Independent Scientologist Declares Miscavige Suppressive

Helmut Flasch calls for David Miscavige to resign as the head of Scientology for the crimes he has committed, including increasing unnecessary ethics handlings, taking donations to create illegal projects, perverting L Ron Hubbard’s technology, etc. Β Β He asks current Scientologists to stop supporting Slappy so Scientology can thrive.

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  1. Ha! I told you all D.M. was in mutiny and this video proves it. I told you all more would leave and it’s happening. David is d-o-n-e (done). πŸ™‚

  2. I agree that D.M. is not a good person, but I’m not sure that his ouster alone will do anything to fix the inherent ills afflicting Scientology.

  3. I agree with Helmut. Miscavage is suppressive. He needs to go away. The church needs to kick him out quickly, before the govt sends in the BATF

  4. This raises a question I been meaning to post on one of the big boards. If you are a critic, what in your mind will be the final blow to Co$?
    A. DM no longer leader.
    B. Tax-Exepmt status revoked.
    C. DM convicted and imprisoned by a court of law.
    D. Disconnection and Fair Game actually removed from the tech.
    E. Something else.
    What event or combination of these (add your own as you see fit) would be the final blow in your mind? Thanks,

  5. Dan,
    I would like to add full public disclosure of Scientology’s core beliefs. This would allow prospective members the same information that most mainstream religions provide. If Scientology truly believes its claims are valid it shouldn’t fear scrutiny.

  6. Another Scientologist blows . . . sort of. He still sees Hubbard through rose tinted glasses.
    As for Dan’s question: I think the most likely scenario is total financial collapse.
    Stats have crashed. Orgs are empty. The public Scilons are weary and regged out. Many celebs are distancing themselves from all the black PR. The Tiny Terror has leveraged everything into overvalued real estate and blown more money on redoing all of Hubbard’s “Tech” and nobody’s buying it.
    So it collapses and then I see the Freezoners and ex execs swooping back in to save the day. They sell a shitload of real estate worldwide, consolidate their Headquarters in L.A. (where they don’t stick out as badly as they do in Clearwater and Hemet). They have to reduce overhead and put out PR fires. The Sea Org is disbanded and with it, the RPF.
    There will be some kind of loud, public soul searching where they admit all their wrongs (most of which they’ll blame on Li’l Davy). Then they’ll do some fancy revisionist history to reinvent Hubbard as their flawed, but charismatic and brilliant founder, and the “church” is back in business as a smaller, less avaricious, less controlling, more open (seemingly) organization with more emphasis on getting people on the lower levels and creating community around the orgs.
    Whatever happens, I think it’ll happen in the next 24 months.

  7. Funny-when people are fed a lie, they start believing it.
    I hope that they take the lie that Scientology is good and not the evil, family smashing, human rights crushing, morally bankrupt organization that it is.
    Perhaps they will base a protestant church on the lie, and shed all of the secret, life destroying policies that are kept from the public.

  8. Blah, blah, blah. What’s the use in watching this?
    People like this man are truly sad. They just can’t get past the fact that L. Ron was a charlatan and the tech is bullshit.

  9. for someone who has studied scientology for so long, this man can not ‘communicate’ worth a damn.
    and I do not mean the thick accent, there is lots of pauses, stuttering and grasping for words.
    Hubbard’s tech for the win

  10. L. Ron was a charlatan, megalomaniac an a chronic lier. The “tech” is of no value, there’s no spirituality in it – just madness. Get past Scientology and find life.

