Steve Hassan and Karen Pressley on Cruise-Holmes Divorce

Steve Hassan
Steve and Karen sat down to talk about Scientology issues surrounding the recent divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Both of them have also given interviews to me for my movie, Knowledge Report: The Rise and Fall of the Church of Scientology.  Karen was a former exec at the Celebrity Center.  Steve’s latest book can be found here.

Pressley- Hassan 7-12 discuss Scientology, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes divorce, Suri and much more from Steven A Hassan on Vimeo.

8 Replies to “Steve Hassan and Karen Pressley on Cruise-Holmes Divorce”

  1. The question isn’t whether or not Tom Cruise loves Suri or Katie. The question is whether or not Tom loves Suri or Katie more than he loves Tom.
    Somehow, I doubt it.

  2. Hi Mark, excellent coverage. I did interview yesterday with NBC news, e-mail me and I’ll forward the link and video stream.
    :-)) Tom

  3. Who says Grade 2 (Problems) Releases don’t have problems? No one doubts that Tom Cruise loves his wife and daughter, but how many times has he been married? If a series of divorces is not a problem then what is?

  4. If Tom wanted to stay doing the tech of scientology and have his so call wins well that would be OK WITH me but he needs to get the sp out of his life little david. Maybe latter on he might just realize he really don’t need this roller coaster ride any more and lay down this $ hubbard’s tech because it did not do him any good.My only hope is the wife and kid get into a safe space and go on with life.

  5. I was very intrigued by the portion of the above video interview where Karen talks about – after recently hearing that her ex-husband Peter was in “The Hole” – conference calling with his relatives in Oregon, and they contacting/getting a Riverside County Sheriff’s officer to go to Gold Base to check up on him.

  6. All religions are man created and have as much basis in fact as a tea party memo on Obama, but that said, I see a lot of parallels between the apostate situation vis-a-vis Mormons and Scientologists as well as the seemingly obvious observation that the basis of both their belief systems is absolute hogwash. It’s not like the more diffuse situation involved with piecing together bits of ancient parchment and then trying to translate them from ancient Greek compounded by an inability to access a broad swath of contemporary public records of the era. Congrats on your escape nonetheless. Enjoy.

  7. I subscribe to Tori (Magoo44) Christman on YouTube and really like her personality and commitment to exposing the abuses of Scientology. I’ve watched interviews and read extensively on the subject of Scientology since being handed a pamphlet outside a hotel in Amsterdam many years ago that serendipitously advertised for I was already aware that Scientology was a fraud at the time, but not as clued-in to the extent of the abuses suffered by its members. With the recent exodus of top level people, many seemingly the age of Tori, and all long time members, it occurs to me that these folks got caught up in the Scientology hop haw during the free-love hippie era. Why they would chose to go down the road to Scientology rather than following imaginary Hippie Jeebus (now sharing a cell in Gitmo with Disco) is beyond me. There were tambourines, campfires and the sweet scent of pachouli mixed in among the incense and thick blue haze of smoke from the burning of the sacred hippie lettuce. I was too young to be attracted to either at the time, but looking back, with full knowledge that both are entirely bogus, I’d have gone for imaginary hippie Jeebus if only because I’ve a fondness for misshapen hippie chicks in sundresses. Enjoy.

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