Greg and Debra Barnes

Altering the Tech is a high crime in Scientology, punishable by expulsion (or as it’s known in Scientology, being declared a Suppressive Person.) So why are current members of Scientology allowing David Miscavige to make huge alterations to Hubbard’s writings once again? They should stand up and demand his removal.
Of course, people in the past who pointed out these alterations were themselves declared SP for daring to speak out. Here’s Greg and Debra Barnes to talk about what they went through in the 90’s.

Anatomy of a Declare

Greg and Debra Barnes discovered that someone was re-writing Hubbard bulletins and they they were excommunicated for making that discovery.
While they were doing Scientology’s confidential upper OT level VII the Barnes were shown a technical bulletin (C/S series 73RB) that Scientology’s new management claimed was written by Hubbard. The bulletin stated that the security checks (also called “refreshers”) they and all persons auditing on OTVII were being forced to undergo each six months contradicted what Hubbard himself had directed about such processes. They also realized that C/S series 73RA was 12 pages long whereas the bulletin they were reading was only 5 pages long.
So, why is that important and what are all the numbers? C/S Series 73RA means that this was Hubbard’s 73rd bulletin on Case Supervision of auditing processes; the “R” stands for “revised” – in other words, Hubbard may have changed some things in the bulletin after initially releasing it. The next letter shows how many times it was revised so in this case “A” indicates it was revised once; “73RB” means that the same bulletin was revised twice. That is important because the Barnes discovered that seven pages of Hubbard’s instructions had been removed from the bulletin by Scientology’s current management after Hubbard died in 1986. In Scientology, altering Hubbard’s writings is a criminal offense, so the Barnes took it upon themselves to bring these alterations to the organization’s attention.
The internal documents and reports listed on the Meet Greg and Debra Barnes page may be a little difficult for the “unitiated” to read but nonetheless, they offer a fascinating glimpse into how the organization conducts its internal affairs and the format in which Scientologists are instructed to resolve disputes and grievances, namely by writing reports.

Greg and Debra Barnes Knowledge Reports

These internal Knowledge Reports were exchanged in the organization in 1999 in accordance with Scientology’s Ethics procedures while the Barnes’ fought to clear their names and to get Hubbard’s technology applied correctly during the upper OT levels.

“Things That Should Not Be” Report

May 10, 1999
At the time Greg wrote this report, he didn’t understand that he was intentionally being “reverse audited” at Flag Service Organization.

