Violent Scientologists at Jan Eastgate Hearing

A throng of Scientologists formed a human shield around the head of the Citizens Commission of Human Rights following her court appearance for convincing an 11-year old not to report her sexual molestation to the authorities.  The Scientologists acted like goons, pushing and shoving cameramen and reporters out of the way as Jan Eastgate made her perp walk from the courtroom to her car.  Bryan Seymour of Today Tonight rightly points out that Scientology wants to provoke an attack as much as or more than simply shielding their CCHR exec from bad press.  However, they just created another flap with their actions.

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  1. Leannekera

    Its good that the reporters know exactly what to expect. It helps to keep one step ahead.

  2. Leannekera: Aye. They were prepared, they didn’t retaliate, kept a head cool, despite the pressure. And in the end only the OSA and the Sea Orgies just looked quiet dumb at the end.

  3. Knight of Anonymous

    Scientologists never learn 😀

  4. nono la patate

    they are so stupid abnd they think they are the elite
    see on video what they did to me because I just said “no kids in cults”
    i ma

  5. Maika

    Hi Nono,
    I admire your strength, courage & commitment in the fight against scientology. It is people like you, Bryan Seymour, Mark Bunker, Torymagoo44 and many others that are exposing their crimes and bringing down the destructive cult/terrorist criminal cult that is scientology. To you and all the other heroes.. Thank you.

  6. sam

    Oh, Cult of the Footbullet…how you boggle my mind

  7. Bert

    When violence is used and encouraged from the top down, it is no wonder that it manifests itself on the street. Scientology is so devoid of coherent arguments for their position that violence becomes their only option.

  8. George

    I didn’t see any violence, just trying to push the reporters and cameras out of the way so they could get through. How would you feel with a camera two inches away from your face?

    1. I would know not to shove it. The tape of Bernie Madoff shoving a cameraman is shown every time he is talked about.

  9. I wonder, would Jan skip court and go into hiding in California?

  10. theLulzGotStuck

    I wonder if the CCHR needs to be educated that *freedom of speech* is one of the human rights it claims to defend.

  11. Nozeno

    What a bunch of Richard – heads.

  12. D'Wayne

    They want people to retaliate? So then why have an intelligence agency?
    Why don’t they retaliate instead of using childish tactics?