Surviving Scientology

Karen de la Carriere has just launched a new YouTube channel called Surviving Scientology. ¬†She is going to be making short videos covering various aspects of her 35 year journey within the “Church” of Scientology. She promises to cover breaking news and explain things outsiders may not understand.

What is an “O/W write up?” Why do you have to write up your transgressions and crimes before being permitted to go by toothpaste ?
What is a Sec check ?
Why do people leave the “Church” after 20-30 years within ?
What is an OSA threat assessment of your time track ?
(I worked at OSA INT for 5 1/2 years of my time in the Sea Org.)
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10 Replies to “Surviving Scientology”

  1. 35 years in prison for a crime you did not commit! Finally you are free from it… and can be part of the “ex-convicts” who expose this cult for what it is. Bravo Karen !

  2. This is difficult to do. I try to be polite but sometimes it is difficult to get answers while being nice about it. I have great respect for many of the things Karen is doing but there are things I have to wonder about. It seems she continues to find merit in L.Ron Hubbard’s teachings and has her primary disagreement with corporate Scientology. I wonder how she can feel this way given that there are no clears as defined in DMSMH and no OT’s as they were explained to me when I was a member. In fact, to me what Hubbard did seems like a complete scam. I have trouble looking to her for wisdom or leadership if she feels otherwise.
    Also, she was married to the president of the Cult of Scientology, who, pre-RPF was viewed by me, and many people like me, as a foolish and stupid man who defended Scientology with bluster and retorical trickery rather than dealing with genuine issues. The situation in Spain, where he jumped bail if I am not mistaken, was only resolved by witnesses disappearing over a long and protracted court case. Am I wrong? If I am wrong am I wrong my much? Where does Karen stand on that matter?
    I think these difficult issues are very important.

  3. People who have been helped by scientology do not usually forget it.
    A lot of people have been harmed by the Church of Scientology.
    What part of “the Church of ” don’t you understand?

  4. Scientology is really an educational process. They chose to call it a religion for tax and legal defense reasons. The problems of the church of scientology are really the problems of a greedy sociopath named david miscavage. these include criminality and genocide.
    the purpose of scientology ethics is to remove counter-intentions, and then remove other intentions. in the malignant mind of david miscavage, this includes children, because children are expensive, and david wants all scientology money to go into accounts that he controls.
    the meat puppets who call themselves the sea org have been effectively castrated by policy. they are no longer men and women, they are its.

  5. I’m back.
    Scientology is no more a church than the Church of Krabbytology.
    L. Ron’s scam to bilk gullible celebrities is almost dead.
    David Miscavige is the head of Moronology.

  6. Mark I just wanted to say thanks for your work in Portland.
    I was wondering as well if you think that one of the new small drones that are available would be useful tool to get your footage and sound?
    Certainly DM does not have control over the airspace above his events?

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