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Scott SloanI have been very busy this past week talking to reporters about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce. I’ve tried to tamp down the crazy rumors about Suri being kidnapped and sent to the Sea Org and instead concentrated on the real crazy stories going on in Scientology. I did three radio shows within 24 hours for Canadian stations but I didn’t get any of them recorded. They seem to be lost to the wind. However, this morning I appeared on Cincinnati station WLW for a segment with host Scott Sloan. It was a brief piece but I tried to cram in as much as I could in my 15 minutes.

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  1. Is there any link with the “Angels seekers” like DOREEN VIRTUE and others. Why not talk about those as well? They seem to be very dangerous as well.

    1. Yes, indeed. Thanks so much. I’ll get them on the site soon. There was one more that I don’t have. Since you came through with high honors finding these two, I challenge you to find the hour I spent with Lorne Brooker on 800 CJBQ in Belleville Ontario on July 5th. I don’t see podcasts for them anywhere and they haven’re responded to a request for a copy of the show.

  2. The pros are two sided for you. 1) you get your info out there to help you to make your documentary and 2) most important is that this will put scientology in such a hard light with a for able opponent (Bill) as well it will hit a mass population and bring more awareness out there because of Bill O’Reilly audience base.
    Just a thought ….

    1. I was booked on the Factor and was about an hour away from getting limoed over to the show a few years ago (to talk about John Sweeney’s meltdown on Panorama) and then the right wing blowhard preacher Jerry Falwell dropped dead and the show became all about him.
      I have seen O’Reilly do Scientology segments before and they were pretty lame. I had some on the site before FOX News had them taken down with DMCA requests.
      But I’d be happy to spar with Papa Bear if he ever wants to.

  3. I find it so disturbing that all of the Scientology “stories” that have come out in the past few days via major media have either completely white-washed the cult’s atrocities or have failed to do an easily accessible in-depth investigation.
    Everything the media needs to know is right here on the internet via citizen journalists and protestors.
    I suggest that we, as a whole, bombard our local and national news with the youtube videos that we’ve all watched and whose human rights violations have infuriated us.
    We have the power. Let’s bring’em down.

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