MegaStars at Boston MegaRaid

Three heavyweights spoke at the Anonymous Megaraid in Boston on May 30th.
Larry Brennan was a long time member of Scientology who handled Scientology’s legal and tax affairs for many years.
Nancy Many has written a terrific book about her experiences in Scientology (My Billion Year Contract) which details her mental collapse while in the organization and how she escaped and reclaimed her life.
Steve Hassan is a former Moonie and leading expert on cults and mind control.  His most recent article can be read at the Huffington Post.
After the protest, all three sat down to chat on camera.

The Assault of Bob Minton

VIDEOTAPED December 20, 1998
During a brief picket in Boston, Bob Minton and Jesse Prince found themselves under assault. There are two “versions” of this video. This one features the audio from Bob’s camera which was hanging around his neck.
This version features the audio heard on the Scientologist’s camera: