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  1. Well, kinda rude, but thats what anon does too, so I don’t know
    what to say. The midget points to news paper headlines against the
    psycs but thinks its wrong when the news papers go against the him.
    Oh well this is War and War stinks.

  2. geepers, you’re a moron.
    Anonymous does nothing of the kind that Scamtology has demonstrated to do.
    Anonymous does not target and ambush certain individuals and then bad-mouth those individuals with hideous accusations.
    Scamtology does this over and over again, constantly, repeatedly …
    To accuse Ursula Caberta of being a Nazi criminal? You must be thoroughly stupid and ignorant about History, Nazis and everything else on this planet to do so.
    And geepers, you must be a profound dumb-a** comparing such an insane, organized and mentally distorted Scamtology bullbaiting to the voluntary protesting that anonymous does.
    Either you are completely ignorant and have no idea what you are talking about, or more likely, you are just one more of those Scientology habitual liars who only want to downplay Scientology’s gross insanity and smear others with their own “crimes” to distract and deflect scrutiny.
    It’s like “disingenuous” seems to be Tommy Davis preferred word … and applies to no one as much as it does to himself!
    Typical Scamtology tactics. Disgusting! Despicable! And shame on you, geepers!

  3. Absolutely agree with David Miscarriage (funny, I was calling actual DM that changed name in my head & didn’t know anyone was using it as a user name – good one) all the way.
    Please Geepers – look into the actions of scamtology (another great & vastly appropriate name) more & maybe feel into them more as well. If you do, you will understand, I’m sure, that Anonymous is doing a great service to mankind (or at least mankind right now!) – it is hard & scary to stand up to evil & they should be thanked. So thanks Anonymous!

  4. Unknown to many people, I have powerz much greater than Crowley, Cruise or Hubbard. Although I hesitate to use it, as a High Marcabian Priestoid, this vid calls for my 75 million year old Scientology exorcism:
    Blessed be the Xenu and his holy DC8s…
    Out Scientology! Out in the name of Xenu and everything else in this scam that costs over $200,000 to learn!

  5. What is sad that if these Scientologists in the video wake up someday this webfame will be added shame. Sort of like their own “Hasselhoff eats Burger” video.
    True, their actions are atrocious and shameful, but I wonder if ridiculing these cult-drugged pawns is the way forward. I agree, their actions should be exposed, but where are the men behind these actions – the guys who stir up the hate, who fabricated the anti-German smear campaign before Caberta’s visit?
    BTW Why is this in the news now? Apparently this happened 10 years ago and was on available on youtube before.

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