On Friday I go into session with Therese Blum she flys my ruds. Asks do you have ARC X? Then looks up and asks do you have an ARC X? I answer and she says s/g that I could not understand. She then asks do you have a PTP? She then asks do you have a consideration and I said yes aren’t you going to complete the ARC X and she says ” it didn’t read”. This stuck my attenion and then she does not reask PTP and goes right to W/H and after she asks the? she looks up and says has a w/h been missed. We spent at least 45 minutes and I could not find anything for the longest time and we finally got how I was covert in a comm cycle.
Then next thing she said was that we are going to start the sec check. The ? was has RTC missed a W/H on you? I could not find a/g on this. She then started asking me about any out ethics in general and I told her that I had yelled at my son and my wife and had been invalidative. None of these are of recent nature. She then started asking for more out-ethics and she volunteered areas porn on the internet, entheta on the internet about Scientology, had I slept with Virgina McClaughry and she went on.
I asked her aren’t you going to take up any of those that I gave you and she said no I am just checking for an overview of out-ethics. She then took up my yelling at my son and after I told her about it she did not ask when or is that all or anything else. I asked her if she was going to finish the overt and she did. I was told by her that we were going to do this FPRD style and she hatted me on this but we did not handle this OW FPRD style we FN’ed it and then ended off.
After the session I decided to request another auditor because of the ARCX confusion and her not being an American maybe there was a language problem.
I called on Saturday and requested from Valerie a change of auditor and requested Debbie Titus who had been auditing my wife and had had great wins with. I was told that by Valerie that Debbie Titus was a review auditor and could not do Sec Checks. This made no sense since she was doing my wife’s eligibility, I also requested a change of C/S. I told Valerie that I had only 5 hours of sleep and was not sessionable she said come in anyways.
I arrived and Valerie the senior D of P denied my request for another auditor or C/S and told me that I was going to continue with this auditor and C/S. I told Valerie about the ARCX confusion in session and about her accent and she just acked me.
After Valerie had denied my request the auditor opens the door to the HGC and says to me ” problem with my accent?” She was sarcastic about it.
We went into her auditing room and I told her that I was not sessionable and she put the cans in my hands and told me that she was going to do a FPRD correction list. I told her no we weren’t because I was not sessionable and that was squirrel and I put down the cans. She tried to get me to pick up the cans and I refused. After some 10-15 minutes of my refusing to pick up the cans she said let’go.
I was then escorted back to the MAA office and then back up to the HGC. Causuma came up and said that my auditor was going to do an ethics interview.
I went back into the auditors room and she began asking me “what overt has been restimulated” this was run repetitively on me with no OW’s that I gave being taken up per standard handling of OW’s. I started to get enturbulated and asked if there was another question and she said no just answer this one. After some 20-30 minutes of having this question run on me repetitively with no FN’s indicated or OW’s per the standard handling I refused to continue and put the cans down.
She then got up and opened her door and Causuma and April came in and escorted me to the RTC rep(Italian girl) and told her that I was being uncooperative. I told the RTC rep that the auditor tried to do a FPRD correction list on me and I was not sessionable. April then told the RTC rep that I had shown ED Gonsolin C/S Series 73RB and that he was off the level. I told April she was lying. April then told the RTC rep that 10 people had seen the reference and this was also a lie. More discussion was had and Causuma told me that she wanted do an ethics interview and I agreed.
We went back to the HGC routed back into the auditing room and I told Causma to tell the auditor what we were going to do and she did. I sat down this time even more tired and the auditor began with “what overt has been restimulated”?? I told her we were suppose to do an ethics interview and she said this is it. This repetitive process of “what overt has been restimulated” went on for about 25 minutes and then I said no more. I told her that I was tired and getting hungry and she said “I just want to get this question answered”.! I continued for awhile longer and then said no more.
I stood up and the auditor stood up and tried to get me to sit back down and I told her that I just wanted to go see Causuma. She would not accept this and she blocked the door. I told her we were not going to continue this because I was tired and getting hungry and I wanted to go home and get some sleep. I told her we were not going to continue and that was that. I started to get pissed and she said “I know you want to hit me so go ahead” I told her that I wasn’t going to hit her I just had had enough. Cuasuma and April then came in and started to somewhat yell at me and showed me HCOB 6 March 1982R Confessional Tech Policies and told me that if I did not answer the question that she would put a non-enturbulation order on me. I told her go ahead I don’t care because this was going no where and I was tired and hungry.
I agreed to go at it somemore so the auditor came back in and we proceeded on the repetitive question”what overt has been restimulated”. This went on for another 10-15 minutes and finally I said no more. I was giving OW’s with the questions but none of them were taken down per how to handle OW’s and no FN ever indicated. After she got that no matter what she did I wasn’t going to continue Causuma and April came in like the door was never locked. They both said that this question is reading and you are going to answer it. I told them that I had been answering it and one of them said you are going to answer it somemore. April then sits down in the auditors chair and says I am going to ask you s/g pick up the cans. I told Causuma to stay and she did. April asked me “what overt has been restimulated?” I put the cans down and said no more.
The auditor then came back into the room and all three of them were blocking the door. I told them that this was too weird and that this wasn’t Scientology and I did not sign up for this insanity. I tried to get to the door and they were gently pushing me back and I said enough. I was threatened with non-enturbulation order and again I said I don’t care, I refuse to cooperate any further that this whole situation was over and that they could do anything that they wanted.
The auditor then came back inside and Causuma and April then left and she asked me if I could come back in tommorrow. I told her no and to have Cathy call me on Monday.
Cathy calls me on Monday and I tell her that I am not coming in. I get transferred to Causuma and I tell her that I am mailing her a letter and it will explain everything.
She trys to get me to come in to speak with her but I refuse and we both hang up. She calls back and leaves a message that if I am not there in :30 minutes she will put a non-enturbulation order on me for blowing a sec check. Causma calls me back and we talk and I tell her that I am not coming in and I won’t let Debra have done to her want was done to me because it was squirrel and she knew it.
Causuma tells me to come pick up my Non-Enturbulation order and I told her just mail it to me and we ended the comm.
This is what occurred and I wouldn’t have believed it if it didn’t happen to me personally. I want you to know that I did everything to cooperate for as long as I could and I should have stopped the entire madness a lot sooner than I finally did. It is obvious to me that there is an SP on the lines for something this gross to have occurred. I do hope that you can see that there was everything done to try and spin me in and make it look like I deserve a NON-Enturb order based on False Reports and a squirelly sec check or ethics interview.

Letter to Scientology’s International Justice Chief (IJC)

May 10, 1999

Last night (5/9) my wife and I went to our first hearing of our comm eve. We had requested K/R’s on Saturday and were denied copies of these by April the public MAA and the Heather Petzold the Senior Dir of I &R. I told the Dir of I & R that we needed a copy of the K/R’s per HCOPL so that we could respond to the charges she said you will see them at your Comm Eve. We were called by April later that night(Sat) and left a message that my wife and I could come in on Sunday evening to see the K/R’s @ 7:00PM approximately 30- minutes before the committee met. April also left on the same message that we were both under a non-enturbulatin order.
My wife and I went in and there were some K/R’s by April. I had 5 K/R’s plus a non-enturbulation order that I was not given a copy of and told that she only had one copy. I asked for copies of the K/R’s and was told by April that she would make copies and give them to me later. I never got copies. April asked me if Debra knew she was under a non-enturbulation order and I told her how were we suppose to know we never received a copy of any notice of such an action. Neither my wife or I have ever received a NON-Enturbulation order and a lot of ethics gradients have been skipped here, this is very ethics.
The hearing was short and I was asked by Art Webb how I pleaded to several charges just charges no specifics of why I was being charged with anything. I plead innocent to everything except causing a problem and I pleady guilty. I asked if I could tape the proceedings and was told that there is no policy stating you can. The committee had a tape recorder but I do not know if it was on or not. Since we were being denied a bill of particulars and K/R’s I wanted to have a record of what went on. I was not asked any questions by the committe regarding any of the evidence. I provide each committe member with the attached data.
After I gave my pleadings to the more than 8-10 crimes and I think there were some high crimes I was dismissed. This occurred around 8:00PM I am not sure of the exact time.
I went out and sat down in reception and was not seen again by the committee. I requested to see my Non-Enturbulation Order, from one of the members, she was a black girl, who kept on coming out of the meeting room. She told me to get it from April and I told her that April had given her only copy to the Comm Eve committee. The girl went in and was coming out with the Non-Enturbulation order when another member stopped her and the black girl said you will have to get a copy from April.
My wife went into the meeting and after she was done I told the black girl that we would be responding to the K/R’s that the committee was given on us. She told me that I could send the responses per policy to ethics and that they were not interested in receiving our responses and that it did not matter. The girl was polite but was very clear in that the committee did not want our responses. How can a committee of evidence evaluate correctly the innocence or guilt of someone if they do not have all the data. This is our concern that this fact finding body does not have all the facts and I do not know if we have seen all of the reports either.
I was shown 5 K/R’s and not given any copies otherwise I would have attached them for you to see.
Here is a rundown of what I saw:

