Human Trafficking Press Conference

I had the great honor of moderating a press conference on Scientology’s abuse of staff and Sea Org members.  The event was held in the Steve Allen Theater at the CFI-West and was widely attended by local and international media.  We had six terrific speakers whose stories are heartbreaking and in many instances horrifying.
My introductory comments and speaker Marc Headley:
Jeff Hawkins:
Laura Decrescenzo:
Will Fry:
Maureen Bolstad:
Nancy Many:
There are two Q & A segments yet to come.  I ended by reading letters from two mothers whose daughters have disconnected from them.   The first is to Mandy Kember from her mother Susan Talbot.
The second letter is to Kate Olson from her mother Susan Lentsch:
Many thanks to ScilonTV for streaming the event live and preparing these HD clips for YouTube.
And here’s the local media coverage of the event.  There are five videos here from L.A. stations.  They will play back-to-back or you can skip from report to report when the videos start:

Catholic Online also wrote a brief article about the press conference.  You can read it here.  It is a pretty straightforward article…which brought a response from Tommy Davis that is so over-the-top it could only be coming from Scientology:

“Your February 15 piece is offensive. Your clear intention is to forward an anti-religious agenda that has nothing to do with conveying the truth. To forward on a Catholic site the vicious and false allegations of disgruntled ex-members of any religion is the epitome of hypocrisy. No constructive purpose is served whatsoever, and you are in fact promoting religious hatred and violence. Your entire article is so un-Christian, it boggles the mind!
“In our last conversation I noted that it is the firm belief of the Church of Scientology that only by all religions working together to assist mankind do we hold any hope for Man´s salvation. Your support of antireligionists and hatemongers evidences that you find some benefit in railing against and defaming a religion you know nothing about. By your own admission, you have never visited one of our churches, despite a longstanding open invitation. This, sir, is most definitely the antithesis of brotherly love. I hope that you may one day find it in yourself to be more tolerant and truthful in your actions, a duty which you are meant to uphold, not only as a Catholic but as a journalist.
“You appear to be acting as the publicist for the hate group Anonymous and the ex-Scientologists you cite. Your benign identification of Anonymous as an “Internet-based group” is tantamount to calling the KKK a “community-based group,” without mentioning their history of white sheets, burning crosses, lynchings, violence and hatemongering against blacks, Jews and Catholics. (N.B. The analogy is not only inflammatory but inaccurate. To the writer and editor of the article to which Mr. Davis objects and in their own self description, “Anonymous” IS an “internet-based group.”)
“……The “press conference” you report was not a press conference at all, but a shameless and transparent effort by plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit against the Church to flank a frivolous legal action. Your obvious disappointment that, as you state, “reporters preferred to focus more attention on the two lawsuits and the work of Anonymous” than on the speakers´ stories, tells the tale; the performances from the stage were transparently coached and rehearsed to prop up the legal case. One member of the media left irate a few minutes into the show, remarking that “I was tricked—I thought I was coming to a news conference, not a deposition.”

Speaking of un-Christian, Tommy, why does Scientology promote itself as compatible with Christianity when their beliefs in reincarnation go against the very concept of dying and going to heaven or hell?  Not to mention the troubling fact that L. Ron Hubbard himself said there was no Christ and that the whole Christ story was some madmen stumbling upon some of Hubbard’s tech 2000 years ago.

Listen to Hubbard say so in his own words.

Of course, pointing out that fact makes me the religious bigot, not Hubbard, according to Tommy Davis.

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  1. It was a great press conference. The speakers were very moving because their stories were real and painful. I thank them for speaking out. The CFI never had so many news cameras inside…and it is the home of the L.A. Press Club. And the press packs given out will likely lead to more stories in the future.
    Good work by everyone involved.
    (In addition to the high quality youtube videos, there is the entire pres conference on a saved Ustream feed here:

  2. The shoes keep dropping! I notice that Tommy dodged the question about how many hours per week Sea Org members work by claiming they are motivated by dedication. I guess “the most ethical people on the planet” endorse working people to exhaustion. Should we ask John Travolta or Nancy Cartwright how they’d like to work those hours on their jobs?

