Ursula Caberta's Trip to Florida

Ursula Caberta and Graham Berry in 2008

German government official Ursula Caberta made a visit to Clearwater, Florida in July of 2000.  This was her first trip to Scientology’s Mecca and she was in for a shock.  From her arrival at the airport to her hasty departure, Scientology made her life difficult.
It started when she landed at the Tampa airport.  I went along with Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks and our attorney John Merritt to greet Ursula and bring her back to her hotel.  When we arrived at the airport, we discovered that Scientology’s PR man, Al Buttnor, had assembled a team of Scientologists to be there when Ursula arrived.  They were grouped together, getting briefed by Buttnor when we arrived but scattered when they saw us appear.
We knew there was going to be some action on Scientology’s part.  Stacy talked to the airport police to warn them that things might get wacky.  In my video, you can see Buttnor stepping in to assure the police that there would be no problem.  However, when the plane landed, the Scientologists leaped into action and started shouting slurs at Ursula.  The police escorted us out of the airport safely  although some of the Scientologists trailed us all along the way.
How did Scientology know when Ursula was arriving?  They have Scientologists working at the airlines and can call and find out our every move.  They also knew where Ursula was staying.  I drove Ursula to the hotel that night because Bob and Stacy needed to get back and be with Tory Christman who had just left Scientology days before and had turned to the LMT for help.   So they went back to Tory and I drove Ursula to the hotel on Clearwater Beach.
We arrived at the hotel to discover Scientology had called the hotel and canceled her room.  The place was sold out and there was no other room to be had.   Ursula had just flown in from Germany, it was after midnight and suddenly she had no place to stay.  Needless to say, she understandably wasn’t very happy.  I called Bob and Stacy and they found her a room at another hotel in town and we eventually got her settled in for her stay.
But it wasn’t over.  Scientology took the opportunity to sue Ursula and drag her into deposition.  She was forced to answer questions about her work overseeing Scientology in Hamburg.   This, along with all the insanity that was going on on the streets of Clearwater cut her stay short.   She did a press conference at the LMT, did some media and then returned home.  The German press covered her trip pretty extensively as you can see below.

Tagesanzeiger Zurich

A vacation to Florida turns into a horror trip for a Scientology critic
“Nazi go home”, shout Scientologists

By Hugo Stamm
August 11, 2000
Ursula Caberta, Director of the Hamburg Agencies’ Work Group on Scientology, did not believe her eyes and ears when she arrived at the airport in Tampa, Florida. About 50 Scientologists were shouting “Nazi go home” at her, as proved by video tape recordings. The Hubbard adherents were also holding up signs in the air which said the same thing. “How the Scientologists learned of my arrival in Florida is a mystery to me.” Florida is the location of an international Scientology headquarters.
The psycho-terrorism continued at her hotel. “They followed every move I made,” said Caberta of the Hamburg SPD administration, who is involved with Scientology as a result of her office. Nevertheless she still met with American Scientology critics. The Scientologists’ attorneys took their revenge with an operation of a curious kind. They shoved a court summons under her hotel door. The attorneys had managed to motivate a judge to order an immediate deposition. “It was a five-hour hearing like the Stasi used to have,” stated Caberta. A German Scientology attorney had traveled from Munich for the occasion.
Lawsuit for Damages
The operation was rounded out with a lawsuit for damages from a Scientology-affiliated businessman who demanded 75,000 dollars. The businessman claimed Caberta ruined a major contract for him with her information work. “It has become painfully clear to me why the Scientologists are able to operate unhindered in the USA,” said Caberta, “They can take care of any critic they want by using these court and legal proceedings.”
The German Consul General urged Caberta to depart ahead of schedule because he was concerned about further actions from the Scientologists. Caberta didn’t have to think it over long: “Unbelievable what they can do in the USA with tourists,” she said. “And of all countries, this is the one which regularly accuses Germany of violating human rights because we dare to talk about Scientologists.” She lost her faith in the American legal system.
Juerg Stettler, spokesman from Scientology, defended Scientology’s action by saying that Caberta held a press conference and wanted to organize a demonstration in front of the Scientology buildings. He said that Caberta had provoked the reaction, the more so since various Scientologists had taken refuge from her in the USA. Those people, he said, were allergic to Caberta and would consider her now becoming active there as impudence.