K/R by Peaches Pook a public and friend of mine: She wrote that I told her that we tell all new people coming on board that we do not allow K/R’s to be written in our company.

Response: I did say that and we also tell people that if you have something to say you tell the person whom you have something to say to. Get in comm don’t just write a K/R apply ethics gradients.

K/R-Jessica (Public MAA Receptionist): This K/R stated that my wife was yelling at April concerning where are our K/R’s.

Response: Her voice was raised by not yelling and we were upset that we were being denied copies of K/R’s which violates HCOPL K/R’s as well as denied a copy of the bill of particulars. We were justifiably upset that here was a document that accused us of some very serious acts as well as acts that were totally false and the Heather the Dir of I & R was extremely short with me regarding my wanting to have a copy. She stated “that you have been furnished a copy and you read it and that is all we have to do and we do not want you to have a copy”.

K/R-Causma(Public MAA): Stated that I refused to come in and see her and told her to mail me my non-enturbulation order that she said that she was going to put on me for not coming in to see her. It stated other points as well but that were the main points that I recall.

Response: True I did tell her that I would not come in and that I would not let happen to Debra what had occurred to me in that non-standard “ethics interview” where I was asked repetitively”what overt has been restimulated” and I was not sessionable and told several terminals this as I stated in my earlier comm to you.

K/R-Theresa Blum(my auditor): One report said that I was evil and 1.1 and I refused to continue letting her audit me. Regarding the evil and 1.1 points of her K/R there were no specific acts that I recall that she gave and per HCOPL opinions are not part of K/R’s. There was more to the report but again I was not given a copy. Theresa also wrote at the top of the report the auditing command she was using “overt in restimulation” I am pretty sure that is what she wrote. The command she used and April used was what overt has been restimulated. I told April that that was the command and that that was a listing question and did she remember that and she just schrugged her shoulders.

Response: This could have been the session first thing Saturday afternoon where she wanted to do a FPRD correction list on me after I told her that I had had only 5 hours of sleep and even after I told her that she wanted to do the correction list and I put the cans down. This was also in another one of my reports that I sent to IJC as well as provided to the committee of evidence.

K/R-Theresa Blum (Do not have data on it ) Again I have no copy as of yet.

K/R-Ruth Valko written by April from an interview: Stated that I told her to read C/S Series 73RB and highlighted exception section and part B of page 4. Ruth told me to write up a Things that shouldn’t be report.

Response: This report was correct but I would like to make it clear that I did not get a copy and neither do I recall if there were other points on the K/R that I would respond to. What is the out-ethics on telling someone to read an HCOB?

K/R-Ed Gonsolin-written by his auditor and I was shown only the top paragraph where it stated that I had meetings at my house. It stated the Virginia and Ed and Debra and myself were the only attendees. The report stated that we met at Virginia’s house. Virginia lives in Idaho, Ed in LA and we live in Clearwater. I told April the above regarding our different states of residence and she stated that maybe it was here in Clearwater. I recall no time when Virginia and ED were together here at Flag and that is not to say that it did not happen but I do not recall a time of specific where we would have a meeting.

At the current moment my wife and I are very concerned that we will be declared suppressive persons. Many LRH references have been violated regarding the proceedings that have transpired so far and they are:

1) Denied a copy of the bill of particulars of the comm eve.

2) Not provided with copies of K/R’s written us and the comm eve committee not interested in our response.

3) False Reports being written on me and my wife as in the bill of particulars stating alarming crimes and high crimes which are not true and this bill of particulars being put in reception of the MAA’s office and we are denied a copy by the Senior Dir of I & R.

4) This entire situation is extremely enturbulating and suppressive to us because of the above stated points and we do not feel that justice is what is being gone after here.