  3. You did a great job there Mark, and everyone else who devoted time and effort in getting this conference together.A much needed resource.
    The stories of these peoples lives in scientology’s sea org are very moving, tears were shed whilst watching. It is horrifying to know this is still going on today.
    I read an old newspaper article tonight from 1987, a scientologist said “if we really did all these dreadful things, don’t you think we would have been shut down.” I can only reply, if only it were that simple when dealing with an organization that thinks it is the law.
    But, yes, it is long overdue, scientology should be shut down.Or to coin one of their own phrases ‘put into non existence’.

  4. Great press conference, Mark:
    Do you know what time it is? It’s Kool Aid time. Just watch you back and don’t drink yhe Kool Aid.

  5. Kaboom! That was the sound of Scientology’s credibilty exploding into flames. It’s time to run Scientology out of town. Scilons, it’s game over, baby.
    Tommy Davis can’t even debate the facts. Hey Tom, When it’s over…
    Hey David, na, na, na, na, hey eh, good bye.
    In a world without Scientology, life is a never ending party. In a world without Scientology, people are free. In a world without Scientology, there is peace. Imagine a world without Scientology. Imagine a life of innerpeace. Imagine a world where people have freedom. Imagine…

  6. Increasing pressure is being brought to bear on Scientology. Given the violence that happened in Sydney over the weekend, I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end. Certainly more and more people are hearing about the abuses and are becoming innoculated from the CoS-time is running out for them. It’d be nice to see the government actually step in and enforce the law, but I’m not holding my breath.

  7. According to Co$ robot Tommy Davis, we are ‘essentially connected to criminals… engaged in hate crimes’… Davey! Davey! Davey!.. talking about himself again. He continues to administer his very own personal lethal injections.
    Mark… you are a veritable brother. Could you please run for president?

  8. “marcehole says:
    According to Co$ robot Tommy Davis, we are ‘essentially connected to criminals… engaged in hate crimes’… Davey! Davey! Davey!.. talking about himself again. He continues to administer his very own personal lethal injections.”
    That is what we call “projection”.
    I would pay good money to hear or see what Miscavige is up to at this moment. And I pity those around him. Can’t be a fun time right about now.

  9. Great job posting these videos! What an event!!!! The speakers are all so rational and did such a wonderful job. In contrast, Tommy Davis and David Miscavige and Tom Cruise and John Travolta just keep on spewing the same old – same old.
    Doesn’t take a genius to see who are the brainwashed liars. After awhile no one will be able to ignore the bullshit that the Cult of $cientology is.

  10. EPIC WIN!!!
    The event was professionally handled, each speaker came across as genuine with moving stories while little Tommy Davis – heh – does he get paid per word? He came across as a fast-talking, mealy-mouthed used car salesman. Where, I wonder, was that Malignant Midget Miscavige? Curled up into the foetal position sobbing, I hope.
    The press conference has done more in a few hours than six months of protests. Thank you to all involved.

  11. Yeah baby!! This is penicillin to the infection of Scientology.
    This is a long term struggle, but we are winning. Every day we are closer to shutting them down, and setting their victims free.
    More protests, more press conferences!!

  12. It is so important to get these messages out there in such a public way, because it is an epic “win-win” situation. And here’s why…
    Any serious, credible religion that cares for its parisioners and the wider public would talk about being “deeply concerned by these allegations”, they would talk about “launching internal investigations”, they would perhaps offer to meet with the complainants to obtain further detail.
    But no, all you ever get from the COS is denial, counter claim, legal threat and attempts to slur those affected – without having even researched the allegations.
    Now we all know the reasons for that, which are that this type of aggressive response is actually mandated by the scriptures of the COS, and secondly of course that the allegations are all true.
    When the general public see these news items, and hear the response from Tommy Davis, they know that something is wrong. They know that the response they are hearing from a church official is totally inappropriate.
    When they hear a tearful woman talk about the forced abortion of her much wanted baby, and then hear Tommy Davis call her a liar and associated with criminals, then they know that woman is telling the truth.
    It’s a win from the perspective of getting the stories out there and warning the public, and it’s another win because the response of the church validates the story.
    Awesome job Mark, and the rest of the team.

