Sylvia Browne Busted on 911 Death

Here is Sylvia Browne with Montel Williams proving how little actual psychic ability she has.   You have to be pretty cold-hearted and immoral to feed off people’s misery the way she does.

Sylvia Browne, Wrong on Murder

People always ask me if L. Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige really believe in Scientology’s vaunted technology.  I believe they were (and are) in it for the money, even if they do believe some of their own self-generated nonsense.
But they are not alone.  Lots of people make a very healthy living scamming people who are in pain, confused or in need of direction.  People like Sylvia Browne who could care less that their little dog and pony show is adding more distress to a family like the McClelland’s.
Two distraught daughters came to the Montel Williams show to ask the whereabouts of their missing mother.  Sylvia makes up a story about the woman being taken away by some fellow with the initials MJ and tells them their mother is still alive.  In reality, the woman had been murdered by the husband of one of the two daughters and the shocking details would come out after this show was taped.