  11. In a way, I kind of agree with what sam posted. I am all about allowing people to believe in whatever they want to believe in, as long as it never negatively impacts or causes damage to others, including themselves.
    The problem with the Freezone, etc., in my eyes, is that they are not “just” interested in practicing Scientology. I don’t believe they just want everybody to “get the wins” they have received from it. I believe they are actually begging people to justify, by being nicer now, the only thing that they dedicated their entire existence upon. They have given up a decent amount of their lives, time and money for this belief. How would any one of us feel if we dedicated a majority of our productive lives and worked to promote something that all of a sudden, may not be what they thought it was? That can be a devastating development to a person’s psyche.
    I honestly believe that DM is a bad person, who may actually believe the shit he does is actually what should be done. Unless I am mistaken, he group up in Scientology….what else does he know. I also believe that a person like the guy in the video above is a normal guy who has been somewhat successful in life. However, he comes from a different angle that DM. This guy “wants” to believe that he is an intelligent guy who has benefited from the tech, and is certainly intelligent enough that he couldn’t have honestly fell for a scam of this proportion. He wants it to be real, and good, and something special…like promised/advertised, but now sees that there may be some problems in PR. He’s a true believer, that wants nothing more than somebody to say “You’re right, it is a great program, and you were not stupid to get locked into this program. It would all still be great if DM is eliminated/suppressed/charged/whatever, because he is the reason it is screwed up and people think we are weird.”
    Freezoners like Rathbun and Rinder are trying to scrub their hands clean, and come across as the good-guys. However, they were the henchmen to DM, and it doesn’t take decades to know the difference between right and wrong. Their beliefs are their beliefs and that is fine, but once you start acting on those beliefs and perpetuate the lie, you are just as culpable. Yes, I do believe they want to be the “New Saviors of Scientology”, and take over when DM gets taken down. I do not believe their actions are noble, and I do believe they are waiting for an opportunity to ride back in on white horses.
    I’ll shut up, but this guy is saying what even some of us are thinking, but he wants soooooo bad for what he has invested in to be true, that he says “Sure, let them have the tech on I-tunes” or something similar. It’s great and we don’t have to make everybody pay so much. I actually feel sorry for him, because I view his statement as not really being one of “this is great, but DM messed it up”, but rather a plea for validation in his (and his wife’s) belief in something that is a total fabrication.
    The inherent problem with releasing the tech and all the other super-secret bullshit from Hubbard’s or DM’s sacred pile of dogshit is that once anything hits iTunes and is purchased once, it is then posted on so many file sharing sites that NOBODY will have to pay for it. Once this happens, no money is coming in any longer, which won’t help their cause. More importantly, once people hear the story of the Xenu, DC-8 rocket ships, religions are implants, etc., people will be finished with Scientology before they ever begin…..unless they die of pneumonia because they listened to the OT3 portion prior to being cleared.
    If we are wrong and Hubbard was right, then they should grow exponentially larger, simply because more and more “Humans” will join their cause to save not only Teegeeack, but all of the other planets over the next billion years.
    Honestly, if I had received all of this great insight and had to prepare for an inter-galactic battle (I don’t even remember the reason for the struggle), I would release all of this information to the world, so that every human could become a super-hero…ummm, I mean an Operating Thetan….and join forces to save the universe. Why worry about selling the info to them???? Oh yeah, you need money for all those super-hero capes and those yellow Volunteer Minister t-shirts.
    It’s truly amazing what people will pay for if they don’t know what it is, when compared to how many wouldn’t even take it for free, if they knew exactly what it is.

  12. He’s just not getting it, Damn fool. He wants D.M out so the church can thrive? Erm, hello, we want the “church” to completely collapse and disband. With or without the D.M, the “tech” doesn’t work. Its merely a collection of hyperbolic nonsense , the scribblings of a nutter, in an attempt to leave his mark on the world, by getting the followers to see the world through his eyes. thus creating a population of LRH mimi-me’s. Can you imagine what a world that would be! Nazi-Germany anyone? For fuck sake “Scientologists” ! Can’t you fucking see this? jaysus!

  13. Goal: Total collapse of Scientology. With our without DM, Scientology is exacltly what Jason Beghe said “…destructive and a rip off.” The answer is reason and science, not irrational, untested quackery.
    DM is our single biggest ally! We should wipe out Scientology as a whole and hope DM goes down with the ship.