  13. Mark, how do you feel about Rinder now that he is out? Have you ever spoken to him? As Will explained, he has ruined countless lives during his career. Now he is out and he has never seen any justice for his evil deeds. He is now pals with Rathbun and they are still spreading LRH nutiness and pretending they are good people.
    I am not on board. I hope in time he will talk to the FBI.

  14. How can anyone listen to these people and not see and feel their pain? There is strength in numbers and I hope that folks like Will can draw on that strength.
    Mark, you said it well – let’s hope this video does innocculate many, many people.

  15. Thanks Mr. Bunker and the six folks who’ve come forward so bravely.
    I watched the press conference on Ustream and came away thinking that the speakers, apart from yourself and Ms. Many, appeared as though emerging from some kind of trance — a process that hadn’t been quite completed yet. I say this because I cannot lend a shred of credibility to this cult and its behavior, and don’t know how anyone else who is well acquainted with it can, either.
    Ever since becoming aware of this insidious cult I have admonished prospective members to run the other way and not look back. Most heeded my advice, thanks to what evidence I was able to present — evidence that only former members of the cult, like the speakers at the press conference, could provide.
    This is not a “church.” What mainstream church charges its members for access to its teachings? Also, in the news reports linked to here, Tommy Davis is dismissive of the claims made, and responds by shilling for the cult by inviting people to come to his “church” and see for themselves (a by-the-book cult response), alluding to the thousands of happy campers who willingly endure the almost unendurable for the sake of their “church” and their beliefs: Where are all of these wonderfully happy people? Can’t they speak for themselves? If there is any merit to his (Davis’s) claim, I’m sure there are thousands who would freely talk to the media about their experience in the Sea Org and elsewhere.

  16. I haven’t talked to Rinder but I am ready to forgive. He isn’t hurting people anymore and has faced many of the abuses he once supported. I understand people’s desires for a full accounting and apologies but I’m not here for blood.
    He and Rathbun spoke out in the way they saw fit. Maybe in time they will have more to say but for now, they’ve given Slappy a lot to worry about so I give them my support and wish them well in recovering from their experiences.
    When Bob and Stacy settled with Scientology, critics were attacking me for supporting them and called me a tool of Rinder, being used by Scientology to destroy critics. It was complete and utter nonsense. I did what I have always done and stuck to core beliefs that Scientology’s fraud and abuse must be stopped.

  17. I’m once again struck by how much more of an impact video makes compared to written testimonies. Jeff Hawkins and Marc Headley are great writers (I haven’t read Nancy Many yet), but even so, it’s great to have everyone on camera. It’s actually very difficult to lie credibly and consistently to a camera, as Tommy Davis demonstrates. Many of the speakers were deeply emotional and had obviously suffered a lot and sacrificed a lot for Scientology. Those kinds of reactions simply cannot be faked, save possibly for select few Oscar-caliber actors.

  18. It’s time to parade to the song of: Ding Dong the Cult is dead.
    The Cult is in its last gasps. We got them on the ropes, now is the time for the hay maker (the K.O. punch). The Six Heroes nuked Scientology’s crediblity in to oblivion. David is shitting his pants, Tom is wetting himself in fear, Tommy is crying, Scientology, she is a dying, and the Cult is in full tilt panic. When it’s over…
    Hey Tom, what was that crack about being the Authority?
    Mark “W.B.M.” and the six speakers dropped the P.R. A-bomb on the Cult. Xenophon would be proud. All ye Scilons, beware, the Dies Irae hath come. The day of Judgement against Scientology is nigh (near or now).

