Narconon Deaths Explored on NBC

Rock Center did a great piece last night on the recent deaths at Scientology’s Narconon Arrowhead facility in Canadian, Oklahoma.  Family members talked about how they were led to believe there was no connection to Scientology before sending their kids to the drug rehab program.  David Love was interviewed about his experiences at Narconon and how he is trying to shut down this facility as he has done to the center in Quebec.

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Not suprisingly, Tony Ortega has been all over this story at the Village voice.  Read his interview with David Love and with Bob Lobsinger who reported on the Scientology connection to Narconon as the center was being established years ago.  And if Narconon isn’t Scientology, then why is an executive controlling the group in Scientology’s prison camp.

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  1. Knight said it all! L Ron was a Cabron indeed. There is no doubt about the Narconon hidden agenda… What is the only thing we can say about Scientology? It is a SCAM!
    I just don’t understand why former members still practice Scientology! Come on people! Wake up! Scientology is a drug, and thus to be dropped once and for all. Scientology is not and never was a religion. Whoever abandons the so-called “Church” but still practices and advocates its teachings is contributing to the victimization of new addicts.

  2. Two very crucial pieces of evidence have sprung up that you might want to add to this post, from the WWP thread titled:
    LRH dox: Scientology Guardians Office was in charge of Narconon worldwide
    29 August 1972
    The incomparable Guardians Office has been running the
    Narconon (Drugs-no!) Program over the world.

    Wilshire Press, April 30, 1970:
    “Based solely on the philosophy and tenets of Scientology, the applied religious philosophy, this program has achieved new and dramatic breakthroughs in the field of drug rehabilitation.” – Max Prudente, Scientology spokesman.

  3. It’s not enough to have a scam that rips off the public for everything they have. They have to rip off drug addicts and their families too.
    Why did NBC interview the one crank with credentials who believes the nonsense to be true?
    How does killing people with a quack therapy equal a PR flap?

  4. Staff members of Narconon (and the Church) commit lots of criminal acts with impunity because they are too stupid (or too brainwashed) to really understand that their actions are criminal. Scientologists are not evil, but they are stupid and brainwashed.
    How do you thinl Lisa McPhearson died? Her friends killed her. They didn’t know they were killing her. How do you think all the deaths at Narcanon occured? Staff was too brainwashed to know they were killing the students entrusted to their care. Staff is too brainwashed to know that a medical detox center requires medical supervision.
    Scientology “Ethics” has brainwashed these people until they are “Operating Retards”

  5. Scientology has created a new state of beingness. It is distinctly different from “Clear” and “Operating Thetan” It is “Operating Retard” and it is key to profitable church business and sucessful church projects.

  6. Was sent to Colorado Narconon because my family was looking for a way to help me stop drinking. They were unaware it was associated with scientology. I told them it was but of course no one would listen. After 11 days of them trying to brainwash me into scientology, I escaped out of my window. I walked into Fort Collins before they found me. I was taken back to the center and my husband was called and told to send me an airline ticket to come home because they didn’t want to be responsible for me. I ended up back in Florida the same day. There is ABSOLUTELY NO drug counseling offered. There is NO medical staff. The sauna is TORTURE and I’m sure the HIGH doses of niacin aren’t beneficial. The staff all seemed to be having sex with one another. The whole venture is just a scheme for them to make ridiculous amounts of money because of some unknown reason it is called a religion and so is tax free. IT IS NOT A RELIGION! The whole thing should be dismantled by the government and charged back taxes. After a lot of work I was finally able to get my time refunded. The government needs to do away with this fraud.

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