Jon Zegel Talk

VIDEOTAPED August 5, 1985
Jon Zegel speaks to a group of people at David Mayo’s Advanced Ability Center about Scientology and the law. Zegel’s message is still as valid today as it was when he delivered it in 1985.

The Zegel Tapes

Jon Zegel was the first outspoken critic of Scientology to provide important, factual data to Scientologists about what was really happening inside the organization. He did so by recording audio tapes on cassette. These tapes swept through “the underground” and created quite a stir.
He released three tapes critical of Scientology before the organization had him silenced. After settling with Scientology, Zegel recorded a fourth tape in which he repudiated the information in the previous tapes.

Bob Minton at CIS '98

One of Bob Minton’s first public appearances as an outspoken critic of Scientology came at the Cult Information Services seminar. Bob explains how he became interested in Scientology and what the cult has done to attack him for his stance.

Interview with Gabe Cazares

VIDEOTAPED April 16, 1983
Gabe Cazares was the Mayor of Clearwater, Florida when Scientology entered the town under the assumed name of United Churches. Gabe was outspoken in his desire to get to the bottom of what this group was doing in his city. Scientology launched a vicious series of covert operations against him to try to destroy his political career.
Also seen in this interview is Wayne Shelor who was working at the time for the Clearwater Sun newspaper. The Sun was bold and courageous in their efforts to uncover the truth of what Scientology was doing. The Sun also faced a relentless assault from Scientology and ultimately folded.
Wayne Shelor later worked as the PR spokeman for the Clearwater Police and had to temper his views from what he says in this video.

Priscilla Coates at Cal Tech

Priscilla Coates was one of the heads of the original Cult Awareness Network. This was a group which helped families torn apart by destructive groups such as Scientology.
After numerous legal assaults, Scientology drove CAN into bankruptcy and then purchased the name and records of the group. Now when families call the Cult Awareness Network, a Scientologist will likely answer the phone.
Several Scientologists were in Priscilla shared info about Scientology. This speech took place before Scientology’s takeover of CAN.
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