  19. My problem with forgiving Rinder is that there is such a trail of devastation lying in his wake. As the head of OSA for so many years he obviously implemented Fair Game on a regular basis. Plus, he still considers LRH to be a brilliant and benevolent man who was only out to help mankind and, “Clear the planet.” I have read most of what the media has ever printed about Scientolgy along with ‘A Piece of Blue Sky’ and ‘Bare Faced Messiah’. It is clear to me that LRH was even more evil than DM, and that is tough to pull off.
    Rinder and Rathbun are still out pushing LRH nutiness which is harmful to society. If you follow the teachings of LRH you are never going to come out with something that even remotely resembles religion, or anything good. I don’t care who happens to be at the top. The writings of Hubbard are evil from top to bottom.
    So, speaking out about DM is certainly a step in the right direction, but they have a LONG way to go before they deserve anyone’s forgiveness.

  20. I’ll not try to convince you otherwise. But if you believe as I do that people in the Freezone are welcome to believe in Hubbard’s tech as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else with disconnection, etc then I feel I need to be consistent and say to Rathbun and Rinder that I support your right to believe in what you want.
    They are not my enemies any more than Mary DeMoss was on the streets of Clearwater or Dan Murnan on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

  21. Yes, they’re criminals! Government espionage, fraud, bigamy, kidnapping a daughter, petty thievery, income tax evasion, framing a critic for murder…wait, that’s LRH’s rap sheet…

  22. I agree that people are free to believe as they wish so long as they respect the rights of others. Rathburn and Rinder are certainly entitled to this freedom. The question arises whether Rinder’s actions in his position as a high-level member of the Co$ expose him to possible criminal prosecution. If they do, he should seek to mitigate these transgressions by assisting the proper authorities in uncovering the entire criminal web of the organization. If he does this, the good faith his behavior reveals should allow him to be granted leniency for his own illegal acts.

  23. What a wonderful conference. Thankyou WBM and all involved.
    I am not crossing my fingers that those in the U.S. govt are going to look into scientology soon. Being from outside the U.S., I think that some of this has to do with the American culture of celebrity worship and their power. e.g. Cruise and Travolta.
    Still, the wave is gradually rising.

  24. It would be hilarious if Tommy Davis wound up selling used cars at the same used car dealership where Rinder does his thing. I hope that Rinder winds up as his boss.

  25. @shane
    While I agree it will be awhile before the US gov’ment looks at Scientology, it’s not because of celebrity worship (which is not exclusive in any way to Americans, btw). The US is partly based on religious freedom and it’s dangerous territory for a politician in the US to take to start talking about regulating or banning any form of religion. What might happen is all religions might feel threatened and all turn on the politician and that’s it for the politician’s career. It’s going to take considerable public support, ie other religions agree Scientology is NOT a religion, for the government to act.
    And as an world student, I prefer it this way. It means other “religions”, especially atheism, can be resisted.

    Tommy Davis responds to Catholi Online’s article on the press conference (he again compares Anonymous to the KKK, which offends the author):
    “Putting aside the unfounded allegations, strongly expressed irritation of the author and incorrect analogies which were intended to cast aspersions on the author of the article to which Mr. Davis objected – and redacting collateral material which addressed people and matters which were not mentioned in the story – we present portions of the letter below. We do so in the interest of continuing to report on the Church of Scientology.

    Mr. Davis ended the letter with these closing words: “I believe the above should answer any question you may have regarding the reasons these individuals left staff and renounced their former religion. You owe it to your readers to report the truth. Please correct your publication.”
    We have published the redacted sections of this letter in the interest of the truth. We will also continue to cover news stories regarding the Church of Scientology with the same purpose in mind. “

  27. Scientology has been called drugless psychotherapy. That is completely true, and it is a good thing. But what Nancy Many described is called Reverse Scientology. Nancy Many received Reverse Scientology, just like Lisa Mc Phearson, and she is lucky to be alive.
    Scientology philosophy and technology are good things, but David Miscavage is
    a dangerous sociopath. How dangerous, you may ask? Count the bodies.

  28. I find it interesting that Tommy Davis accuses Catholic Online of promoting an “anti-religious agenda” in its reporting. Is he defending forced abortions, slave labor and punitive punishment of Sea Org members in the RTF as religious practices?

