Progress Continues on Knowledge Report

Jason Beghe
I took a break from editing in the past couple weeks to head up to L.A. and do a couple more interviews for my new documentary, Knowledge Report.  Tory Christman has been my friend since she left Scientology.  She sat down with me to talk about her experiences both inside the organization and what actions they have taken against her since she publicly departed.
And Jason Beghe made a big splash on the net four years ago when we sat down to do his first interview about Scientology.  We felt it was about time to update his story both for the film and for another revealing long form interview for the net.  Here’s a teaser of what’s in store:
By the way, the latest fundraising campaign for my film ends in a little more than a day.  If you’d like to contribute or just spread the word, click here.

9 Replies to “Progress Continues on Knowledge Report”

  1. So fantastic to see Jason starring in Atlas Shrugged. I can’t even tell you how psyched I am to see a Scientology critic starring in a good conservative right wing film. As a proud right winger and Scientology hater nothing could make me happier.
    Read Ayn Rand!
    P.S. Hey Bunker, despite being a staunch Capitalist Ayn Rand was an atheist too

  2. Jason,I am glad for you that your showing little david boy what happens when one moves away from being misguided with hub’s
    tech.I hope and pray many more will come to the crossroads that you had.I watched the first Atlas Shrugged and I will not miss the new one. Wow someone wrote the book from the 1950’s and what a insight they had. keep on keeping on Jason

  3. To Xenu rules:
    You need to read more and certainly more throughoughly than you did last time as i lost 8 souls to christ because of your lacksidaisical efforts to save my soul

  4. Wise bearded man – totally agree on the Ayn Rand repulsive mindset comment but had to throw in that I also think she was an outrageously bad author. A little like Hubbard in that regard….

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