Independent Scientologist Declares Miscavige Suppressive

Helmut Flasch calls for David Miscavige to resign as the head of Scientology for the crimes he has committed, including increasing unnecessary ethics handlings, taking donations to create illegal projects, perverting L Ron Hubbard’s technology, etc.   He asks current Scientologists to stop supporting Slappy so Scientology can thrive. Continue reading “Independent Scientologist Declares Miscavige Suppressive”

Billy Sheehan Interview

VIDEOTAPED: Sunday February 10, 2008

I met celebrity Scientologist Billy Sheehan at the Anonymous picket in Los Angeles. I had no idea that he was a celebrity. I just thought he was a guy named Billy, which of course is still true. When people on the web started to mention Mr. Big and bass guitar status, I looked him up and found his website.
I’m sorry to say if I stumbled into an old geezer named Mick with the same sign, I would have had to have been told Jagger was the last name.
I brought up XENU and BT’s just to prove a point that his sign said he was happy and willing to discuss ANYTHING about his religion yet — he can’t. Scientology has secrets it doesn’t want divulged and members fall in lockstep following the groups order. I made that point and I believe Billy understood it.
The interview was actually cut short as I raced to shoot some footage of Anonymous in a mass chant, then shortly after had to leave the event because of my health. I would have gone into things like disconnection and RPF and others abuses had I been able to return and finish. Billy was nice enough to step into the Subway were I was resting in the air conditioning to shake my hand and say goodbye.
Some viewers felt we were badgering Billy but I cannot tell others to butt out at an event. All I could do was try to set an example of keeping the discussion calm and friendly. Billy seemed to be holding up okay and has sent his thanks for putting the interview up unedited.
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Here’s some of the things we talked about:
OT3 , Vistaril in Hubbard at Death, Tragic Death of Elli Perkins, The Trial of Jesse Prince, Scientology Justice System, Fair Game, Bob Minton Harassment Timeline, Operation Snow White, Stipulation of Evidence, Gays in Scientology, Operation Freakout, Altering the Tech, Lisa McPherson, Documents of a Lifetime