  29. Yes, Anon Scilo, that is why I say please be careful. It is not over yet. Best friends and people who say “but I love you.” can and have been bought. People find it hard to so no to $$$, Co$.

  30. It’s a shame that the press did not jump on the back of Will’s revelation. Yet again they seem to be focusing on the fact that Scientology is being ‘attacked’.
    I personally want to hug Maureen, I felt her frustration and pain as she said her speech.
    I will also be my billion year contract and blown for good asap.
    Thank you for a fantastic summary of the event for those who could not attend Mark.

  31. “Happy volunteers?” “Believe me!” Tommy says.
    No one in Scientology seems happy. Tom Cruise is driven, possessed and forced. Tommy Davis was born into extreme wealth, and seems deluded, seizes up at the mention of Xenu.
    For Xenu’s sake, what about these people who aren’t born into wealth and get recruited into its clutches at the age of twelve.
    The church never wants to make money from people, do they. That’s why all their courses are free. Oh wait, they aren’t.
    Tommy isn’t dedicated to his religion. He’s been in for decades, and isn’t even interested in the bridge to total freedom.

  32. I had thought I heard everything about Scientology before I saw this conference. Everytime I here an OG or critic speak, I learn something more everytime that motivates me more to troll Scientology and do public outreach.
    When Mark came down to Chicago to do the College of Complexes, new stuff was presented that shocked the crap out of me. This press conference shed more light that makes me sad and shocked.
    About those billionares who support Scientology and have no link to information showing them the facts: Do we know who they are? I may have missed their watching the conference if they were brought up.

  33. You people are courageous and will make a difference in the world. You will probably save hundreds or thousands of vulnerable people from being caught up in this disgusting scam. One day Tom Cruise will realize the huge mistake he has made and throw away his medal of valour. You are the ones who really deserved it all along.

  34. @anonymous: I agree, the government’s refusal (inability?) to act against Co$ is not so much a symptom of it’s celebrity culture, but more to do with it’s ‘bible-thumping’ tendency. e.g. ‘In God We Trust’. It opens up a can of worms in making clear distinctions between Co$ and ‘religion’. In my opinion there is very little difference. The only glaring difference is that Co$ is overtly abusive and engages in financial fraud. Christianity is simply based on bulls–t fairy tales. I don’t think Christianity should be taught to children any more than Scientology… because it abuses them of their rationality… to be taught to believe in outrageous lies. I think it will be at least another before a U.S. presidential candidate dares to openly declare himself an atheist… there is still a sizable percentage of Americans who are indoctrinated in the cult of Christianity.

  35. marcehole: I don’t want any government to be in the business of policing people’s beliefs. If a person believes in the Great Bird of the Galaxy and this leads him or her to work for peace, justice and the betterment of society, I say more power to that person. My problem with Scientology stems from their treatment of people who work for them, i.e. Sea Org members being made to work excessive hours, or people they deem to be somehow threatening to them, i.e. doubters inside the organization who question the system’s effectiveness for them to opponents who seek to uncover their misdeeds. At the risk of offending you by quoting Christian Scripture (not my intent), “by their fruits (actions) you will know them.” Scientology’s actions seem to be pretty malevolent by any measure.

  36. Macehole: Christianity is not like Scientology. An Atheist for president would be a very bad idea: ask Russia. Scientology assualts its members reason, ethics, sanity, and their soul. Christianity seeks to bring peace through the communion of fellowship. Christians started the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, countless food pantries, and a good percentage of benevolent organizations had/have Christian roots. Atheist would probably let hungry children starve in order to fulfil Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest. Christians have founded countless Universities, Hospitals, Orphanages, and other useful, benificial projects in every community we touch. Scientolgy cannot say the same. They bring misery to their own adherents. Scientology is not the fastest growing religion; that title according to is Christianity. Christians are taught to love our enemies and show compassion for the less fortunate, Scientology does not. Christianty is a religion based on mercy, Scientology is not and neither is Atheism.