Your immediate help in this matter is needed because we are concerned that we will soon be declared based on false reports.
Greg Barnes

Non-monetary contributions to Scientology

Letter sent May 19, 1999

Greg and Debra Barnes
Clearwater, Florida 33756
May 9th, 1999
Contributions of Greg and Debra Barnes:
Was awarded the #3 top street bookseller in the US in 1980.
Assisted Dissem org in getting the Tony Hichman interview put on cable TV stations in Dallas in 1984. Went and got several stations to put the interview on. Dallas Texas
Assisted the then Mission in Atlanta with regging and recruitment of staff. I regged an estimated 60-70 thousand dollars and got people moving onto auditing and training who were not.
When mission was becoming org we donated $500.00 to furnish the LRH office and our donation made the project happen. 1984-90
During the Portland trial we paid the plane ticket for someone to go and represent us.
1986, started WISE consulting company Atlanta Georgia and put over 70 doctors onto the bridge and some of these doctors staff joined mission staff. Many became Patrons and are still active today. These doctors spent in excess of $1 million with the church not to mention the others that they brought in that we don’t know about. We paid over 250,000 in royalties to WISE over a 4 year period and introduced LRH admin tech to over 300 doctors. Many of our doctors did L’s at Flag and we sent doctors into orgs in Ohio,Minneapolis and Atlanta and LA Day. Will provide names if desired.
Spoke at a public forum in Gwinette County Georgia against having a psych hospital put in. We went twice and Dwight Matheny who ran the CCHR Chapter in Atlanta can attest to this. 1989-90
Did radio talk show Media on Dianetics in 1986-87, estimate that we did 10-15 talk shows that got very good results.
Became Life time members of IAS right after the IAS was formed.
Moved to Dallas in 1990 and became active with OT committee and was on training.
Went to Chalokoe in Oklahoma City to participate in the support for the center when it was under attacked by David Mayo and other squirrels. Their was a mental health board meeting that was discussing Chalokoe and we were there to show support.
After Oklahoma Bombing a new mission was formed and did not have a supervisor. Debra is an interned sup and took two weeks off of work and went up there so that the mission could open and deliver courses. Her going there was vital for the mission to open. This occurred some 2-3 weeks after the Federal Building was bombed.
We housed for some 30-60 days the sup in training that the Oklahoma Mission sent down to Dallas to get trained.
Went on a OSA cycle with Carol South where we acted like wogs to get data for OSA Dallas on a squirrel group being run by Alan Walters this occurred around 91-92.
Assisted the DSA Austin in recruiting an OT to infiltrate another squirrel group in Dallas by Alan Walters. 93-94
Housed on two different occasions the CO Wise WUS Nattassia Briggs when she was in town to get members signed up. 92-93 estimated time
Housed Bob Bledsoe on two different occasions he was a Flag FSM and assisted him with names of individuals who could be Flag public. 93-94 est. time
Housed for almost two weeks a SO recruit tour. 94-95 est. time
Assisted the Flag World Tour everytime they came to Dallas on possible prospects. Assisted in closing an L-11 package on one Kay Proctor by telling her my success on L-11.
Became OT Committee Chairman in 1994-1996 and ran the most successful recovery program and got more students back on lines than any other OT committee in Dallas. Sponsored seminars with speakers like Jim Kalergis. These events were attended by 50-60 people and books and services were sold because of these seminars. These seminars are still taking place today by my replacement Hildegard Jessup as the OT committee chairman.
Our OT committee put on the most successful fund raising auction dinner for Jerry Boswell who runs the CCHR chapter in Austin Texas this occured in 1996. Our program was so successful that Houston and Austin did the same activity and the dinner is still going on every year and raising more money for CCHR Austin. The Dallas auction raised 15 – 18 thousand dollars. With Austin and Houston the total came to a estimated $35,000.
We personally donated over 2000.00 to CCHR Austin in 1996. We have continued donating funds in 1997 and 98. We have donated to the Clearwater CCHR chapter since we have moved here in November 1996.
In 1992 or 1993 a project was told to us at Flag to get an LRH autobiography published and we donated some 6500.00 to this project.
My wife finished paying for our Patron status in 92-93 and we have since continued donating when we can. We have put into the IAS an estimated 50-55 thousand.
Debra went to great extents to get a squirrel named Angie DeMarro, in 1992-93 off the level when Debra found that this terminal was back on 7 and at home auditing with confidential materials. Hy Levy can attest to this.
Since being in Clearwater November of 1996. Was a spokes person for the Church to the press regarding the Lisa McPherson situation.
Carol South, myself and another terminal took off from work and went to 3-4 TV stations to speak to the station manager or news manager on the Lisa McPherson story and to give them our side of the story.
Participated in March around police station.
Have offered my help to Andrea and Danielle several times to handle people with ARCX’s with WISE.
Have received Commandation Chit from President of WISE Int. at the most recent WISE Conference.
Wrote an article to the St. Pete times at the behest of OSA Brian Anderson regarding the proposed housing of the homeless in downtown and my article was published in the editorial section. I had two editorials published regarding our now defunct Mayor Rita Garvey.
Have told several people about my wins on the SNCC and have pushed people who work with us to get onto course. Got one Gregor Wisner who was a wog onto a course at the mission.
Gave a “What is Scientology” book to the guard at my bank First Union and he went into the Tampa org and started the Personal Integrity Course. 1999
Assisted Michelle Sledge in December of 1998 to get Tony Reid to finish his Lifetime or higher membership and I just last week donated $500.00 to help get books out on the effects of drugs on kids after the Colorado shooting.
After finishing the SNCC part 1 in Jan or Feb of 1999 I started the Hubbard Ethics Specialists course some 30 days later and was on it until recently. April 1999
Routed a doctor from our billing service to Valko Personnel Services for Life Repair in 1997-98
Have mendened ARCX’s between Scientologists since being here. One in particular was an upset that was between Delphi and the Comm Line Newspaper. Both Sandy Adair and Sally Heath can attest to this.
Assisted in getting Dr. Bob Neuwirth from Dallas to Flag for his OT levels 1995-96
Have routed other doctors to Ruth Valko for Life Repair in the past two years. One doctor Richard Lutz and Dr. Wilbeck.
Donated a picture from Author Services to the auction to raise money for the community services program that is put on by Scientology. Eve Witter can attest to this. 1998
Have donated computers and other equipment to Delphi on an ongoing basis. 1997-1999
Have been wearing one of the hats for call in for the Concern Business Association meetings