  14. I find Helmut to be rather likeable and interesting though deluded. What L.Ron Hubbard wrote was largely nonsense. He exploited people at least as badly as DM. Scientologists may think that in Hubbard’s time there must have been some sort of golden age. It wasn’t. It was a joke to most people, a terror to those who were being attacked and a con to its willing victims.
    I think that a problem DM has, and that Helmut will have, is that they are involved in something that is rotten to the core. They cannot produce what Hubbard claimed they could produce. There are no clears. There are no OT’s. There has never been a verifiable OT phenomenon. At some point the leaders either have to rationalize that to the point of creating an insane and criminal organization, or they have to walk away, taking L.Ron Hubbard’s genuine but low-end insights with them.
    I have thought for a long time that Scientology would implode. The mob of execs would gather at the gates while the cult leader and his loyal officers packed their bullion and fled to places unknown. If Helmut is going to be part of that I wish him well. But if he becomes a leader that continues to sell services at high prices which don’t do what Scientology claims they will do, I will continue to protest.
    I hope he gets some momentum. Still, I think John McMaster tried something similar. So did David Mayo and Captain Bill. A friend refered to it as “post-cult syndrome”. Upon leaving an all encompassing cult a person needs another all-encompassing cult to fill the void. I think Helmut will find some followers.

  15. Scientology, *as designed by Hubbard*, is to misrepresent in order to recruit. In Scientology recruitment, the end justifies the mean. Fraud is inherent, and control of information to keep the fraudulent nature of Scientology is also inherent. This explains Scientology’s decades-long war against free-speech, and it’s why internet has been such a burden on Scientology.
    If Helmut Flasch recruited 40,000 people like he says, he benefited handsomely from the fraud, as I understand he probably earned quite a lot from the commissions received as a result of his recruitment. Flasch’s business is a WISE member, and yet I can’t find “Scientology” on his business’ web site.
    Did David Miscavige force him to *not* disclose clearly that his business is member of an organization which purpose is to “promote and foster the religious teachings of L. Ron Hubbard in society”, under the guise of so-called ‘secular’ “Hubbard Management Tech”?
    David Miscavige or not, Scientology is based on misrepresentation, and Helmut Flasch is also part of this larger problem, as his business has been member of WISE for years.

  16. Dave Miscarriage must be pooping his pants right now. It sounds like Helmut is taking a lot of people with him away from corporate Co$. Hopefully even more will follow. I am happy to see another nail in Co$ coffin. Mind you, his ‘faith’ in LRH is somewhat disturbing, but at least he is acknowledging some of the most harmful and cult-like aspects of ‘The Church’.

  17. Just like Rathbun and Rinder I have very mixed feelings feelings about the whole, “I oppose DM, but I am still a Scientologist” thing. The Tech and LRH’s writing are evil from top to bottom, regardless of who is at the top. DM should go down, sure, but the world needs to know that Scientology is nothing more than hypnotism and mind control. Xenu does not exist. BT’s are not real. Engrams are not real. Wins are nothing more than the power of suggestion. The whole thing is a scam to control people and get rich. That’s what LRH did and DM is just carrying on that work. So, breaking with DM is good, but it is only half the job.

  18. Helmut seems to be willing to allow DM to take the money and run. I strongly disagree here. DM should be completely stripped of every single penny, and he should be thrown in prison and rot there for life. The assets of Co$ should be sold, and then somehow the money should be fairly distributed among the cult’s victims. The government should get its fair share too of back taxes!