  37. Sorry I misspelled Marcehole.
    Joke of the day: I asked a Scientologist to give me a critical analysis of Peter Pan.
    I’m still waiting:)

  38. I agree… Christianity is not as ‘overtly’ abusive as Scientology, but it is nonetheless abusive in its own way. But I disagree with ‘religious’ parents teaching lies to their children. Education should not include blatant B.S., especially when passed off as truth.

  39. A muslim might say the same thing as a catholic or as a jew or as a scientologist… the point is that it is all based on lies. Although I personally focus on shutting down the newest cult (Co$). It is the easiest to get rid of at this stage of the game. The other cults as I mentioned are simply too ingrained by numerous generations of indoctrination to be shut down very easily. But they will die out as surely as Co$. There is no place on this fine earth for teaching our children bullshit as though it is true.

  40. There is nothing wrong with a fairy tale. Great works of fiction are another great art form. But at least it is passed off AS FICTION, which is what it IS. The ancient and persistent ‘religions’ pass off their fiction as truth… an abomination which veils the natural order of things. Once Co$ is destroyed, the other ‘sanctioned’ cults will get more of my attention until they are gone too.

  41. marcehole: I don’t want to get off topic regarding the news conference and continuing disclosure of the malevolent actions of Scientology but I must ask what you consider the “natural order of things” and how the truth of that natural order is made known to humanity.

  42. gerryphilly53: Yes, I must apologize for diverting the topic somewhat away from Co$ abuses… although government inaction seems to be due to a difficulty in dealing with religious falsehoods on a level plane. It is a good question which you ask me here. The best way that I can muster up to answer ‘what I consider the natural order of things’ is to opinionate what ‘it is NOT’. For example, it is NOT Xenu or securing your ‘eternity’ (Scientology), NOT the vengeful Invisible Man in the Sky who dispatches souls to glittering heaven or tortuous hell (Christianity), NOT the ‘reward’ of a harem of whores if you martyr yourself in Allah’s name (Islam)… etc… These are wasteful beliefs which distract one from true love, compassion and productivity. Being brainwashed by Scientology will cost you money. Being brainwashed by the ‘sanctioned’ cults will cost you time and energy. In all cases it makes you a fool. Each cult thinks they are the ‘one true religion, the only way’… and they pretend to be ‘tolerant’ of the ‘others’… HAAAAA!!! It is a SCAM of monumental proportions. I admit that I am possibly a member of the cult of atheism. I must be a fool, because the odds of looking outward and seeing fools and believing that I am the only one who is not is ‘highly improbable’. Even when I was a Scientologist, I actually referred to it as ‘My Favorite Cult’…:-) I kid you not.

  43. Marcehole, I wonder about you. What leads you to believe religions other than Scientology are cults? Religion (actual) serves a more metaphysical truth. The profound question of existience cannot be answered imperically. Do not blind yourself into the very thing you despise. Scientology is not a true religion. It mascarades as a religion in order to decieve. Religion answers the questions left unanswered by Science. People are imperfect. This imperfection has caused people to disregard the true purpose of religion and pervert it to their own ends. Religion (actual) is something that has never really left human consciousness. It fills a need in humanty to give purpose and has been the driving force behind civilization’s laws. Scientology does not fulfill the requirements of a religion. It does not enlighten, it does not give an allegorical truth about how to live a life of innerpeace, it has no true compassion for humanity. The six testified to the fact that Scientology is morally decrepit. You accuse many for the actions of the few. you seek to condemn those who do the greatest good (people of faith). People from actual religions have contributed to everything good that makes human. People who deserve condemnation are those who would pervert religion and turn it into its antithisis (probable typo). Scientology perverts religion and Psychotherapy to such a degree that it makes religion a joke and Psychotherapy assinine. L. Ron Hubbard was the worst person to trust with the gullible. Without religion, art, music, and literature would have died. The most beautiful music in the world came about through religion. Religion has served as the biggest patron of the arts. I could go on forever, but I won’t.
    I hope this enlightens you.

