Two Canadian Radio Shows

During the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Divorce-apalooza week, I appeared on a number of Canadian radio shows.  For some reason, the cry came out from Canadians to get a wise and bearded perspective on the whole Scientology issue.  In 24 hours I had done several shows including the Scott Sloan show and these two broadcasts in which I had to pack in a lot of info in just a few minutes.
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  1. Hi -I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Scientologist. When I was young, my dad was exploring joining this quote-unquote church. At age 12 I found myself reading the book Dianetics. It held such promise -I could rely on myself and my own mental strength and force of will to move and up in the world to escape my home. Lucky for me, I figured out quite quickly that this was not for me. And lucky for my family, wasn’t for my father either. I found your site through Mark Headley’s book, “Blown for Good”. I wanted to thank you for this dissemination of information on your site to the world. Maybe we can stop other vulnerable people from being chewed up by the cult. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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