  19. I liked his characterization of Slappy Miscarriage:
    “Since just about every person like you,
    who thrives on keeping other people down,
    is basically one scared shit sun of a bitch.”
    I guess he just nailed it there!
    Unfortunately he himself is just one more of those thoroughly self-delusional Scientologists who glorify Hubbard’s squirrel-tech.
    He fortunately has preserved a decent amount of mental autonomy to resist and reject Slappie’s money pressing schemes …
    … but nevertheless he just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get that the basic fault is already woven into the mere fabric of LRH-Tech BY DESIGN:
    Who introduced SecChecks?
    Who envisioned OutEthics?
    Who invented RPFs?
    Who put KSW prior to any human decency?
    LRH already MADE the very design that makes Scamtology into a cultist hierarchy of obedience! D.M. is only driving it over the top now.
    D.M. might be putting people back to keep them running in the loop.
    But LRH would just have made up OT9 through OT15 or whatever he needed to keep the people running in the same loop by just pretending it wouldn’t be a loop.
    That’s just how shitty LRH was! And Mr. Flash can’t help it by ‘humanizing’ Scamtology. It’s flawed by design! And it’s not delivering because it’s not working!
    And how pathetic is it, if the wins of OT8 merely mean that you can do “o.k” in life?!? Guess how good the people could do if they would just have learned and improved themself WITHOUT wasting so much time and resources on Scamtologies crude pathetic ill-minded lies!
    It’s significant how much better “normal” people can do compared to any OT8 or even any Scamtologist in general!
    Mr. Flash admits it himself even without realizing: Scamtology DOES NOT DELIVER anything, if its utmost success after years of training and efforts can be subsumed by “just doing o.k.”
    There’s no clear.
    There’s no walking through walls.
    There’s no superpowers.
    There’s not even rebirth.
    And there’s no bridge to total freedom.
    There’s only draining people of money.
    There’s only beating people into submission. (figuratively and literally)
    Scamtology has been DESIGNED by LRH to facilitate CONTROL and the only
    bridge that scamtology actually offers is the bridge to total obedience!
    LRH’ teachings are crude and pathetic. They truthfully reflect a layman’s crude understanding of psychology from the 1950’s and are thoroughly warped by the devious schemes of hollow promises and paranoid need for control that LRH developed by design to make it into what it is!
    Scamtology has been designed by a con-man, a compulsive liar, and an ethical shammer – and that’s exactly what the teachings and inner workings of Scientology display.
    If Mr. Flash acclaims the wins and merits of LRH-Tech, he only shows what a mind-boggling ignoramus he is, not even understanding, how much better people and he himself can do WITHOUT LRH’s ill-advised, pathological teachings.
    Scamtology makes you get stuck in a 1950’s mindset and strives to reduces you into the obedient mind-slave that LRH needed for exploiting.
    That is what Scamtology actually delivers!
    Any half-way decent modern psychological understanding (and reflection) makes you more capable and intact as a person than each or any lie that LRH and his scamming heirs sell to you!

  20. For someone who articulates the ‘scammy’ nature of Co$ as well as he does, Helmut’s blind allegiance to L. Fraud Hubbard is a mystery. The ‘LRH guru’ phenomenon is an ugly mystery.

  21. Free the tech. As an introduction to Scientology, there needs to be an open discussion about Xenu and Body Thetans and the supposed theological meaning, before roping people into this quasi-religion mind control and hard-sell business scam.
    There’s a difference between communication, self-improvement, regression therapy and Body Thetan removal. That must be clear up front.
    The Hubbard is bare. Without the totalitarian control of:
    The RPF, the sec checks, the improvement always on the NEXT level, mention that Hubbard’s Fair Game policy is insanely fascist, the suppression of facts about Hubbard’s life, the forced confessions, the declared “wins,” the stats, the pretend super powers and the hard sell, the cult will collapse because of the web and their lack of credibility.
    I would also like to see the cult assets seized and distributed among its victims.
    Whether in the FZ or in the cult, upholding Hubbard’s overriding principle of KSW needs to be axed, in favor of extensive reformation and restructuring.
    The brainwashed who want to return to the golden days of yore, when they were young and optimistic about Hubbard tech…that was an illusion. That ideal is imaginary and right now the only cohesion in the Independent movement beyond a smarmy nostalgia — the glory days when Marty was the Terminator or Hubbard was happily throwing kids into chain lockers — is a united blame on everything being DM’s fault.
    Tests need to be done to verify if “Scientology” ever worked to begin with. That includes double blind studies on the “touch assist” and function of the e-meter, among other things.
    It’s good that people like Helmut and Marty are speaking up though and have the web to get their ideas out.
    If the web were around in Hubbard’s time, the cult would have started splintering and falling apart in the first years.

