Stacy Brooks

Interviewed June 27, 1995
In 1995, Stacy Brooks gave her first on-camera interview about her experiences inside the Church of Scientology. Presented here for the very first time is the complete unedited interview as given to Kurt Loder for MTV.
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Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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Part 4

Scientology's Rejection of the Family

By Stacy Brooks
August 13, 2000
Recently at the Lisa McPherson Trust, we helped a woman get out of Scientology. She took her child with her, a child who at a very young age had already been recruited into the Sea Org.
The woman’s mother has been in the Sea Org for a long time. She came to the woman’s house, extremely upset that the woman had left but particularly upset that she had taken her child out of the Sea Org. The mother brought a sheet of paper with the tape excerpt below. She frantically told the woman that she was throwing away her future and urged her not to let considerations about her family stand in the way of her freedom and that of her child.
The woman told her mother that she didn’t want to be in Scientology any more. Then the woman’s mother pulled the child aside and in all seriousness urged the child to file for legal emancipation from the parents so that the child, who is underage, could go back into the Sea Org. Continue reading “Scientology's Rejection of the Family”

My Perspective on Auditing

By Stacy Brooks  (written in 2000)
We get calls nearly every day here at the LMT from people who are having doubts about whether or not they should continue to be a Scientologist. Without question, the subject they ask me about most often is the tech of auditing. What do I think about the Tech? Do I think it works?
When anyone calls me for advice about whether auditing is beneficial or harmful, I always preface my response by saying that there have never been any clinical studies done to determine the effects of auditing. I have my opinions, but my opinions are based purely on my own experience and nothing else. Certainly they are not based on any scientific evidence, because there isn’t any. Hubbard never did any scientific testing, and no one else ever has either. The only available information is purely anecdotal. Ten Scientologists could write about their experiences in auditing and they would all have totally different perspectives, I am sure. Continue reading “My Perspective on Auditing”