Knowledge Report re: misapplication of standard Scientology policies

June 17, 1999
——C/S International
——ED Int
——LRH Comm Int
——HAS Sandcastle
——Public MAA-Causma
——Public MAA- April Buchanan
——Auditor Terese Blum
Greg Barnes- Flag Public
Knowledge Report
Public MAA- Causma
Public MAA- April Buchanan
Auditor Terese Blum
On May 8th after being denied a change of auditor and C/S I was taken back to Terese Blum’s auditing room. Terese informed me that she was going to do a FPRD correction list and she put the cans in my hands. I told Terese that I had told the D of P Valerie that I had had only 5 hours of sleep and that to do a correction list was squirrel and I refused to let her do the action. This violates HCOB of 19 June 1980 The Auditors Code point 5.
After being routed to ethics because I was not cooperative Terese Blum began what she called the ethics interview with the repetitive command “What overt has been restimulated” . This is a non-standard listing question which violates HCOB 17 March 1974 Two -Way comm, Using Wrong Questions and violates HCOB 19 June 1980 The Auditors Code point 3 – I promise to administer only standard tech to a preclear in the standard way.
During the day after putting the cans down several times after being asked repetitively the “What overt has been restimulated” by Terese Blum and April Buchanan I was restrained from leaving by Terese Blum by her physically blocking the door and trying to physically escort me back into my chair. At one point April Buchanan, Terese Blum and Causuma all three block the door and tried to physically stop me from leaving.
The above mentioned act violates HCOPL of 13 July 1981 Ethics: Freedoms and Barriers where LRH states “Any effort to hold a person against his will deprives him of his power of choice and reduces his self- determinism. Return of self-determinism to the individual is one of the means by which the goal of Scientology is accomplished. Interference with the determinism of any staff member, student or ethics case by use of any form of force is forbidden. The class of offense under which such attempts may fall is covered in the HCO PLs referenced above under the “Crimes” and “High Crimes.”
LRH also states “Furthermore, holding someone against his will, threats of use of force to do injury to another, infliction of injury to another, wrongful or forceful entry upon the property of another and unauthorized confinement or restriction of liberty are violations of both Civil and Criminal codes.”
I was stopped from leaving for some two hours and threatened by Public MAA Causma with a non-enturbulation order if I did not cooperate and continue the squirrel process. Terese Blum at one point said ” I know you want to hit me so go ahead”.
LRH states in HCOPL Ethics: Freedoms and Barriers “No Student, staff member or any public individual on any Scientology org line may be detained against his or her will under any circumstance whatsoever.”
A more detailed account of what occurred on that day and what lead me to request another auditor and C/S is attached.

Knowledge Report about the Public Ethics Officer spreading false information to the Barnes’ friends.

