Until Nothing Is Left

The public TV network ARD in Germany secretly filmed a TV movie about corporate Scientology and their destructive disconnection policy. Based on the true story of Heiner von Rönn, this film was broadcast on March 31st, 2010.

Many thanks to AnonymousHamburg for converting the movie and adding English subtitles.

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  1. Yes… I watched this last weekend… an excellent depiction of cult life a la Co$. For those who may be interested, there was another film a few years ago called “The Bridge”.

  2. This was an excellent movie. It was chilling how Scientology slowly took over the family like a parasite plus the “You’re either with us or against” mentality. Right Tom Cruise?

  3. This groundbreaking TV movie got 8.7 million viewers and was a big ratings hit. I think it will also do well throughout Europe, but especially in Eastern Europe where people know all about control, doublespeak, knowledge reports, and the type of tactics CoS uses.
    This is another example, like the Tom Cruise video, where Tom Cruise’s popularity works against the cult, along with the cult making a fuss about it. People are curious about CoS, and how it works now, often BECAUSE of Tom Cruise and now they can get a informative movie of what it is all about.
    This movie is a Xenu vaccine if there ever was one, and it had some unforgettable images…guy being chased down the street…little girl doing her “Locational” thing, shutting off her father at the end, which was certainly true with von Rönn’s real-life son.
    I saw a show with von Rönn’s real son, grown up now, and he said he was OUTRAGED that his father didn’t ask his PERMISSION to make this film! (Maybe he was just mad about the sex change.) I’m sure he was also outraged, like the CoS, that they weren’t allowed to control the story, and make it one about one of the tiny percentage of people who dumps a fortune on courses, and ends up couch-jumpingly happy, and how it makes others around them happy too, you know, like Nicole Kidmann was so happy with Sciloontology.
    Hey Scientology! It could be much worse. They could have done the MY NAME IS EARL guy’s story, or the Rex Fowler story, or even a good bio of Hubbard.
    What Scientology really HATED, is that it shows what they do, how they operate, and the possible consequences, like having someone in the family not being happy you are dumping all that money on CoS, like that never happens. And how CoS handles that.
    I was really surprised by the number of dimensions the writer got in this story.
    So, a person entering Scientology will know that there is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. That’s the signpost up ahead. Your next stop, Scientology!
    It’s a combination of the Stepford Wives, the Bourne Conspiracy (everyone wants to be chased by cult zombies), Boston Legal but not funny, The Boys from Brazil, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    Oh boy, where do I sign up for processing?

  4. Surely after all this time (L. Fraud Hubbard dropped his body in 1986), some brave producer is due to create a blockbuster hit about the life and times of LRH. No matter how bad it is done, it will probably be better than Battlefield Earth. Nonetheless, I truly wish and hope that the first producer with the balls to do it does it with finesse.

  5. Let’s sing:
    Beware, Beware;
    Never get involved with Scientology even on a Dare.
    Beware lest the Cult grabs you into the Xenu snare.
    Avoid them when you can.
    If they give you a book, toss it in the Trash Can.
    Beware, beware the Scam,
    For it will give you the flim-flam
    And the finger too.
    If you think for yourself, L. Ron hates you.

  6. Yeah…like the rest, wow!
    Now, understand completely, as scary as this film was, they went easy on the cult. As bad as they appeared in this movie, they are a thousand times worse. This criminal organization enslaves, mistreats, threatens, tortures (Lisa McPherson) its employees, drains them of every single dollar they have and asks for more. A lot more. A thousand times more. No adjectives are sufficent to convey just how vicious, militant & evil this cult really is. Truly, when the final history is written on this group, it will go down as the the biggest, most effective scam in the service of enslaving human beings this world has ever seen.
    If your child comes home from school with a little book entitled “The Way To Happiness,” that is this cult trying to get your child to have a favorable impression of their founder, L. Ron Hubbard so they can suck your son or daughter into the abyss that is the “church” with black magic roots. Would that concern you?

