Karen de la Carriere's Son Dies

Alexander Jentzsch
Karen was married to the president of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch.  They had a son together named Alexander.  I spoke with Karen about her experiences in and out of Scientology for my film, Knowledge Report: The Rise and Fall of the Church of Scientology.  She told me how they had to petition Scientology management to have a child.
When we sat down for that interview, Alexander had disconnected from his mother two years prior.  Karen had been declared an SP and Alexander cut off all ties.   On July 5th, Karen found out through contacts on Facebook that Alexander had died.  No one in the family or in Scientology had contacted her.  She found herself unable to see Alexander’s body or receive his ashes.  Tony Ortega broke the news of Alexander’s death and has done some remarkable follow-up stories on how Scientology has reacted to this tragedy.    Karen emailed thousands of Scientologists with the news and received numerous heartfelt responses from members who are still in the church who risked their own expulsion in responding to Karen’s message.
Unable to attend the Scientology memorial service for her son, Karen held her own service at sea for her family and friends.  I was able to attend and put together this video of the event.
Marty Rathbun also posted Karen’s story on his blog.  She appeared on an L.A. area radio show which you can listen to here.
Tim Conway Jr 8PM 7-13 – KFI AM 640

7 Replies to “Karen de la Carriere's Son Dies”

  1. I think the public indignation over the way Karen was treated should force two issues…
    1. The celebrities that enable this cult need to answer for their connection to an organization that would do this to a grieving mother.
    2. The IRS needs to answer for why this (along with all the other abuses) is not grounds to revoke tax exempt status.
    This is a flap that Scientology money and lawyers can’t make go away so easily.

  2. Fortunately Scientology is on its last legs… and its so-called leader(s) will be eating their own manure and recycling their own farts until their last stinking breath “blows” them away like that octopussy volcano!… especially David Miscarriage (be three feet back of your head, then shoot… 🙂

  3. And speaking of IRS and tax exemption (Dan)… the Feds are probably still trying to figure how they are going to back-pedal out of this fukn mess without embarrassing themselves. Co$ has them bent over a barrel and is making soup out of their bowels!

  4. Looks to me like the COS has a serial killer on the payroll. I doubt if DM is the person in question, but they are on the same side. If the police were to do a statistical analysis, they would notice that way too many people in this group have died in very unusual ways. I think there are people called actuarians who actually do this sort of thing professionally. Maybe the WBM should pay one of these guys do do a professional study, and interview him for his documentary film.

  5. I have to hold back some and while I feel sorry for the friends and family of Alexandria. We still have to face the fact that while consenting adults making a fool out of themselves by joining the CO$ in one thing, harming innocent children is another. The parents of Alexandria consented or at least did nothing to stop their son who was at the time only eight years old boy from joining the Sea-Org They placed their child in harms way and it is they that must understand as parents they also had a part in the unfortunate death of their son. Passing the buck and blaming it all on the CO$ and DM does not excuse them.

  6. How many times have we been here before? It’s so hard to continually hear these heartbreaking stories and NOTHING is done. It’s not a scourge unique to this cult. Most religions get away with it. But Scientology seems to be given particular thrift. And it is only when some meaningless actress leaves an even more meaningless actor, the world suddenly takes notice. Sickening culture we have. So, the billion year question is….will this divorce and the publicity surrounding it be the “true” beginning of the end? I think it would be fitting. Bunch of scumbags these scientologists.

  7. $cientology IS on its last legs thank goodness, and yet these horrible crimes are still happening ? $cientology should be classed as a number 1 terrorist organisation. The greatest crimes are against children, the innocent beautiful cherished gifts they are. I hope that one day Miscaviage and his unholy bunch of louts will pay- and pay dearly ! This ‘man’ has no conscience, he is a beast !

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