Mark Bunker on Radio Paul's Radio Rants

I appeared on the Radio Paul show yesterday.  Here’s the show in case you missed it.  We talked about my background (which I’m not so sure people really care about), the covert ops Scientology’s Guardians Office ran in the 1970’s, the game changing moments that have reshaped the fight against corporate Scientology’s fraud and abuse, and some of the recent scandals rocking David Miscavige’s non-Wog world.  Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Well done Mark. I thought the interviewer did a great job of staying out of the way and letting you explain Scientology is some depth.
    I recently read in Christopher Hitchen’s last book before he died a quote that goes something like “If you haven’t improved the lives of others you should be ashamed to die.” Hitch certainly did make life better for others, and I hope that you have a long healthy life content in the knowledge that you have gone above and beyond. Thank you.

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