Going Clear

Going Clear - Lawrence Wright
Lawrence Wright has been on a book tour promoting his new expose of Scientology, Going Clear.  I had a chance to see him interviewed by Kim Masters at a book event in L.A. last week.  It was a great night.  Lawrence had a very receptive audience who were amazed to hear stories about the Sea Org, disconnection, Free Loader debts and the blind eye given to Scientology’s abuses by their Hollywood spokespeople.  One of his strongest moments was when he said Cruise and Travolta had a moral responsibility to reform Scientology.
Recordings weren’t allowed at the event  but when the book first came out Kim had interviewed Lawrence for public radio.  The full unedited radio interview can be heard here.  Of course Tony Ortega had the most extensive coverage at The Underground Bunker.
After the book event Tory and I had a chance to speak with both Lawrence and Kim Masters.  Tory has been a key source for both of these journalists and was asked to stand up and be acknowledged during the presentation.  I just basked in her glory.
Tory Christman at Lawrence Wright Book Event
Lawrence Wright Book Event

7 Replies to “Going Clear”

  1. It is pretty cool to see Mark and Tory still in the picture. I also agree about Cruise and Travolta moral responsibility to reform the cult! Thanks to those Co$ poster boys, huge numbers of unwitting victims have been snared!

  2. Going Clear in is now touching people from all walks of life. Tory is looking good. Mark your older and wiser. After all these years I see the Truth behind the walls of lies of hubby bubby scientology.

  3. DM is not a Scientologist! He is a bodybuilding steroid junkie. That is why he experiences rage and beats people. DM does not display the phenomina of Clear or OT. DM displays roid rage. Your tax deductable donations are paying for DM’s (expensive) steroid habit.

  4. Marty has been highly critical of this book because LRH was not spared in documenting the history of the cult. Why on Earth after being out for several years can’t Rathbun and Rinder finally wake up and see who Hubbard really was? He is even more evil than DM.

  5. I am so proud of all of these brave people for writing books, speaking out and just going out there and protesting against this insidious Cult! Keep up the good work, if there ever was an anti-christ it was $cientology !

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