German TV Show on Scientology

Lino Bombonato
This Stern TV documentary follows Lino Bombonato on his way out of the Scientology organization. In German, with English subtitles.  You may have to click the CC button on the player to turn the subtitles on.

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  1. It’s mind bending to contemplate that after Montel or any of a dozen talk show hosts did their umpteenth show, with DNA testing for the real father, they didn’t do hardly any shows about people brought up in cults, especially Scientology, or who got in cults and had to escape. Granted, accidental children are probably more common, but it is also a topic that is often discussed among peers, or in schools. Cults aren’t.
    Yet joining a cult is pretty much something, like producing a child, that could happen to any young person who is not informed enough, or who is in a vulnerable position.
    Yet in Germany and France, they have such shows. And now with YOUTUBE, we can see them here. The most obvious consequence of this, is that even compared to five years ago, people contemplating joining Scientology will read more of both sides of it on the web, BEFORE getting involved.

  2. Ooooh! Ursula The Evil ‘Psych’ is in big trouble now!…:-) And now Lino is partner in ‘high crime’ with her! Oooooooh….Ooooooh! On a more serious note… I am delighted to see Lino on a ‘clear’ exit ‘course’. Bravo Lino!

  3. I agree with what Astrid wrote above, and I just want to say to Lino, that I am not just happy for him….I am proud of him! You are doing the right thing and you now understand this. It will always be YOUR decision to continue on this path. Do not allow anything or anyone to cause you to detour from this road. You already know the road you were on was actually a dead-end street, and the farther down that road you go, the less U-turns there seem to be.
    Be strong. Be focused. Be who you want to be!

  4. Welcome out Lino! There are many friends waiting out here for you, and there are future, and there are things to do.

  5. I told you all more would leave:)
    Amen, I say to you that Scientology is dying and there is nothing David Motherf#@*&er can do about it.

  6. Hi Wise beard man and followers,
    I am from Germany, and this is fantastic that this has been broadcasted on TV at the German Prime Time. Its like watching CNN in the states in the evening…
    In the clip, Lino received one certificate from the Cult on which he among other things was praised for his ONLINE RESEARCH ON ANONOYMOUS!! This is incredible….So this is how their high tech security monitoring is working. A poor teen surfing the web…
    God bless FREEDOM, FӤ$%K LRH

  7. Thanks for sharing, always enlightening with the negative influence and impact Scientology has had on too many peoples lives.
    Unfortunately the first and second video are no accessible.
    Please update asap, thank you.
    Kind regards

  8. None of the three videos is working for me. The first one is flagged because of copyright violation and the 2nd and 3rd are “deleted by user”.
    Does anyone know where I could watch the video? Can’t find it anymore.

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