E-Meter Called a Scam

Australian TV has been taking a close look at all things Scientology for a few years now.  This time, they examined the e-meter so closely that they had to disassemble it to look at its component parts.  Paul Schofield is interviewed along with an electrical engineer and an evil psych in this report from A Current Affair.
Inside Edition did a similar story a couple weeks earlier with input from Karen de la Carierre and others.
For a more detailed deconstruction take a look at these:

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  1. An e-meter is a tool. It can be abused. You could use a screwdriver to change the locks on your house, or you could use it for self defense. I would not trust David Miscavage with a screwdriver or an e-meter.
    The e-meter has been systematically abused because the Church of Scientology is in the business of systematic abuse.
    The e-meter is an amplified Wheatstone Bridge. They have always been overpriced. Today you can buy a truely excellent digital multi meter in the automotive section of Wal Mart for something like $30.00. (I have one for work, and one for home use.) Today the Wheatstone Bridge is technically obsolete for many, but not all, uses in the electrical industry.
    Freezone Scientology has many non-church meters that they use, and they all cost a hell of a lot less than official CoS E-Meters.
    The e-meter really is a useful tool … If you are buying Scientology services. And If the person using it (and the organisation behind the person) is trustworthy. But David Miscavage is a corporate raider with a whole lot of skeletons in his closet. And anyone who doubts DM has to leave the Church.
    If you do not know and trust the person using the e-meter, stay away from it. It is as dangerous as a gun.

  2. “The e-meter really is a useful tool”
    Rubbish. Anyone knowing the slightest about these simplistic gadgets knows full well that they can be manipulated. To even imagine that a ‘trustworthy’ individual could provide you with any benefit whatsoever is an almighty stretch of the imagination.
    It’s just one piece of the con.

  3. I have a new eye meter. One in, one out…it measures brain waves and retinal disturbances, in the field. Or something. Anyway, please send all your money to me and I will send round someone to give you plaudits for believing this crap. Its all true.
    The real genius of the Co$ isnt the e-meter, or the space opera, or engrams. Its that the poor suckers all believe these things and will FIGHT to keep believing them. Credulous doesnt begin to describe these poor souls.
    Take this from someone who has lost most of his family over the past 35 years to this business (for that is what it is). I still love them, and I hope one day DM will be held accountable for his crimes. Then maybe all the deluded people MIGHT see what has been done to them. But you know what? I doubt it. Just witness the “Free” $cientology movement. They insist the problem is DM, when in fact its the “Tech”. Never were truer words uttered: “There’s one born every minute”…LRH knew his shit, I’ll give him that much.

  4. I have a jay-meter. It measures the amount of THC in a bag of marijuana. Does anyone have a Kay-meter? They measure the number of great deals available each week at the K-Mart. Elle-meters measure the percentage of woman on any given street in France but I don’t know how to make them yet. That’s next semester.

  5. E-meters measure something any electronics technician knows about: Electrical resistance. A simple multimeter measures the same thing. The “cans” on an e-meter are nothing more than enlarged negative and positive probes. E-meters are simply unmarked and probably inaccurate multimeters; a common tool.

  6. Well said photonsrus…I have been doing a ton of research on this and I was dissappointed to hear about the ex high ranking scientologists, that now have become independent, peddling the same bullshit to a new set of gullible people. Those guys figured the con is still on and since they could not wrestle power away from the midget sociopath now they are looking to cash in. Disturbing to say the least.
    On a separate note, thankfully I have no family involved in this cult but if they ever try to disconnect me from my kids, my wife or any close family for that matter I will be fight them to the death. No way that happens and people should stand to these mofos.
    They have no concept of human life because of the alien transplant, alien dust, tethan bullshit reincarnation they believe in, but I dare them try to keep our family away from some of us.

  7. This is SUCH a great site. I have learned a LOT! That one quote, “This e-meter is just a piece of the con.”
    Keep it up. Man, way to Uncover this bull.

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