Scientology PR on Glenn Beck Show in 2000

Pat Harney and Al Buttnor
I was digging through my archives and I found a portion of a Glenn Beck radio show from March 2000.  Beck was merely a local boy in Tampa, Florida and not yet the major loon who would be propelled to fame and fortune by FOX News.  Instead he invited on some loons from Scientology’s public relations arm, Al Buttnor and Pat Harney.  Harney was then known as Pat Jones and we would often run into her around Clearwater during the LMT years.  Buttnor had been brought down from Toronto to help out with the dual PR disasters of the Lisa McPherson case and the opening of the Lisa McPherson Trust.  Here’s an fine example of the PR work he did for Scientology at the time.  Buttnor reaches out to the husband of a critic of the Church of Scientology:

Pastor WIlliam Palmer
Hamilton Transfiguration
Evangelical Lutheran Church
232 Fennel Ave.E
L9A 1S7
Dear Pastor Palmer:
I am very sorry to have to write to you. It is a very
difficult matter to broach because perhaps you are not even
aware of the situation.
I am sorry to tell you that your wife has become involved
in a hate campaign against our religion in Toronto both by
her regular postings to the internet on a newsgroup and by
her recent participation in pickets at our Church. We are not
sure why she is doing this.
We have discussed this matter with several of our Lutheran Friends
and they suggested that we write to you in an effort to open a
door communication and hopefully reconciliation. It was even
suggested to us that a mediator from Conrad Grebel College may be
of benefit to resolve the situation if necessary and we agree that
this may be helpful.
Communication can resolve all things. I hope this is a matter we
will be able to discuss.
Please feel free to write me at your earliest convenience.
Yours Sincerely,
Rev. Al Buttnor

You can see why Buttnor’s delicate touch was felt needed in the town where Miscavige’s biggest headaches were ongoing.  He returned to Canada later in the year when his son was tragically murdered.   You can see a nifty pic of Buttnor on although it can’t compete with this candid shot of Buttnor taken by Bob Minton as Buttnor was hiding in a Tampa airport toilet stall while reporting back on Ursula Caberta’s near arrival from Germany.
Enough of the pre-show.  Here’s the recording of Glenn Beck’s chat with them, featuring callers from the Clearwater area.
Buttnor and Harney on Glenn Beck
Incidentally, if you’d like to listen to a show that featured both Pat and myself, click here.  It was a fun show from Texas in 2008 and a rare circumstance where I was able to interact with a Scientologist on air.

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  1. I haven’t thought about Buttnor in years. I remember him as an ineffective counter to the protests at the Toronto cult office, perhaps 15 years ago. It is interesting that his letter refers to Scientology as a religion. This is not so in Canada. It is a parareligion, just like Satanism.

  2. Well… “Butt”nor does sound quite “concerned” about his Lutheran friend’s wife…. How thoughtful… How nice to have “Lutheran” friends… nothing quite like CULTure to bring friends together… 🙂

  3. I do believe Buttnor has flipped his lid , so to speak. If Hubbard told Al the sky was orange, Al would be telling us all that the sky is not BLUE it is in fact ORANGE and “when everyone is clear and on the OT levels the sky will be ORANGE for everyone !!”
    poor, poor ignoramus !!!!!!

  4. My window is clear. By looking through my window, I can see out on a much larger world than exists within the mere confines of my apartment. I used the no-streaks window cleaner tech. L. Ron be praised!

  5. Mark-
    I have to say that I find the identification of Glenn Beck as a loon to be very troubling. You have established this site because you were demonized by Scientology and you are not called a loon. We live in a country where not only do we have the right of freedom of expression, but we NEED freedom of expression. How would you have felt if everyone had taken the side of Scientology and not allowed you to express yourself? Their attempts were far more serious than an epithet or two. If you are going to avail yourself of this liberty, please be kind enough to realize that others may have different opinions and yet can still see injustice and persecution. Don’t lower yourself to that level.

  6. Oh My Goodness!?!?!?
    What’s going on!?!?!?
    Is anybody here???
    The site looks abandoned. What happened?
    Is there a new site?
    I took time off to clear my head and my center. Now what?
    Marcehole, Gerryphilly53, KOA, Scam, my Brothers, ALL Y’ALL? WHERE ARE YOU?
    There’s NOTHING in this wasteland since October 2012!
    JESUS! DID YOU WIN? Did Nibiru hit and destroy you?
    Where ARE

  7. Where ARE you all?
    Earth (I think) to WBM:
    SHIT! I can’t even get SQUELCH!

  8. Against my better reason I kinda like Glenn Beck, sad to hear him cower when they make comparisons between Scientology and Mormonism…would love to hear this interview today to see if anything has changed.

  9. Sad news:
    Ursula Caberta has resigned her duty as sect expert in Germany, due to a lack of funding and support in the govenment. Currently she is writing her “final” book about scientology, which is to be published later this year
    Bad translation:

  10. Hi, Xenudist,
    I hope you get this. I’ve been trying to reach Mark by email. No response. That Has NEVER happened before!
    No response from Tory, either!
    Caliwog’s blog is “abandoned” also (last entry was in October of 2012, just like here.)
    Are they all working on Mark’s new movie, or is something really sinister going on?
    I’ll keep an eye on this page for any response from you or the others!
    If you would, please respond to this. This page will be our rallying point.
    Keep the faith, Bro/Sis!

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