  44. And by the way, I used to be a Christian (my parents taught me…:-). my mother was the first to ‘blow’ from Christianity, then my dad, then me. Thankfully, that chain of indoctrination has broken. I temporarily got sucked in by Co$. I have settled happily into atheism. Please let me know if there is something ‘better’ out there….:-)

  45. Anonymous says: Yes indeed you have enlightened me. In spite of my disdain for ALL cults, I admire your fervor. I read your comments with awe… I kid you not:-) My sister is a wonderful person, in spite of her continued adherence to Co$. I just do not accept the ‘information’ from these cults as true, so I treat its ‘source’ with suspicion… especially after having been ‘disgruntled’ with both Christianity and Scientology.

  46. @anonymous says:-
    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes. As long as the govt. or those looking into scietology focus on the tenets of systematic and illegal abuse within this group, then people won’t get sidetracked by the religion angle.
    It is sad that this forum is getting sidetracked into religious debates about christianity and islam etc. There is your loss of focus once again.

  47. @shane: “As long as the govt. or those looking into scietology focus on the tenets of systematic and illegal abuse within this group, then people won’t get sidetracked by the religion angle.” I agree – Scientology uses its claim of being a religion as a smokescreen to divert people from looking too closely at its actions. This is related to its attempts to vilify critics like those who came forward at the news conference. Whenever someone (in this case Scientology) adamantly asserts “Move along. Nothing to see here.”, that is the time to look closely at what they are trying to hide.

  48. @marcehole – I hear your pain and based on what you’ve written I think I understand your position. I think that what the Knight of Anonymous and I are trying to say is that there is a rational and positive way of discerning accurately what constitutes “true love, compassion and productivity”. Moving the argument away from the hot button of religion, Plato and Aristotle held that there are absolutes (Truth, Beauty, Justice, Right), that the mind can conceive of them and that it is our duty to seek to align our lives to the pursuit of these. The actions of Scientology toward its Sea Org members and doubters certainly appear to violate Justice and Right and show little regard for the innate rights of individuals to be treated humanely. At the same time, while we are carrying on this struggle for truth to be disclosed we must remember that there are people in the CO$ who can be awakened and freed, even people who may have done bad things in the past. If I may presume to speculate, I think this is why WBM does not condemn Rathburn and Rinder for their actions while in the CO$. We must be better than the CO$ in our treatment of people, condemning evil actions but always willing to forgive and welcome refugees from the CO$.

  49. It grate that theses people came out and talked about there time in Scientology. And, hopefully, more people will see just how bad things are inside the seaorge. Keep up the good work and stick together in the following days. And what dos Tommy have that thesis people are lying? Nothing. He has not a thing. And that is what people should ask him.

  50. Here’s some simple math:
    Scientology + money + Religion Status = Enslavement
    Sea Org + Scientology = Child Labor
    People – Common Sense = Scientologists
    Asshole + jerk + quack + racist = L. Ron Hubbard
    Jerk + midget + asshole = David Miscavage
    Moron + Dumb ass = Tom Cruise
    Twerp + Idiot = Tommy Davis
    Brain washing + Hypnosis = Scientology
    Xenu + Phone = Xenophon
    Bitch + Idiot = Kristie Alley
    Moron + Clueless = John Travolta
    Nonsense + Idiots = Opperating Thetans

  51. The amount of truth i have discovered about Scientology on this site and other similar ones is incredible. I hate and detest cowards such as Scientologists. Using force, bribes, and corruption to manipulate the people into following there insane beliefs. They are comparable to Nazi’s. I Prime Chaos hereby declare my support for Mark Bunker, Tory Magoo, Anonymous, and all others who are against Scientology.
    A few years back in High School my first block teacher wanted to know what we would do in the future. Myself, i wanted to be an archeologist. So far i have begun inching towards that goal. However, the first person to choose what they wanted to be was shocking. She wanted to be a Scientologist! I implored her to look into what Scientology has done and what it will do to those against them. I failed…or so i thought. Just last week the same girl called me and told me she was sick of the lies that the Cult of Scientology used to control her.
    I have not heard from her since then. Before she hung up she told me she wanted to see her parents and talk with them. I owe my thanks in part to XenuTV and Anonymous. Thank you. So says Prime Chaos.