  22. When you boil it down, this flaky self-help based belief system is no more bizarre than believing that an all powerful being made everything that is in 6 days. I could honestly care less about what someone believes. If he believes in a science fiction fantasy, and it works for him, what does it really matter?
    This man is clearly in opposition to the same thing that I am in regards to the Co$: the abuses and the criminal conduct. Once that part of the cult is brought to ruin, they can do whatever the hell they want with it. It’s not like the tech is just going to vanish on it’s own…and who exactly wants to start down the “book burning” path?
    It would be a tragic thing to become the very thing you oppose.

  23. Rob,
    I agree with you that no one should resort to suppression as a means of defeating Scientology. But I think that equating Scientology beliefs with other religions and giving Scientology a free pass oversimplifies the issue. The difference between the belief system of Scientology from that of other religions is that what Scientology promises as results is different. Most religions are trying to answer the question of why I am here and how can I find peace and contentment within myself and stop there. Scientology begins at this point but as a person progresses it claims to be able to give the person superhuman abilities and then seeks to put blame on the individual for not achieving them while conveniently providing additional and increasingly expensive training to get you “back on the bridge.” So even if it is purged of its abuses of staff, I wonder if Scientology would be capable of surviving if explained and taught openly. How many people would actually stick with something if it continuously failed to deliver the promised result?

  24. Speaking of ‘Free-Zoners’, I have a burning question.
    Does anybody know if the contents of the ‘OT Levels’ are hidden or discouraged from being disclosed before the ‘proper’ time? I strongly suspect that if a potential Scientologist knew ahead of time that they would be dealing with Xenu and body thetans, that it is highly unlikely that they would embark on the ‘Bridge’ at the outset. I think you truly need some preparation (i.e. brainwashing) to seriously swallow this sort of bullshit.
    With all the above clearly laid out on the table at the outset, then I concede that the ‘willing’ should be free to believe this sort of nonsense. With that said, I am highly opposed to teaching children fairy tales, and passing it off as reality. That also goes for the BS that other religions indoctrinate their children with. I could understand if scriptures were passed off as the fairy tales that they are, but to be implanting lies into young minds is highly destructive and tragic.

  25. A house divided against itself cannot stand. The Bible says it. Abraham Lincoln quoted it to great effect. It also applies here. DM will go down, but so will HF and all the rest, too. Mark my word!

  26. Hey Rob, you know what would be useful? To point out exactly where you got the idea that criticizing Hubbard’s writings leads to a “book burning path”? Last time I heard such silliness was from Marty Rathbun’s blog, where he equated criticizing Hubbard’s writings with “hate”, and further nonsense such as “anti-Scientology Haters are friends of Dave”.
    Read carefully: People wants all of Hubbard’s writing to be *easily* available to all, in order to be subjected to as much scrutiny as possible, in order to ensure that people can make an *informed* decision *before* considering to go down the path of Scientology teachings.
    For one to make an informed decision, one must have access to *all* relevant information.
    Now, who is all about controlling information?
    Hubbard, through his Scientology writings/doctrines — “suppressive person”, “entheta”, “fair game”, “merchants of chaos”, “disconnection”, “sec check”, “confidential levels”, “evil psychs”, etc., *all* from LRH’s writings?
    The critics with their eagerness to bring those Scientology ‘scriptures’ to light for all to see and evaluate beforehand?
    I think the answer is obvious.

  27. Death to Scientology! Hubbard’s fad B.S. must die! Scientology must be eliminated from the world. Mr. F. should realize that Scientology must be destroyed for his and the planet’s own good. What a glorious world it would be if Scientology died, the anticipation is killer. J
    We sing:
    Joy to the world,
    Scientology is dead!
    I barbequed Miscavage’s head!
    Joy to the world,
    Scientology is dead!
    Tom Cruise has lost!
    Tom Cruise has lost!
    Joy to the world,
    Scientology is dead!
    Poor Kristy and John,
    Poor Kristy and John,
    They are crying!
    They are Crying!
    Scientology is dead!
    Joy to the world,
    Scientolgy is dead!