  7. Well done! Accurate, moving and without stating it explicitly, a call to action. This movie showed how Scientology’s grip on people can be very precarious at times, and that the bubble they create is very fragile. That’s why when I spoke with a Scientology at a Dianetics booth recently they called 911 within seconds of me uttering the word Xenu. Only something so fragile must be protected so fiercely. This really encourages me to go out and break some more bubbles!

  8. That was really quite impressive. Well acted and believable. Lots of pieces of different stories we’ve all heard over the years woven into one coherent cautionary tale. The only thing I don’t think could have happened was the freak-out about Xenu in the sauna. Not likely that a preclear would have had knowledge of that. How wonderful it would be if any studio or network here had the intestinal fortitude to take on the cult like that. I hear Paul Thomas Anderson is going to have a go at telling a similar story based on a Scientology-like cult. Come on P.T., grow a pair and make it about Scientology. Give Tom Cruise a role he can really sink his teeth into, playing himself.

  9. Really well done, and a very sad story. I hope that AnonymousHamburg will consider putting this up as a bit torrent the complete feature with the subtitles. I fear that it won’t stay up on you tube for too long. And just to get this passed around the net as much as possible for everyone to see.

  10. I was very happy to have been able to see this film. The only thing I fear is that anyone who hasn’t been involved with the cult will actually have a hard time believing some of what they see depicted here, and may think that the filmmakers have exaggerated a bit to make it seem more thrilling. But as an ex-member, and one who had been in the Sea Borg, let me tell ya-this was scarily accurate. I was only in a short time (luckily), and have been out for a long time now-but this stuff still haunts me and seeing this film brought back soooo many bad memories.
    Thanks to those who made this film-and those who made it available for us to see in English online.
    Go Anonymous!

  11. @Astrid & @Bert,
    Concerning the Scientology mindset: It certainly is telling that a group that claims it favors freedom of speech gets upset when that freedom is exercised. von Röhm’s son should know that his father needs no permission from anyone to tell his own story, likewise the people at the Dianetics booth shouldn’t be surprised that Xenu is now common knowledge thanks to South Park. If Scintologists were capable of being honest and open they wouldn’t fear the truth no matter how inconvenient it is.

  12. @Gonzo : Righto! I was a mere ‘public’ sci… but I practically lived at the org for a tad over a year… and it is a truly surreal environment… the manic enthusiasm for LRH and his precious ‘data’… and yet, a chilling gestapo-style paranoia… The film does not exaggerate.

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that achieves a similar kind of revealing authenticity and veracity on a topic like this –
    even if you haven’t been inside the church you can feel the mechanisms at work that first help you face yourself and in the end help the church take total control over you and your family, it even outlines very convincingly the way into the RPF camps, and the Sea Org, where the command structures take total control over human beings: no private space left even in people’s minds – everything is revealed in the sec checks.
    Incredible depth even though the film remains rather unspectacular and “matter of fact” on the surface level.
    The best and most important public TV production I have seen in a very long time.

  14. Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens (in somewhat alphabetical order :-)) are surely watching all this. If not, then could one of their friends please leave them a message to check in to the ultimate implant station… they will know what I am taking about … 🙂

  15. Excellent film. I’m so surprised by how well it was made and how accurately it portrays the abuses, manipulation, and suppression of critical thought. It’s mind-blowing.

  16. Wow. That was depressing. And yet it keeps happening. I just read an article about a new “Ideal Org” that’s opening in Chicago and one of the quotes was from someone in that neighborhood who thought it was a good thing to have a church there because there would be diversity. Which might be true if it were a real church, with actual diversity and they were acting as good and productive members of the community. But instead they are getting vultures whose sole purpose is to exploit well-meaning people who are searching for something in their lives and find this blight instead. So more people get sucked in, and before they know it, their lives have been turned upside down…

  17. This is my first comment post ever on Xenutv. I really enjoyed this movie and was very impressed with how cinematic it was, much more so than most American movies, let alone *television* movies. I just wanted to jump on and say that.