—-C/S International
—-ED International
—-LRH Comm Int
—-HAS Sandcastle
—-Public MAA April Buchanan
Greg Barnes – Flag Public
Knowledge Report
Public MAA – April Buchanan
April Buchana has been calling up Debra and Greg Barnes personal friends and showing them a bill of particulars that has yet to be proven true as well as a K/R written by April Buchanan on Greg and Debra Barnes and Virginia McClaughry. The K/R written by April was partially withdrawn by April in that it contained opinion but it is not withdrawn in the report that she is showing others.
April’s procurring of our friends and the showing of a bill of particulars violates HCOPL 7 December 1969 The Ethics Officer, His Character – “An E/O should never discuss staff members who are merely under investigation or act in a way to 3rd party people. An E/O gets the facts and then acts.”
On or about the middle of May April Buchanan public MAA Sandcastle showed to Larry Geis a friend of ours from Dallas Texas who was here for his six month check our bill of particulars and other K/R’s on us. Larry Geis is not involved with this comm ev or even a witness. Larry then went to David and Bennetta Slaughter and told them to go see this bill of particulars and they in turn told Jeff and Sherly Schaffner and Craig Burton who in turn told one Brenda Spencer to go see the bill of particulars.
April’s actions are covered in HCOPL 25 August 1969 Third Party Investigations. “3RD Party = False Report, Anyone that went into agreement with him carried it forward, usually believing it to be true.” April’s actions also violated HCOPL 16 May 1980 Ethics Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists specifically “engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority or repute of one’s fellows” also “outright or covert acts knowlingly designed to impede or destroy Scientology or Scientologists is what is meant by Acts of Suppressive of Scientology or Scientologists.”
I confronted April Buchanan on the phone as to why she had shown our friends the bill of particulars since she knew that the recommendation and findings were not out yet and she stated “people are calling me and asking to see it”. This statement is false since Larry Geis did not even know of its existence till April Buchanan showed it to him and he told others. April also called on Steve and Pam Hackley and she tried to tell Pam Hackley over the phone and Pam told her she did not want to hear it. Steve Hackley a long time friend of mine who is on OT7 went down to see the bill of particulars and now he won’t let his 9 year old son even go to the movies with my 8 year old.
A person who I have known since 1979 wrote me a comm stating ” I am aware of your situation/cycle with our church. I read the bill of particulars at the Sandcastle MAA office last week. I am not interested in any verbal or written comm from you or Debra until you handle your ethics situation scene with the appropriate terminals at Flag” – This comm came from one Craig Burton.
Two of our closest friends Jeff and Sheryl Schaffner would not even write up what they had been told or shown by April to IJC as I had asked. Jeff told me ” I do not want to get into the middle of a war.”
April’s actions are right out of HCOPL 21 November 1972 PR Series 18 ” How to Handle Black Propaganda rumors and whispering campaigns” “He counts on utterances being picked up or distorted and passed on by the base people in the society.” “This is Black Progaganda. It is intended to reduce a real or imagined enemy, hurt his income and deny him friends and support”.
April’s actions of calling individuals known to us who have nothing to do with this comm ev or any of the points in the bill or particulars also comes right out of HCOPL 9 June 1975 PR Series 27 “The Enemy Line” – “When there is a concerted short or long term campaign going on against someone or something from a single or multiple source, there has been a black PR agreement as to what to say about that someone or something.”
April’s statement to me that “people are just calling her about the bill of particulars” can also be proven false by the report by one Ed Sharp who wrote a Things that shouldn’t Be because the receptionist at the MAA’s office (Jessica Greenwood) told her parents Derek and Rose Greenwood that we had not shown up for the comm ev and that Debra Barnes had refused to go in for a sec check on her 6 month check – both false statements made by Jessica. Ed Sharp was called by April Buchanan and told that he could come down to the MAA’s office to read the bill of particulars. April told Ed it was not for general public issue but mainly for AO public.
Dereck Greenwood is a public and is partners in a software company with one Julie Lee who then calls one of my contractors Tony Reid and tells him that she heard from Dereck Greenwood about our ethics situation and then offered Tony a job. The spreading of rumors is still another example of the Black PR campaign being supported by HCO terminal April Buchanan. I also faxed to the CJC at Flag that this was going on and heard nothing back from them.
April’s actions also violate HCOPL 16 May 1980 Issue II Ethics-Suppressive Acts – Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists” LRH states under Injustice:
“It must be remembered at all times that Justice must include a refusal to accept any report not substantiated by actual, independant data, seeing that all such reports are investigated and that all investigations include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser BEFORE any action is decided upon or taken. This is the primary breakdown of any justice system-that it acts on false reports, dicisplines before substantiation and fails to confront an accused with the report and his accuser before any discipline is assigned, or which does not weigh the value of a person in general against the alleged crime even when proven.”
In Ethics Officer , His Character LRH states “An E/O can be used by an SP (with false reports or stupid orders) to needle and hurt a group. The duty of the E/O is plain. FOLLOW POLICY.”
April’s showing of a bill of particulars which has no IA or specifics or any verifcation of truth is in violation of policy especially HCOPL False Reports. April actions are also violations of the HCOPL 16 May 1980 Ethics – Suppressive Acts -“Outright or covert acts knowlingly designed to impede or destroy Scientology or Scientologists is what is meant by Acts of Suppressive or Scientology or Scientologists”.
April’s showing of the bill of particulars but conveniently leaving out our responses to the charges as well as the fact that she denied us all copies of K/R’s as well as the HCO Dir of I & R denied us a copy of the Bill of Particulars which violates HCOPL Committee of Evidence. As LRH states in HCOPL 3 September 1980 Out of Sequence “Omitted data runs a close second to Out- of – Sequence as the most common outpoint.” As LRH states in HCOPL 19 Sept 1970 Data Series 18 Summary of Out-points “injustice is usually a wrong target out-point.”
LRH states in HCOPL 27 March 1965 “The Justice of Scientology its use and purpose being a Scientologist” “Nobody can be suspended or punished by the convening of a Committee of Evidence. It’s there to find the truth.” April’s actions of showing the bill of particulars to our friends and others at the Sandcastle violates this HCOPL. As LRH states in this HCOPL “some are guilty most are innocent.” “If a person is to keep the law, he or she must know what the law is. And must be protected from viciousness and caprice in the name of the law. If a person doesn’t keep the law knowing well what it is he or she hurts all of us an should be handled.”
As LRH states in HCOPL 1 July 1968 Warning Signs – “#2 An area which issues false reports can be considered to have had its ethics pass over the cliff way way back. This should be pounced on fast fast fast.” April’s showing to others this bill of particulars violates this HCOPL in that the Bill of Particulars violates HCOPL How to write an Ethics Order in that it contains generalities and false reports that can be disproven.

Letter to Scientology’s Ben Shaw, Director of the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”)

