Astra Woodcraft

Interview Conducted January 20, 2001
Astra WoodcraftAstra Woodcraft was seven years old when her parents thrust her into the world of Scientology’s “elite” Sea Organization.
From the cramped quarters of the motel room her family of five shared when they first arrived at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, Astra was moved into a dormitory where, because Scientology would not provide a bed for her, she slept on a couch for a year.
This was the beginning of Astra’s life in the sub-standard and oppressive living environment that is accepted as routine to those in the Sea Organization.
Astra’s affidavit covers her formative childhood and teenage years. In it she describes the poor schooling she received and the hours working at the behest of the Church of Scientology, including having to guard other members who wanted to leave. Continue reading “Astra Woodcraft”

Zoe Woodcraft

Zoe WoodcraftInterview Conducted January 20, 2001
Zoe Woodcraft, became involved with Scientology’s Sea Organization when she was just two years old.
Zoe’s mother joined the Sea Org while doing services at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, and moved the entire family from England to the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater. Thus Zoe, her seven-year-old sister Astra and 15-year-old brother (who also joined the Sea Org at this time) were thrust into the regimented, controlled environment of Scientology’s paramilitary Sea Organization. Continue reading “Zoe Woodcraft”

Lawrence Woodcraft

Lawrence WoodcraftIn January of 2001, Lawrence Woodcraft and his daughters, Astra and Zoe, sat down and shared intimate details of their personal experiences in Scientology’s paramilitary Sea Organization.
Lawrence Woodcraft was a licensed architect in England when, in 1986, he was recruited to join the Sea Organization and go to work for Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. He left England with his two young daughters, Astra and Zoe, and joined his then-wife Leslie, who had already been recruited and was a staff member at Flag in Clearwater. Immediately, all the promises that had been made to convince him to join staff were broken. Continue reading “Lawrence Woodcraft”