  52. This is great! The more ex-Scientologists there are, the more ex-Scientologists there will be!… Better than perpetual motion…:-)

  53. To quote Emperor Palpitine: “All is going as I have forseen.”
    Remember what I said about people leaving Scientology in one of these forums?
    It’s happening:)

  54. “I hope that you may one day find it in yourself to be more tolerant and truthful in your actions”
    coming from Tommy Davis … hear, hear
    *no further comment needed!*

  55. “I hope that you may one day find it in yourself to be more tolerant and truthful in your actions”
    coming from Tommy Davis …
    … what sweet irony!

  56. “Speaking of un-Christian, Tommy, why does Scientology promote itself as compatible with Christianity when their beliefs in reincarnation go against the very concept of dying and going to heaven or hell?”
    That is such a good question. Also, why do they use the symbol of the cross at all? If their so-called religious philosophy is as unique as they claim it is, why utilize a symbol so strongly associated with an entirely different set of beliefs, then get offended when people ask for clarification about what their beliefs actually are? Like the ABC interview that TD walked out on.
    CO$ seems to want to use the well known symbol of the cross to give themselves a pseudo christian identity for the larger purpose of appearing to be an actual church. Why can’t they just let their own concepts stand on their own if they believe in them so much? Even their use of the terms clergy, parishoners, and volunteer ministers seems like an attempt to sort of co-opt christianity when they aren’t a christian organization. It is intentionally misleading and troubling, especially within the context of their presence in Haiti. No one likes deception, lies, and fraud and the last thing the people of Haiti need is to be taken advantage of.
    Hopefully the press will continue to shine a light on this group and they will someday be unable to dupe vulnerable people anywhere.

  57. Greetings,
    I’m a blogger who has researched extensively human rights abuses. I don’t know much about Scientology, but I can say for certain that stories told by former members sound remarkably similar to those souls forced to work in sweatshops in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. The use of child labor, the confiscation of passports, forced abortions are all common themes.
    My interest has been piqued in the debt bondage angle. I understand there is some kind of “freeloader bill” issued to those who leave before their contract is expired. Can anyone provide some good links on this subject?

    -Scientology uses harassment techniques. They are very proud of their ability to put someone into effect, make them commit suicide, get in car accidents, get into domestic violence situations, and get into whatever it takes to destroy them!!!
    -Rex Fowler’s son was in the Sea Org. If Rex doesn’t do what the Church of Scientology says, they will get his son a passport and send him to a Scientology Base in another country – wherever, and hold his passport – keep him as a prisoner, until Rex becomes submissive to their request!! The request could be money, labor/services, forced participation is harassing other members deemed to be a possible future threat to the Church, or just whatever!! His son, while this is going on, will be told that he is on a secret mission (being impressionable and easily influenced – BRAINWASHED) or that his family is now SP’s (Suppressive Persons – enemies of the Church) and he is not allowed to communicate with them, or just use your imagination!!
    -These techniques used by the Church of Scientology could very easily drive a person, Rex in this case, into a state of CONFUSION, hence an inability to make proper and moral decisions and/or an inability to correctly identify the true enemy!! In this state he will grab onto anyone giving him direct guidance (the Scientology Church has always been a good source of direction up until now. It seems logical he would lean in favor of what they demand), hence a human weapon, if the case calls for it!!!
    -Concerning Rex’s trial, if the Church of Scientology were to be slandered in court, us – the public/democracy would feel sorry for them and they would resurface stronger. However, if the Judge/Court protects the rights of the Church fully and allows them not to be scrutinized unfairly in the trial, but it is obvious that they were the underlying cause of it, we the public/democracy will deem Rex and Ciciano both martyrs and the Church of Scientology would be revealed as the true villain, but not sentenced. Hence, the Church of Scientology will sink because we/the-public/democracy will protest and demand enforced guidance over their future actions in order that these crimes don’t commence. Freedom of Religion doesn’t mean FREEDOM FROM THE LAW!!!
    What do I know? I don’t know!! What is just is!!!

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