The Return of the World Class Idiot

I had forgotten about John Bowen Brown II who seems to me one of the dopiest guys around.  He engaged me in a silly exchange of emails and then sent a legal threat to me.  (Side note, Brown’s business at the time was selling legal services.)
Today I got an email from a reporter, asking me about Brown and Anonymous.

Dear Mr. Bunker,

I am a reporter who submits articles to Indymedia. About four days ago, a member of the group Anonymous came to Mr. Brown’s door, referred to a you and shook his arm at Mr. Brown. No connection was made between all of you until I entered Mr. Brown’s name into a search engine. You have a site ( On that site Mr. Brown’s address is posted while blanking your own address out in a letter sent to you by Mr. Brown’s attorney.  By your posting Mr. Brown’s address allowing the group Anonymous, who does frequents your site, to come to Mr. Brown’s door., your are stalking Mr. Brown. I believe you are in a conspiracy to do so. Why else would you  blank out your own address and not Mr. Brown’s, if not to at encourage harassment of Mr. Brown.  Its it my understanding that it is an implied threat. I live in Northern, CA and I am familiar with the severity of California stalking laws. If you did this to me you would be in jail right now. I would like to invite your comments. My deadline for this article is August 9.

Anderson Grant

I get lots of media requests and am always happy to oblige any way I can but this one was incredibly bizarre.   I hadn’t thought of Brown in over two years and I can’t imagine anyone else has in that time except Brown himself.  I sent him this reply.

I’d say your email does not sound like that of a reporter.  A real
reporter might say there have been allegations that you are stalking a
certain individual but you make the claim yourself.  You further
suggest that there is a conspiracy.  Surely a journalist would know
better than that.  These and other reasons suggest to me that you
can’t really be serious.
A Google search shows nothing posted from you except one neo-pagan related
anti-Anonymous post:
Isn’t that dope Brown involved with neo-pagan nonsense?  Are you a
friend of the dope or are you the dope himself using a fake name to
accuse me of some nonsense?
But if you would like a quote I suggest this:  “I sincerely hope the
dope recovers from having an arm waved at him.”

His deadline is over a week away so if anyone has any further details for his story, feel free to pass them along.
As for his conspiracy, this intrepid reporter should learn to use Google because here is John Bowen Brown II’s name and address on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s page.
Your honor.  I rest my case.

8 Replies to “The Return of the World Class Idiot”

  1. I said this on your earlier post about this dope, but I’ll say it again:
    “Don’t argue with a fool. They’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
    Author Unknown

  2. I think this guy is a scientologist who is basically just trying to cause Mark trouble (either that or he is just the biggest moron in the world)
    Keep up the good work Mark!, I hope more people have the balls to inform others about this cult

  3. Nonsense like this just shows how desperate these fools have become. They’re losing more and more of their strength every single day. If only more Mark Bunkers could be created because you have the perfect blueprint on how to deal with these fools.

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