John Fashanu Confesses

Of all the attacks levied at Bob Minton while he was actively fighting Scientology, the Fashanu Report may have been the most far-reaching and nasty.  In his days as an investment banker, Bob and his partner Jeff Schmidt worked with the Nigerian government to buy back the nation’s debt at a reduced price, saving the country billions of dollars.  Scientology decided to portray this business arrangement as an illegal scheme and attempted to get Bob sent to prison for financial crimes.
Scientology hired a famous Nigerian soccer star named John Fashanu to be the front man for their attack.  They supplied Fashanu with a hefty written report documenting Bob’s “crimes.”  Fashanu then held a press conference and denounced the man who he claimed had raped the struggling country out of $5-billion.  Scientology made sure the world press covered the story and tried to get Bob hauled into court and thrown in the slammer.
It didn’t work out that way because as with all of Scientology’s attacks, they are built on lies.  Before long, Scientology’s involvement with the report was uncovered and news reports detailed how Scientology had manufactured and manipulated the entire circus.
Howard University in Washington D.C. invited Bob and Fashanu to do a debate.  Bob immediately accepted as did Fashanu who was to bring along the Scientology P.I. who was really responsible for the report.  When the day came, Fashanu backed out but Bob showed up and faced an angry room full of Nigerian students who wanted to confront the man who they believed had raped their nation.  Bob brought along documentation and walked the students through the entire complex debt buy-back program and explained to them why Scientology was trying to silence him with nasty covert acts.
Now, nine years later, John Fashanu has confessed that there was no truth to the charges laid out in the report that bore his name.  He’s asked for forgiveness from the Nigerian government for the lies he put forth.   The press reports don’t mention Scientology’s involvement and I hope Fashanu is asked to explain in detail how they used him as part of their Fair Game assault.

In leadership lessons, one vital skill is the ability of a leader to take responsibility for his every action, whether it achieves success or failure.
John Fashanu, former footballer, may not have acquired this aspect of leadership, or so it seems. Recently, the ex-international squarely put the blame for his controversial ‘Fashanu Report’ on the media.
He said the claim that $6bn was allegedly fleeced from the country’s coffers between 1988 and 1993 did not emanate from him, but was a mere media creation. He therefore apologized to the former military ruler, General Ibrahim Babangida, whose junta supervised that period in Nigeria’s history.
“There was never a time that I accused General Babangida over funds stacked away in any foreign land. It was just a media creation and I have personally apologized to him for the embarrassment it has caused him,” Fashanu said.,
Continuing, he stressed, “I can say it again and again, that there was nothing like debt buy-back or any billions stacked away in any account anywhere. It was all a misrepresentation by the media world-wide, and it is rather unfortunate. I am sorry; we have not found any debt buy-back or any allegation at all. I have also apologized to her Excellency Maryam Babangida as well.”
Many people are taken aback by what they describe as Fashanu’s resort to the blame game. They still remember that Fashanu, in April 2000, had claimed to have names, dates and account numbers of those involved in the alleged debt buy-back scam.
However, the hollowness of his denials started becoming evident when recently he failed to show up at a Professor Bolaji Aluko-led Nigerian Democratic Movement (NDM)-organized public forum, where he was to confront Robert Minton on the controversial report. Incidentally, this was after repeated assurances from Fashanu and his agent, Robert Clarke, that he would be at the public forum to state his position.
Robert Minton, whom Fashanu had accused of serving as a front for the Federal Government, had accused him of being sponsored by Scientology organisation, a cult group Minton had brought into critical light.
Minton said: “Fashanu has been used by the Scientology organisation that considers me to be their greatest enemy in the world. There is no chance Fashanu investigated it on his own. His investigator is a full-time worker for Scientology. This is a vendetta on Scientology’s part against me and they are using Fashanu and Nigeria as a tool to beat me on the head. That is the bottomline.”
Whether these inconsistencies were the creation of the media or self-inflicted is a question only Fashanu himself can answer.

The report says he failed to show up “recently” to the D.C. debate when in fact it was nine years ago.  I thought perhaps this was an old article picked up anew by Google but several other newspapers also reported this as just happening in the last few days.  And if it had happened back in the LMT days, we would have been aware of that seismic development.
bob-minton-Back in 2000, we thought that Scientology broke into Bob’s partner’s London office and stole documents related to the Nigerian debt buy-back.  A few years later, we learned that they didn’t have to break in.  They had merely given the night janitor some money and he let them come in and freely xerox documents held in the office.  Those were then cherry-picked, taken out of context and distorted into the smear that became the report.
As Scientology does so often when they claim that the evil psychs were behind the holocaust, Jonestown or 9/11, or when they print an issue of Freedom Magazine to praise the glorious leadership of David Miscavige after the St. Pete Times revealed him to be a sadistic tyrant ruling his desert compound with physical beatings and psychological torture, Scientology can not be trusted to tell you the truth.
I’m proud to continue supporting Bob Minton who faced an assault from Scientology like few others before or after.  What they did to Bob, Paulette Cooper, Gabe Cazares, Gerry Armstrong and the other victims of Fair Game is not ancient history.  It is Scientology’s dark legacy.

The Nigerian Debate

VIDEOTAPED June 11, 2000
Howard University, Washington D.C.

Bob Minton was attacked relentlessly by Scientology for helping those abused by the cult. Scientology’s most far reaching campaign involved a retired Nigerian soccer player named John Fashanu.
Fashanu released a document to the press back in 2000 which became known as “The Fashanu Report.” It alleged that Bob was involved in money laundering while working for the Nigerian government, charges which are completely false.
Several reporters picked up the story and repeated Fashanu’s charges without ever contacting Bob. One of the first reporters to publish a story was George Noah who had been contacted by one of Fashanu’s “investigators” who identified himself as Rob Clarke.
“Rob Clarke” turned out to be David Lee, a member of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.
Intrigued by this deception, George Noah investigated amd wrote another story about Scientology’s campaign against Bob Minton.
The Fashanu Report had become big news in Nigeria. When the Nigerian Democratic Movement offered an invitation for Bob Minton and John Fashanu to have a public debate on the report, Bob Minton immediately accepted.
The debate was to be held at Howard University in Washington D. C. and was meant to include the full participation of John Fashanu and his investigator, Scientology operative David Lee.
Bob Minton not only attended but he also presented documents detailing the entire debt buy-back to those in the audience. John Fashanu and his team failed to show up after the connection between Scientology and Fashanu had been exposed in the Media.
Fashanu Report Exposed
Nigeria Saved Billions in Debt Buyback Scheme

Fashanu Report Exposed

by George Noah
Monday 27 August  2000

The man with many identities, his links with the Scientology organization, his recruitment of John Fashanu  & his intrigues with the Nigerian government in his bid to destroy Bob Minton.     
David Lee (aka Robert Clarke aka Ron Christopher), whose real name is David Lebeau, is a private investigator who has worked for the Scientology organization for at least eight years.

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Nigeria Saved Billions

PUBLISHED July 3, 2000
A committee of Nigeria’s upper legislative chamber has backed the strategy of debt buy back schemes in reducing the country’s huge external debt. The Senate committee’s stance is contained in a report on local and foreign debts that investigated Nigeria’s debt buy back transactions from 1983, especially the controversial 1996 Ajaokuta debt buy back deal. In the report made available to Nigeria Today Online at the weekend, the committee, which was until recently led by Senator Idris Abubakar, said it was wrong to insinuate that all debt buy back schemes approved by past governments were fraudulent. Continue reading “Nigeria Saved Billions”