Disconnection Tears Families Apart

Vickki and her son, George.
Vickki and her son, George.

David Cook and Vickki Ford have been in Scientology since 1989 and 1990 respectively. Married nearly nine years, both were OT 7 when they were declared Suppressive Persons in October 2001.
On October 20, Vickki’s 24-year-old son George Ford, a Sea Organization member at Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles, spoke to his grandmother over the phone and told her that unless his mother and father got back into good standing in Scientology he would be forced to sever all ties with them.
Vickki has not heard from her son since October 18, 2001. She considers him a missing person and is doing everything in her power to find him.
While they were dedicated Scientologists, Vickki, an attorney, producer and actress, and David, a doctor, gave their church approximately $650,000, including $55,000 to the International Association of Scientologists. So far neither the IAS or the Flag Service Organization has repaid any of their money on account. Vickki is continuing to try to get them to do so.
They have written nearly a hundred letters and complaints in their continuing efforts to get their son and their money back.