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Tony Ortega
There is no better source for news about Scientology than Tony Ortega’s blog, The Underground Bunker.  When Tony Ortega recently announced he was leaving his position as Editor of the Village Voice to write a book about Scientology, it was at once exciting and sad because no one in the media understands Scientology as well as Tony.  His book will likely become the go-to resource for anyone interested in finding out about Scientology but leaving the Voice meant his almost daily breaking of stories big and small about the group might come to an end.  Happily he has opened up shop at a new blog and the torrent of information continues to spill out.
Already he’s given his take on The Master, reported on a celebrity Scientologist’s bizarre murder/suicide and continued his long running series of Sunday Funnies.  And he’s crept out of his bunker long enough to visit Marty Rathbun in Texas and meet with some Scientology PI’s who are spilling the beans on their 25 year long investigation of the man Hubbard wanted to take over the Church of Scientology.
David Miscavige likely doesn’t know who to slap first.  There are so many fires to put out and so few who are still willing to call themselves Loyal Officers.
Welcome back, Tony, from one Bunker to another.

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    1. Because every time I block one of their urls, they just use another. Yesterday I blocked drugrehab dot org and today they used drug-rehab dot org. The nice thing is that Scientology is helping support XENU TV with their ads, and I never have had a problem having people look at both sides.

  1. Love the courage you and all the gang have shown over the years. It’s a fitting memorial in a sense to Bob Minton, the gutsy one, whom scientology saw fit to bury (literally) with their “investigations”.
    Don’t agree with the political stuff (ads) but I understand the business model.

  2. With the current Leah Remini hubbub we should all take her lead and ask WHERE IS SHELLY? ,in every comment,or speak your mind interactive . Mainstream media,op=ed,or anywhere it can be seen. We want to know WHERE IS SHELLY? Does she sleep with Lisa McPherson? Is her emaciated corpse hiding a 45 slug as per Ron’s directive 45? Now is the time …………………… WHERE IS SHELLY ???

  3. Hey, Mark:
    I think what you do is terrific! Just FYI, the link on your YouTube page to indiegogo is broken. I’ll be contributing as soon as I get a job!

  4. i think i am a victom of electronic harassment but is it by scientology or nsa or both? i have traned myself to identify there stupid game but that has cause them to be on me like stink on elron.they want to know how i do it and i think it is so they can do it to outhers.they might call it evading but i call it kicking there ass. NEO.

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