  18. I watched this over the course of 2 nights. The movie was consistent with all I have read and heard regarding $cientology. While I understand the fundamental right to practice one’s religion, it is clear to me that $cientology is not a religion. Religions do not offer salvation at a price. Given this, Governments have the right and obligation to protect their citizenry from economic abuses such as fraud, pyramid schemes etc…The most disturbing aspect is what $cientology does to families and, ultimately, the children. Social Services in Germany appears to be far more committed to child welfare than in the USA. They wasted no time on closing down that daycare. Kudos to them.

  19. The USA remains highly sycophant to Co$. They still have not handled the 1993 IRS blackmail… so it is hard to imagine the U.S. government properly confronting Co$ at any level.

  20. @Soupy (&others):
    the film already is out there as a torrent and the subtitles as well @podnapisi.net. Look for the original title: Bis nichts mehr bleibt.

  21. Kudos to Anonymous Hamburg. Within four days the translated and sub-titled this incredibly important film and put in up on YouTube.

  22. Hi. I am a french guy and lived for a while at Flag with the Sea Org members. This movie is very acurate and it remembered me the worst thing I experienced over there and in my whole life: the total control on the children in Scientology, those who were raised in the Sea Org. I was totaly afraid of them as they were the perfect product of the standard tech. and I used to called them ” the perfect L. Ron Hubbard robots”.
    Congratulation to the director and the producer to had the courage to create this movie that everyone should see before they signed for their first “cheap course” in Scientology.

  23. Hi Mark @ xenutv, I just want to say “hi and thanks” for your considerable efforts on behalf of CoS cult escapees, the wider public and possibly for unknown people who will be informed now (with a bit of web browsing) on the nauseating reality that hides behind a friendly approach on the street “would you be interested in a free personality test…” etc. and never get sucked into them at all.
    I think the internet will eventually kill or at least radically reduce this cult’s ability to get new paying clients and the money they continually need (I think they’ve made a mistake in aquiring so many different properties & locations which will hopefully drain their coffers). Africa might prove a good hunting ground for them but personally I can’t see them getting beyond S. Africa. Media hype about Katie Holmes spiked my current research, maybe some decent cracks in the facade might come from this; maybe too from media gossip and legal hassles for Travolta…
    At 2 or 3 different times over the last 8 years I have done research on this cult (all of the last week!) and I think you’re doing sterling work.
    I have developed some theories about this outfit’s operations with some interesting conclusions in a variety of fields (psycholgy, legal-my weakest area-, linguistic/psycholinguistic, sociology). Sadly in some respects I’m not wholly optimistic about any likely immediate reduction of this cult’s US & UK influence except in one respect: there is always the possibility of a sudden cataclysmic collapse (a bit like the apparent implosion of the Soviet Union)
    Anyway, this thread is about the film which I found excellent and disturbing (though, as a professional pedant, the subtitles could be corrected… yea yea I know! I’m a pedant like I said)
    btw I came to this page after the Der Spiegel (English) article at:
    I found this video about the OSA (Scientology intelligence service, the largest private intelligence in the world!) activities in France/Germany very interesting (be patient with the subtitles and length), the Arte documentary “OSA The eye of Scientology”:
    I think your work *really* matters Mark, even as the years go by… so consider this a “virtual beer” from a supporter 😉
    Cheers from Ireland, Dave R.
    ps Was that yourself interviewing Tanja Neujahr, from 2000? What a brave, strong young woman. Good interview too
    “A child in Scientology” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHEH3U9m5mI

    1. Thanks, David. Yes, I was the one interviewing Tanja. We were in Leipzig for the Alternate Charlemagne Award Ceremony for Bob Minton and I interviewed three young women there. It’s good to see their stories continue to find a new audience.

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