July 5, 1999
Dear Ben,
It has been almost a month since you and I have been in communication about this cycle. In my original letter to you I stated that we wanted to see what reports were written on us and to answer these reports and get to the truth. So far nothing has happened administratively, to correct one of the squirellest events that we have ever experienced in Scientology, not to mention that it occurred at Flag.
If you and Kathy True have done something we(the interested parties) know nothing of what you have done.
Case in point no reports have been shown to us that would warrant any of the activities taken by Therese Blum,April Buchanan, Causuma,Haveva or Julia the receptionist of the Sandcastle MAA’s office. You mentioned to me that these individuals are not out to hurt us and that they were working off of some serious reports. What type of serious reports would warrant a Black PR campaign and squirrel processes run on two OT’s? (Greg Barnes, Virginia McClaughry)
You and Kathy both state that what was done was not Scientology and the four of us agree on that point. You and Kathy both state that you are investigating the scene but yet we are asked no questions about any of the events that occurred nor are we shown any of the “serious reports” that you spoke of on the phone to me on Friday night. Why don’t you simply apply LRH to the K/R’s written on us and let us respond?? It is only with the application of LRH administrative tech can this situation be truly sorted out. We want to see these serious reports!!!
All of the parties who have been mishandled are willing to answer any question asked of them and to respond to any report written on them but no questions or reports have been provided. Why?
I do appreciate your willingness to help and you have calmed a situation down but what has been resolved???? What I perceive is that we are all still under investigation and could someone just be honest enough to tell us why???
Until the truth is known to us on who ordered the squirrel handlings and the Black PR campaign put out by the MAA’s at the Sandcastle and all the reports are handled per how LRH states they are to be handled and the comm ev canceled and the non-enturbulation orders canceled and our names cleared and truth put on the line nothing is going to as-is for anybody.
When you are ready to sit down to go over the reports call me and we will arrange a time for all of us to meet that is step number 1 per LRH so let’s apply LRH, we will all win that way.

The Barnes Letters

Originally Presented in 2000 by Stacy Brooks for the LMT
Stacy BrooksAs many of you may already know, Greg and Debra Barnes were recently declared Suppressive by the Church of Scientology. RTC apparently views it as a high crime for someone on OT 7 to object to being security checked every six months, even though these “six-month checks” (as they are fondly referred to by the 7s) violate an LRH technical bulletin. Could it be that the $20,000 or more that each OT is required to pay every six months for their sec check is more important to RTC than technical purity?
After they were declared, the Barnes wrote a letter to the IAS, which is the International Association of Scientologists, asking for their money back. They had both paid for lifetime memberships, a total of more than $40,000.
For those of you who are not familiar with the history of the IAS, let me fill you in. Back in the late 1970s, Mary Sue Hubbard, Henning Heldt, Duke Snider, and several other high-level Guardian’s Office execs were indicted for stealing government documents and a list of other dirty tricks. To raise money for their defense, the Guardian’s Office created a new organization called the Safe Environment Fund, or SEF. Everyone was told that the purpose of SEF was to create a War Chest to fight Scientology’s enemies.
There were big SEF briefings and all the public Scientologists had to donate tremendous amounts of money to defend the GO execs. At that time the people in charge of the global conspiracy to destroy Scientology were not Bob Minton, the German government and the LMT. Back then the U.S. government — particularly the FBI — was in charge of it. (That was before the IRS rolled over and gave Scientology its tax exemption and the U.S. government became Scientology’s most ardent defender.)
The money collected by SEF was used to cover the costs of all the dirty tricks Scientology carried out to try (unsuccessfully) to derail the criminal case against Mary Sue et al. A private investigator named Dick Bast, for example, was hired to set up the judge in the case, Judge Ritchey, with a prostitute to destroy his career. The set-up worked beautifully, and Judge Ritchey had to remove himself from the case. An article ran in one of Scientology’s internal publications proclaiming what a big win this was for Scientology’s expansion on the planet.
When DM took over Scientology in 1982 he changed the name of the Guardian’s Office to the Office of Special Affairs, and he changed the name of the Safe Environment Fund to the International Association of Scientologists. Today, it is the IAS, not SEF, that collects millions of dollars in donations from Scientologists all over the world. The money is still used for the same purpose — to protect Scientology from its enemies. Only now its enemies are Bob Minton, Ursula Caberta, the LMT, etc. It is IAS monies that are being used to harass and try to destroy these “enemies.”
So Scientology does not want a spotlight on IAS, because IAS is the Achilles heel of their precious U.S. tax exemption. This is undoubtedly why the Barnes’ request to IAS for a refund received such prompt attention.
First Greg and Debra wrote a simple refund request without any elaboration.

Scientology’s Letter in Response

Greg and Debra Barnes
Clearwater, FL 33756
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Barnes:
We are in receipt of your request of a return of your donations to the IAS.
The rules of the IAS clearly state that contributions are not refundable. This rule is set forth on the IAS membership and donation forms. You acknowledged your understanding of this policy when you signed these forms.
Please advise if you have further informationregarding this matter you would like me to consider.
Lise Cohee
Legal Affairs Director
IAS Administrations on behalf of the IAS

Well, it seems that Greg and Debra did, indeed, have some further information they wanted Lise to consider, so they wrote her back the following letter:

