Interview at Gold Base

1/24/09 – Attorney Graham Berry is interviewed by TV reporter Nathan Baca from KESQ in Palm Springs, outside Scientology’s desert compound near Hemet, California. A Scientologist PR woman comes out and interrupts the interview to implore the reporter to talk to PR guru Tommy Davis.

Graham Berry and Robert Cipriano

VIDEOTAPED August 20, 1999
Attorney Graham Berry has litigated against Scientology in some very important cases dating back to the 1990’s.
Robert Cipriano filed a false declaration about Graham in 1994 at the urging of Scientology. When later sued by Graham, Robert was then paid by Scientology to keep the lies coming.
In a shocking turn of events, Robert Cipriano turned to Graham’s side and provided amazing documents which show a clear pattern of abuse of the legal system by Scientologist attorney Kendrick Moxon.
Although Graham provided ample evidence that the Scientologist attorneys were the ones breaking the law, it was Graham who was punished by Judge Alexander H. Williams…the same judge whom Kendrick Moxon said is “a friend of Scientology.”
Graham continues to fight Scientology in the courtroom and has defended members of Anonymous and as well as defended me in cases against the organization.