  28. marcehole,
    Your “burning question” to Freezoners is a good one. Do they consider the teachings about Xenu and body thetans to be essential to Scientology or do they limit themselves to going “clear”?

  29. As I understand it, there is the Freezone proper, i.e. “Ron’s Org” which is pretty close to official Scientology in terms of the “tech,” at both the lower and upper levels. So Xenu, body thetans, galactic empires, etc., are all there. I have read that they consider Miscavige and his entourage Marcabian agents, for instance. There is an interesting documentary with Hardeep Singh Kohli where he takes an introductory course and undergoes an auditing session with this group or one very similar to it (I can’t remember exactly – it’s been a while since I watched it). It’s called “The Beginners Guide to L Ron Hubbard” and it can be found on Youtube, Google video, and elsewhere online. One of the representatives of this group is polite but visibly uncomfortable when the subject of the upper level material is brought up, though I have to say that he does a much better job of handling the situation than Tommy Davis (not that that’s saying much).
    Beyond the “official” Freezoners, there is the Independent Field, which is far more diverse in its approach to the tech and even Hubbard himself. Here you may find some who reject the upper level material entirely or give it an allegorical or psychological interpretation. David Mayo founded a group that would fall under this category, which I believe is defunct, but others exist. Others may be able to add more to this description, but I think what I have said is basically accurate.

  30. You know, it seems to me that when Laffy was still alive and in charge, people still used this same excuse to explain the train wrecks; “It’s not the tech! The tech is great! Hub’s great! it’s being sabotaged by (SP’s/an SP)”

  31. It’s like someone said not to long ago [hubby] collected some ideals, good, bad and yes [hubby] never gave ugly david any control of the sea org or anything else but the point I’m making is its over due time for the walls of this cult to fall faster than it is now and if by chance someone wants to play this game of scientology so be it but never to where its played now.

  32. I’m interested in any allegorical meanings of Xenu. Haven’t heard an intelligible one yet. Sounds like pasted-on religious dressing to me, of the lowest comic book quality. Then again, I’ve never been brainwashed in Scientology.
    I understand that it (BT removal) could be construed as something similar to visualization therapy, where a person might visualize a creature munching away at their cancer, or being filled with light, etc.
    In other words, BT removal is just another approach to ridding a person of trauma or blocks/limitations.
    However, from testimonies of ex-members, OTIII seems to invoke a combination of fear, confusion, mystery and usually promise; enlightenment awaits at the NEXT level. Always the hook with this cult.
    In the OT series in particular, the “I’ve expanded my space” tends to translate into weight gain, or enlarging one’s delusion to include the ability to perform time shifts or gold fish resurrections etc.
    In my first week of reading about Scientology, after seeing the Tom Cruise video, and reading Bare-Faced, I thought one thread was clear. Scientology was full of lies, designed at each stage to trap, for extracting money, and to dangle enticing promises that it can’t fulfill.
    At its best, it makes people feel exhilarated, hopeful, ecstatic, confident and powerful, like they KNOW. When they try to explain what they know, it sounds like they know squat or are cuckoo, or worse, just give you the robotic: read Hubbard’s books.
    (No recourse, if you’ve read some of them and find them to be absurd, preposterous junk, and to me, an offensive rip off of Freud whom I admire greatly.)
    Freud scratched the surface on the psyche, and then went deeper in the theories he proposed, in order to help patients. He wasn’t trying to trap people into a money-sucking scam. He didn’t claim to have ALL the answers to the mind, education, running a business, taking over the world and Universe.
    I’ve listened to people of other religions…Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism etc., and compared to Scientologists they sound thoughtful, profound and even inspiring. They ask a lot of questions, but it makes sense, and has a coherence that is lacking in Scientology.
    When I listen to Hubbard lecture, he sounds out of his mind, and it isn’t just that I don’t understand everything he’s talking about. I’ve gotten so I understand the principles of the cockamamie quite well.
    Helmut comes off as a Tony Robbins cross with Hubbard. Oh yeah, Tony Robbins is one of the ones I can’t stand. But with Tony, it is more about him than with what he says.
    The all-encompassing, having “ALL the answers” aspect of Scientology is repulsive, along with their scary “above the law, will be the law one day…we are the authorities.” Way too fascist. “It’s the evil psychs!”
    I’ve read their theory of how the psychs caused WWII. Might as well say German Shepherds caused WWII because those dogs were there too, FROM THE BEGINNING! They assisted Xenu for years, 75 millions years ago.
    Scientologists do not learn how to ask questions. They learn how to accept and follow. When reading history for example, Marty Rathbun shoves it all into the context of things Hubbard said. When I read history, my perspective and understanding changes. Of course, I try to incorporate it into something I knew before, I think in different ways. I’m open to new ideas.
    When questions are used in training, e.g., “do birds fly?” it is used as robot training to erase critical thinking skills, so people won’t question Scientology or look outside of Scientology for answers.
    KSW. Keep ’em brainwashed, paying up, and making more Scientologists.
    Bad thoughts about Hubbard? To the RPF for you!
    Here’s something I thought up yesterday:
    QUESTION: Scientology?
    ANSWER: Xenu.

