Amy Scobee on Today/Tonight

Amy Scobee has written an excellent book I highly recommend called “Abuse at the Top,” in which she details her time inside Scientology and what it is like working for its diminutive  tyrant of a leader, David Miscavige.  She talks about some of her experiences in this broadcast.
Original Broadcast Date: April 26, 2010
Inside Scientology, superstar Tom Cruise is regarded as its most dedicated follower. The mystery is why he never joined its most elite unit.
Now, a former top-ranking defector who was just a teenager when recruited into Scientology says she knows why.
Amy Scobee claims she knows the truth about how the cult controls celebrities, the way it handled Tom Cruise’s marriage to Nicole Kidman and tells eyewitness accounts of what happens when its leader loses it.
She began life and work in the organisation’s elite unit, called the Sea Org. It was there she met some of their brightest stars and learned some of their darkest secrets.
During her three decades inside Amy managed the Scientology celebrity centre and rubbed shoulders with A-list converts.
Tom Cruise
Amy claims that Tom Cruise wanted to join the Sea Org but was not eligible.
“I was talking to Shelley and she was telling me about how dedicated Tom Cruise is to Scientology, and she was really pumped about the fact that he was so dedicated,” Amy said.
The ‘Shelley’ she refers is Shelley Miscavige, the wife of Scientology’s leader David Miscavige, who is best friends with Tom Cruise.
“He said he would join the Sea Organisation, which is where you sign for a billion years and it’s a living, working situation; that he would do that but he’s unqualified because of his previous drug history,” Amy said.
“She told me what drugs he took, which I won’t get into, but she did tell me that (these) drugs disqualify him for the Sea Organisation. There are specific drugs that make it an ‘out qualification’ that you cannot join,” Amy said.
The most respected and dedicated Scientologists, like Amy, are expected, even required, to join the Sea Org. Tom Cruise did not join.
“He’s not qualified to join the Sea Organisation, but otherwise he’d be here in a heartbeat,” Amy said.
“Because he (Tom Cruise) took those drugs he’s no longer qualified. He’s not qualified to join the Sea Organisation.”