthquake:
    “Dear friends,
    Deadly earthquake hits Haiti!
    As you know I was in Haiti this year helping kids and adults in the poor areas, which are pretty much situated everywhere in Haiti!
    I was shocked by the poverty back then, as I see the first images of the devastation of the latest earthquake, it is heart-breaking to see the damages and casualties.
    We have helped thousands of people in 2009, the Haitians are very special people and the children were stunningly beautiful and sweet, right now they need our support.
    Today we were only able to reach one of our friends who confirmed the chaos and is in need of our assistance.
    Please read the following and see what you can do, we are organizing a group of volunteers to go down there this week.
    We are working with owners of private planes to fly the volunteers and ship lots of supplies.
    Coordination is important in such situation but we have done this before so we can pull it off.
    Anything you or your friends can do to help on this would be most appreciated:
    0. We need any and all donations to help us accomplish this including $
    1. 10 Doctors & Nurses
    2. Medical Supplies, Vitamins, powder proteins…
    3. Food : canned food, rice, nuts, dry meat….
    4. Baby Food, diapers, Baby powder, bottles
    5. Water – or water machine with a generator, or ideas on how to handle the water deprivation.
    6. 100 Volunteers to Haiti – 20 already lined up
    7. Clothes – we already have 50 boxes ready, we need more adults and kids clothes, blankets, towels….
    8. UN Support – anyone have any contacts?
    Thanks for your help.
    Much Love,
    Florence Vanleuven
    N Glenwood Ave Clrw Florida 33755
    how sickening

  22. Sorry to say, WBM, but you’ve brought this upon yourself by failing to heed that trusty maxim: no good deed goes unpunished. Your mistake in this case was to attempt and then prolong a courteous and sane exchange with a chap obviously two sandwiches sort of a picnic. My suggestion, if I may be so bold, is that you go and sit on the “naughty chair” for five minutes and consider the karma created when teasing those less fortunate than yourself and, as for Mr Brown, its off to the spam-box for him.

  23. I write on behalf my client Mr. Bowen. To contact my client, please follow this simple, obligatory procedure:
    Put your message into a wine bottle and shove it up his ass several times, then leave it there.
    Your immediate attention to this issue is appreciated and expected.

  24. Well any lawsuit he tries to launch will get crushed under the beard. Poor bastard probably needs some major mental therapy.
    You know, let him still be part of CENSUR. All the better he footbullets in their name.

  25. Did this guy come out of some mental hosptital? If he did, then he (mr. Bowen) needs to go back in. This man just wants his fifteen minutes. Mark get a loader, primed shells, rock salt, and a shot gun just in case he shows up at your door. When you get shot with rock salt it burns and hurts very much. This makes it a great deterent to trasspassers.If possible, top your fence with hot wire (an electric fencing material). That and/or razor wire for extra deterent power. Plant cacti or rose bushes along your fence line just to provide extra deterence. If you have a two story, affix boards with protruding nails on the sills of the upper windows to keep unwanted guests out. Sharp ends facing the towards outside, sharpened and/or rusty, your choice.

  26. The Hati ‘quake victims do not need the Scilons or Pat Robertson. They need compassionate caring individuals who are genuinely trying to help these poor souls. For it is written: Scientologists are Idiots, people must avoid them. Spread the word to all Hatians.

  27. Marcehole there are some words I keep mis-spelling in my posts or I don’t pluralize when I should is what I mean by typos.

  28. If there is a band of lulzy rick rollers in his vicinity, it would be ‘interesting’ to see how John Bowen Brown II (JBBII) (and fellow tenured indignant barristers) would amplify reactive mindhood to create a spectacular litigious storm upon ass-holiness picketation upon property surroundation and improved infamation of said John Bowen Brown II (and fellow tenured indignant barristers…:) ‘Their’ strategy seems to be something like “duh, ^*^%$%#@%,kkjsiubsnmuh7654&90hy7g%$^”. If I was an ASP (Anti-SP…. not Active Server Page….:) like these FH’s, then I would probbbly act like a Sea Organ too. JBBII is jealous of L. Fraud Hubbard. JBBII is getting his rancid walnuts kicked before he gets a chance to stick them in anyones mouth. Hey JBBI… Sue Us ALL!… and be prepared for your reflection… taste and all…:)

  29. Anyway…Typos are fun….:) Good evolution relies on minor mutations like typos… so pleeeeez, letz keep them MYNER! Lest we have more fun than absolootlees!

  30. That “alleged” research paper was atrocious. This guy couldn’t write a college paper if his life depended on it. It was short, incoherent, the citing was all wrong, unacademic, illogical, full of fallacies, and does not inform. A fifth grader could write a better paper. It failed epically to quote everything cited. I could write an entire paper on how bad this one is, but that would be poining out the obvious. Whoever taught this joker to write an essay should be fired. I have written f papers that were better than this one and they got c’s. This moron graduated, now that’s a good joke:)
    He might as well just went and interview a Scilon troll like D.M. about Anonymous and not mascarade this as objective analysis of Anonymous.

  31. I laugh at this.
    Aaaaah, Lop Dope, how nice of you to grace the site again. Here for more trolling?
    Mr. Bunker, I would of just straight up blocked him and his address, but unlike you I am a much less tolerant man. I yearn to learn of your bearded ways…

  32. What a fucking loser. What do you expect from someone from Tucson? Blech, trailer trash… Probably one of those weirdos who’s like 40 and still lives in his mom’s basement.

  33. Lulz.
    I love how the content of his “Tucson Satanist Community” blog is almost entirely this one asshat (John Bowen Brown II) having a conversation with himself.
    That he would avail himself of the Amway of legal services he peddles to send a C&D to you makes him all the more hilarious.
    Oooooh… scary C&D! What’s next? Holding a Dark Mass to get you?
    Keep us posted. This guy is a lulzcow.

  34. Take a look at what is happening in Sunland-Tujunga with the Rogue Scientologists
    taking over the community. Land Use Committee, Neighborhood Council, Rotary Club, the Voice of the Village newspaper. Please visit and get back to me if you wish more information.
    It’s a war zone here.

  35. I just received TWO very threatening phone calls from this guy. He contacted ME about maybe working for him – I called his phone number to see what was going on, and of course, get a recorded message, and I just left a message that said it sounds like a scam. He calls me back, irate, making threats.If he calls me again, I’m going to report him to the police department, and file charges against him.

  36. I know this John B Brown quite well…he is threatening to sue me as too. I knew him when he was a nice little kid. I don’t know why he has become what he is but it is down right scary and he knows where I live.

  37. I know both John and Kate (Kathy). Both of them have issues. Kathy is a Jehovah’s Witness, John is a nonpracticing the Jehovah religion. I am not one. I think both their issues have to do with being a Jehovah.

  38. No, your wrong! Johns is nothing more than an apostate. You are as bad, systemite. Let me tell you exactly what John did. I don’t have issues. He does. Because he is an apostate I chose not to hang around him anymore. Telling him he was an apostate only provoked an argument. To get rid of him I told him that that we had some information that we were telling others about. So he accused me of libel and had his attorney send me a letter. I did not lie to him. He is an apostate and did not deserve the truth. Abraham was permitted by Jehovah to bend the truth a little bit but that is not the same as lying.
    How about you, Jim? Divorced three times and children taken from your house. Your issues are far worse than any I could have

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