  33. I forgot something I also question about Scientology:
    The tech works 100% of the time, when applied properly.
    Hubbard claimed it didn’t work because he was surrounded by incompetent Thetans, that the planet could be clear in one year, if standard tech were applied properly.
    DM picked up on that, and somehow this shocks the independent Scilons.
    They are SHOCKED I tell you, that the cult is falling apart, after the death of its gas bag founder.
    The planet should be clear by now, and they should be building the Space Org, according to LRH’s directives, instead of this Superpowerz building.

  34. If the “Tech” works, then I’m the king of Iran. πŸ™‚
    If L. Ron was right, then I’m the emperor of China. πŸ˜€
    If Scientologists knew anything other than bull shit, then I’m Xenu. πŸ˜‰

  35. Free the tech. As an introduction to Scientology, there needs to be an open discussion about Xenu and Body Thetans and the supposed theological meaning, before roping people into this quasi-religion mind control and hard-sell business scam.
    …….. Astrid .. this is 1 of the questions we really don’t see answered anywhere.. where do these BODY THETANS GO ???
    could someone tell us where these body thetans go after they leave you ..??
    nate and mona
    nate and mona

  36. Christianity, Judaism, Scientology, Heaven’s Gate, the Branch Davidians, the Moonies—all of these lunatic cults should have their “teachings” dragged into the light of day.
    People should remain free to join whatever gang of dodo-birds they want to, but the media and our schools have a duty to honestly inform the public.
    Body Thetans, virgin births, the shroud of turin, God’s chosen people, the exodus from Egypt, religious prayer—ALL of this phony nonsense should be exposed.

  37. Anonymous and all other never before Scientologists you have to know that you are sounding just as ignorant as you think people who believe in Hubbard do when you say the subject is all BS as you do not have your own personal experience with it.
    I think the leadership and the behind the scenes running of the Church of Scientology is rotten to the core. I believe L. Ron Hubbard was a liar. I believe he was very whack during portions of his life. I believe that Scientology may be creatng the effects that it does because it is tapping onto the power of ritual and Black Magick.
    I will tell you this though…there IS something to the technology of Scientology no matter how nuts all of these people are and there is something to be gained from the auditing as a permanent gain.
    He was brilliant and nuts at the same time. This is the frustrating part. People try to comparmentalize it and make it all black and white because that would be so easy.
    The people that still want to “believe” as you see it is because their lives HAVE changed for the better and they see substantial and sometimes miraculous changes in people.
    I have seem miracles with this subject. They are undeniable. That does not mean that I support the corrupt organization or that I think it is the ultimate answer though.

  38. Elizabeth : Your words here resonate very well with my own thoughts! As an ex-scientologist, I can vouch for the ‘good’ as well as the ‘bad’ in Scientology.

  39. Helmut Flasch sounds like a babbling idiot adrift upon a sea of bullshit. Anyone who would waste more than 10 minutes of their life on Scientology has serious mental issues. What a bunch of crap. Xenu … pffft.

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