Robotic Support for my Documentary

MsMrNoFace posted this message to YouTube.  Any friend of Gort and Robby the Robot is a friend of mine.
Please remember that even though we have reached the first $10,000 in fundraising, we are still seeking a total of $60,000 for the full budget.  Spread the word and keep the donations coming at IndieGoGo.
Thanks so much.

Chicago Anonymous Protest

ThetanBait posted this video of a September 11, 2010 raid to YouTube.

The Scientologists claimed to be holding a religious service, on which grounds protesters were apparently barred from being within 150 yards of the org.
One brave Anon was prepared to risk arrest to challenge this ban — the org claimed to be holding a service during the several hours that we were there. Predictably, a cop arrived, who called a supervisor after speaking with both side. Both police were reasonable about our right to protest and agreed the “religious service” claim could not be applied for an arbitrarily long time.

The Chicago Org, BTW, was where I was arrested in 2000 for supposedly trespassing.