Beyond Belief – Jenna Miscavige Hill's New Book

Beyond BeliefThere have been some incredible books released on Scientology in the last few years but this one looks like it has the most potential to reveal new insights into the current leadership of the organization while stirring up massive media interest.  The niece of David Miscavige, Jenna Miscavige Hill, will be sharing her experiences inside Scientology and the Sea Org and drawing great attention to the practice of Disconnection.  The Daily Mail has some details:

Jenna Miscavige Hill, 28, daughter of David’s older brother Ron, has been a frequent critic of the Church of Scientology since publicly breaking with it in 2005.
In ‘Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape’, she will reveal ‘strange and disturbing’ details about growing up in the church and will provide a firsthand account of Scientology’s ‘upper ranks’, its publishers William Morrow say.
In 2000, when she was 16 years old, Ms Miscavige’s parents left Scientology, disillusioned with its practices.
In the five years that followed, she has claimed that – because of the church’s policy of ‘disconnection’ with relatives and friends who do not support the cult – all letters between them were intercepted and she was not allowed to answer the telephone for over a year.
‘If you flunked your uniform inspection, sometimes if you were late . . . you would be dumped with a five-gallon bucket of ice water,’ she told investigative journalist Philip Recchia in 2008.
‘We were also required to write down all transgressions . . . similar to a sin in the Catholic religion.
‘After writing them all down, we would receive a meter check on the Electropsychometer to make sure we weren’t hiding anything, and you would have to keep writing until you came up clean. This is from the age of 5 until I was 12.’

Read the full Daily Mail article here, and visit the site Jenna put together with Astra Woodcraft and Kendra Wiseman for Ex-Scientology Kids.

4 Replies to “Beyond Belief – Jenna Miscavige Hill's New Book”

  1. Too many nails.
    Not enough action.
    After all of these books have been written, after all of the first-hand and second-hand revelations of extreme child abuse, false imprisonment, suspicious deaths and gross abuse of human rights, WHY DOES OUR GOVERNMENT LOOK AWAY?
    If these sons of bitches were a foreign power, instead of a “church”, everybody from Amnesty International to the UN would be HAMMERING them.
    I’d trade a bushel barrel of nails for one hard-shelled federal prosecutor who wouldn’t cave-in to pressure, and would drive one fatal railroad spike through the rotten heart of this so-called “church”.
    Hey, Scam, glad to see that you’re still in there pitching. I’ve been away for too long. Now, I’m back, for what little it may be worth.

  2. I’ll tell you what. Let’s stop attacking the unattackable (these guys never give up) and stop trying to wake people up to their evils.
    Instead, it’s time to go after tax-exempt status in court, and if that means state by state I’m more than willing to help in my state.

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