The Profit Unleashed!

Bob Minton financed a movie about Scientology called The Profit.  He put up $2.5 million for the film and gave the filmmakers complete artistic control of the film.  The result was a disaster.  And it ruined the friendship of people involved in the film.  It was shown for three weeks in Clearwater, Florida in 2001 and then sat on a shelf after that.
Anonymous got a copy of the film and released it on the net.  Finally the world got a chance to see it — for a while.  Copyright claims had it removed from youTube and Mogulus.

The Profit – Public Response

John asked me a question in the last entry about the premiere of “The Profit” in Clearwater.

It had a very successful three week run at the theater and drew attention from the local TV stations.
….I wasn’t being honest about the ineptitude of the film’s production so I sat down and wrote a lengthy review of the movie ….
So, which quote carries more weight ?

Both are correct. There was a great hunger in Clearwater to see someone take on Scientology. Even though the newspaper review was dreadful, people still came out to see the film. Did they like the film? Not that I could tell. Continue reading “The Profit – Public Response”

Newscasts about the Premiere

The movie played for three weeks at a local Clearwater, Florida movie theater.  The Cinema Cafe was a second run movie house where you sat at tables and could order pizza and burgers as you watched the movie.  The interest was high on opening weekend, even though the film got scathing reveiws from the St. Petersburg Times.

Newscasts about the Production

Bob Minton funded a movie about Scientology, shot in Tampa, Florida. These local newscasts deal with the production of the film.