From Greg and Debra Barnes
June 5, 2000
Dear Lise,
We certainly do have further information for you to consider it is where to start, is the problem.
First of all the IAS is an enforced membership that if anyone is to do services as long as we did and went as “OT” as we did you have to become members. The additional donations are harassed out of you with alarming tales of the tech being “attacked” or needed “publications” to alert the populace of the dangers of what ever the flavor of the month dangerous environment you guys dream up is.
We gave to your organization based upon the false reports by your representatives of the German Scientologists being persecuted by ex-Nazi Psychiatrists, when in actuality according to all the German Scientologists I spoke with at the Sand Castle, it was the financial irregularities and out 2-D activities of org executives in Germany as well as poor results, that created the attacks, which your representatives failed to mention conveniently.
We gave to your organization without knowing that RTC was rewriting LRH technical bulletins and his basic books which lower ones ability to obtain power and the results LRH speaks of. I gave to your organization without knowing of the criminal actions being perpetrated on Scientologists and ex not to mention the general public in which millions were spent, and are still being spent, defending your criminal actions in which you lose the cases. (specifically Mr. Hill in Canada and Bonnie Woods in England to name a few)
We gave to your organization without knowing of Fair Game still being practiced by the GO…oops we meant OSA. We gave to your organization without knowing that Mike Rinder’s opinion of spiritual sustenance was holding my friend down and forcing a concoction of illegally obtained drugs down her throat. Evidently you guys found some other lost tech that we did not know about.
We gave to your organization and attended the Patron Balls because we believed in your stated goals of “support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all Parts of the world so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard”.
Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think that we would be on the receiving end of your “Fair Game” and “Black PR” tactics. Never did we think or even vaguely consider that you would hold me against my will at the Sandcastle whilst one of your “Golden Age of Tech” auditor of the year award winning auditors would perform squirrel processes in an attempt to create a psychotic break and when that failed your organization turned on its “Fair Game” machine. Did I fail to mention the C/S was the deputy Senior C/S FSO. We did not see the “support and protect Scientologists” hat being worn here.
The fact that orgs in Germany, France, Russia and Spain are on life support and the fact that the “Church of Scientology” is on the way out in Europe is evidence of your hat not being worn regarding protecting Scientology. Some how I do not think that LRH envisioned your actions or inaction as the ” Aims of Scientology” he was talking about… I could be wrong there though. Oh, did I forget about you being kicked out of Greece and your charitable status being laughed out of England, in other words denied.
Regarding the Scientologists in France, Germany and Italy who went to jail for fraud and other interesting crimes did you protect them by bribing the prison guards to give them extra rations of cigarettes or was the CSW for a grant to help them denied because the funds were needed for attorneys else where.
Need we go one with the total disdain and contempt that we have for the despicable con job you are perpetrating on the Scientology public? I think maybe you got our point but if not please do not hesitate to write back and I will give you more.
J would think that an organization of such an “ethical purity” with such a crusade for “Total Freedom” would be insulted to want to keep the money of such people who think of you as we do. I would think that you would be glad to be free of the funds we gave you and wash your pure hands of our despicable association.
Well we think that we have given you enough to consider and we do hope that you will be sickened by the thought of holding onto dirty money such as ours.
Oh we will give you back the Patron Pin and Plaques upon receipt of our funds but the photos that were taken of us at the “Balls” we will keep.
Greg and Debra Barnes
P.S. I do not think that Loretta Miscavige had to write to you when you gave back her $40,OOO…oops…I guess no one was suppose to know that… well that is the story we were told.

This communication did seem to have an effect. This is the letter Greg and Debra received in response:

3 July 2000
Greg and Debra Barnes
Clearwater, FL 33756
Dear Mr & Mrs Barnes:
We are in receipt of your letter of June 13th, 2000. We find your allegations to be totally unfounded, nonetheless, and while under no legal obligation to make any refund of your donations, the IAS has decided, upon review of your letter and your clear indication that you no longer desire to be a member of the IAS, to return to you the donations you made.
Please find enclosed a Release and Waiver for your signatures. The Association will, upon receipt of the executed Release and Waiver, forward to you a cashier’s check in the amount of $40,660 being equal to all the donations you made to the IAS, and will cancel your memberships in the Association.
Lise Cohee
Legal Affairs Director IAS Administrations on behalf of the IAS

The Barnes sent their release and waiver in and in return they received the following letter with a check for $40,660 enclosed:

26 July 2000
Greg & Debra Barnes
Clearwater, FL 33756
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Barnes,
Find enclosed a check in the amount of $40,660 being the return of all the donations you made to the International Association of Scientologists in your name and on behalf of your family.
Lise Cohee
Legal Affairs Director IAS Administrations on behalf of the IAS

Release and Waiver

We, GREG and DEBRA BARNES herewith declare the following:
That we have made non-refundable donations to the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”) in the amount of US$ 40,660. With the receipt of a return of that amount, being all funds ever donated by us to the IAS on our behalf and on behalf of our children, we waive all claims and rights against the IAS. All our claims against the IAS are settled for any legal reason with the receipt of the above sum.
That we, our heirs, our successors, representatives, agents, employees, attorneys and assigns release and forever discharge the International Association of Scientologists, IAS Administrations, and their respective successors, agents, officers, directors, divisions, shareholders, trustees, fundraisers and employees from any and all claims, damages, causes of action of any kind which we now have or may hereafter have, from the beginning of time, to and including the effective date of this release.
That we understand that the term “any and all claims” as used above, means and includes, but is not limited to, all claims of any kind, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, past or present, contingent or fixed. We agree that the term “any and all claims” shall be interpreted liberally and as sufficiently comprehensive so that this agreement precludes any and all disputes, litigation or controversy brought by the undersigned.
That we have resigned our memberships and those of our children in the IAS.
That we are signing this Release and Waiver on our own free will and decision.
That we have read this Release and Waiver and understand completely each of its conditions and stipulations.
Greg Barnes
Clearwater, FL 33756
Debra Barnes
Clearwater, FL 33756

Afterword from Stacy Brooks:

I guess this successful correspondence shows that the old Scientology maxim, “When in doubt, communicate,” is still effective, at least in certain parts of the organization.
Stacy Brooks