Can Dianetics Cure Arthritis?

VIDEOTAPED October 30, 1999
During the IAS 15th Anniversary picket I ran into a couple I had met on two previous occasions. I liked these two folks. We had very pleasant conversations. They seemed like very nice people.
Although they gave me several different names over the course of our meetings, they turned out to be Tory and Harold Bezazian. Later, Tory would leave Scientology and become my very good friend.
This video caused them to become very angry with me and, still to this day, Tory and I will have debates about the contents of this video. I meant no disrespect but they felt I was twisting their words which was not my intent.
It was shot at the Shrine Auditorium on October 30, 1999. I asked Tory about her repeated statements that Dianetics cured her mother-in-law’s arthritis.
I guess they considered my question an attack and I was accused of twisting her words into a statement she didn’t make.
The next day this post was made anonymously to ars by one of Tory’s friends:

Mark Bunker’s Role of the Week
From: The Desk of Bob, Investment Banker 3rd Class (ret):
To: Mark Bunker, Thespian

When you get down to the Shrine you’ll need to play a character with choirboy civility and cherubic innocence but you must have the focus and deadly aim of a sniper.

When you get home you’ll need to play the part of a crafty “60 Minutes” film editor.

Shoot Straight,

Well, I don’t believe I edit my tapes to change or distort the event I’m covering.
I do have a viewpoint. I believe there is much fraud in Scientology but in exposing that fraud I don’t do anything to the tape to manipulate anyone’s words or change the context in which they are said.
Because of the concerns expressed on the night of the event and the tenor of the ars post, I decided to show the raw, unedited sections of the tapes in question.

Andreas Heldal-Lund in Hollywood

The webmaster of came to Los Angeles in September of 2004. Upon his arrival at Scientology’s headquarters, Andreas was met by Joel Phillips who announced that he was the webmaster for Religious Freedom Watch, a website which exists to smear the critics of Scientology. Joel Phillips brought out a video camera and started interviewing Andreas. This is the raw, unedited tape of their exchange. The first few minutes of part two did not get recorded.

Hollywood Blvd.

VIDEOTAPED May 6, 2006
Tory Christman, Jeff Jacobsen, Feisty and others picketed Scientology in Los Angeles. This picket was used to draw attention to Sheriff Lee Baca’s support of the Scientology front group Narconon.
They started in front of Baca’s office but by the time I caught up with them they had moved on to the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition on Hollywood Blvd.

Harold Bezazian at the CC

Back in 1999, I videotaped a picket held at Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Los Angeles. Scientologist Harold Bezazian interacts with critics including Garry Scarff.
Since this picket, Harold divorced his wife, Tory Christman, after she decided to leave Scientology.  I like Harold and I always have but now he has written a smear letter against Tory which Scientology has posted on the web.   I believe it was written at Scientology’s request to counter Tory’s appearances on TV and in print exposing Scientology’s fraud and abuse.