Hamburger Abendblatt

US – Scientologists with Caberta – Hatred and Insults

One week in Clearwater (Florida) – Ursula Caberta, head of the Scientology Task Force of the Ministry of the Interior, will not forget it soon.
The reason is obvious: Clearwater is one of the headquarters of this controversial Psychosect, and Caberta visited there to support opponents of the organization and to inform about her work in Germany. Resistance was to be expected. But that it would turn out so bad, was not even expected by this trouble-seasoned lady from Hamburg.
Her arrival at the airport of Tampa in Florida was already impressive. Around 50 Scientologists expected Caberta screaming “Go back to Germany” and “Nazi go home.” A German-speaking Scientologist shouted “You are a Murderer!” Only under the protection of police escort and through a back door could Caberta leave the airport.
Even the former Scientologist Stacy Brooks and US businessman Bob Minton, who had invited Caberta, declared not to have yet witnessed such outbreak of hatred. Both are used to a variety of threats and pressures from the so-called Scientology Secret Service OSA which has its central headquarters in Clearwater.
Millionaire Minton not only supports the family of the ex-scientologist Lisa McPherson in their investigations on her mysterious death, his Lisa-McPherson-Trust already represents a sort of “institutionalized opposition” which to-date has been unknown in the United States.
Caberta also was unexpectedly confronted with an incredible interrogation by three Scientology-lawyers to which she was called by means of legal documents shoved under her hotel room door. Although she could not contribute anything to the McPherson case, she was interrogated for five hours. While keeping details confidential, she regards this as a “demonstration of power to put her down.”
Only the former Mayor of Clearwater, Mr. Gabriel Cazares, had embraced her and symbolically handed her the golden keys of the city of Clearwater with the words: “Most people are glad you are here.” Then he apologized for the molestations.
Following the advice of the German Consul, Caberta left Clearwater one day earlier than planned: you might not know what else could happen…

Der Spiegel

Horror Trip to Florida

August 7, 2000
Ursula Caberta, Director of the Work Group on Scientology in the Hamburg Interior Agency, had to leave the USA in a hurry. Caberta had wanted to spend a one-week vacation in Florida during which time she met with Scientology opponents Stacy Brooks and Bob Minton and took part in a press conference on the practices of the psycho-concern. Then she unexpectedly left the country one day earlier than planned.
The journey to the Sunshine State had turned out to be a horror trip: Caberta had no sooner landed at the airport in Tampa than she was received by Scientologists screaming “Nazi go home”; she was subsequently followed at every turn.
Then German software businessman Hubert Heller, who lives in the USA, sued Caberta for 75,000 dollars in damages. Allegedly a major contract from German company POS Partner Gmbh had slipped through his fingers after the company had presented him with a so-called “sect filter” – a “security statement” (Caberta) in which the signer asserts that he does not operate according to the “technology” of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
The German consul general in Florida urged that she leave: Caberta had had a summons to a deposition by Scientology attorneys shoved under her hotel room door. It said she would have to sit through a five-hour hearing in the business’s center in Clearwater.
It had to do with the case of Lisa McPherson, who died under unexplained circumstances in the USA, to which Caberta said she could not make a statement. She left the country in secret “before anything worse happened.” Caberta lost her belief in the American legal system. She had never experienced anything like that before. “One hears about that only in dictatorships.”

10 Replies to “Ursula Caberta's Trip to Florida”

  1. Excellent footage and this is the kind of stuff I wish was put out more often. Believe me, I completely support the demonstrations and the strange confrontations, and more recently, the lack of “confrontation” between critics and Scientologists.
    However, this type of footage, where Scientology shows how it operates and how it “goes overboard” on how they express their displeasure, is the truly damaging aspect for most average folks sitting at home without any real info on Scientology. The reason is that most anybody, by just viewing this video, would immediately form the opinion that these folks are nut-jobs.
    The explanation and documentation provided, which people would read after seeing the video, is very significant. My fear is that often people do not wish to read that much info. However, even if they didn’t know what the video was about, yet saw people waiting for someone at the airport yelling “Nazi go home”, etc., they would then think that some Nazi war criminal just landed in the US, which would peak their interest. At that point, they would read/investigate further, then learn that “Oh, I didn’t realize that Scientologists acted like this. What a bunch of idiots.”
    This, in and of itself, naturally would start a progression of negative public opinion towards Scientology, instead of the apathetic belief that it’s just some new age religion that movie stars belong to. Once it morphs from some new age religion into “those people are weird”, then the less likely people would be as accepting of it, and in turn drive down the number of people who could be easily recruited, duped, tricked, etc. into whatever they think is just a harmless self-help religious group.
    I know it takes all of these components to battle Scientology, but I also feel the most effective ones are when Scientologists are acting upon those beliefs. The Tom Cruise video, Picketing Bunker’s home, the multitude of “what are your crimes?” videos, this video and others showing that they cannot even explain their own beliefs without sounding ridiculous are PERFECT to form just a slight negative public opinion. When you add on the abuses, the horror stories, how it actually operates and especially Aaron’s information about how the Sea Org actually runs Scientology….not Scientology running the Sea Org, it paints a perfect picture of Scientology of actually seeming more like “a cult” than any other type of institution.
    The demonstrated group-think mentality, Scientologists repeating the same lines the world over, and the fact that they look really stupid running video or taking pictures of protesters starts to paint the picture pretty clear for the average citizen, who before, never even bothered to care whether Scientology present or not.

  2. The U.S. government is such a sycophant chicken shit when it comes to dealing with Co$. No wonder that the American media is so reluctant to openly report on the cult… the media is offered no protection by the government. Co$ has such a goddamn abusive history, they should be banned from advancing ANY legal procedures against ANYBODY for ANY reason whatsoever. Co$ would no doubt complain, but as it is, they should consider themselves fortunate that their leaders have escaped assassination.

  3. “Nazi criminal?!” Makes it sounds like she’s a war criminal. Ursula wasn’t even born until 1950, years after the Nazis were in power in Germany.
    Great clip for the video archives though, and I hope more stations in the U.S. use it when doing pieces on Scientology, and how they “handle” critics.
    Today, if they did this kind of yelling in an airport, the Scilons would be hauled off and arrested.

  4. Does anyone know whatever happened to that Ian Shillington. The one who was shouting nazi criminal. Wasn’t he a doctor or something? Is he still in the cult?

  5. we aare waqiting infrance firdst the cult was conficted with fraud and o,e milliuon dollar fine they will be appeal
    they are many cases agzainst the cult in france to be in the news soon
    it is true they use pretty means behaviour for opponents and critics
    but still says “fairgame” doesn’t exist anymore
    the hatred
    and tricks they use to knock down people
    dog and pet poisoning
    strange and very suspicious death
    spreadding fake information in neighborhood
    and thje sae “religiouspersons” then call themselves victims they even compared themselves to the jews and the shoah in one of their magazine in france
    it is time for an enquiry and investigation about this dangerous so called”religious organization”
    inquiry about
    human trafficking
    beating up staff members
    conditions of isolation and punishment
    this must come to an end
    no more victims
    and I don’t have hate for the members
    the cult sucks that’s the point period

  6. I just finished watching Ursula’s arrival to the United States where she was uniformally confronted by angry Scientologists. What this did is to provide me with yet another example of irrational behavior and thinking by cultists. “Nazi criminal go back to Germany” and “We like freedom of religion here” are emotionally charged slogans by minds that eschew critical thought. What I found amazing was when Ursula finally got into an elevator with Stacy and the security guard in white, the elevator music played Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale”. Now that was something nice to listen to after an encouter with insanity’s poster children(!!).

  7. I have family who have been victims of a cult in the past (not scientology) and I see many of the same things here.
    It’s so upsetting. I felt so bad for that woman when they started screaming at her.
    Shame on them. Wanting to practice their “freedoms” but trying everything in their power to deny others the same.

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