Scientology PR on Glenn Beck Show in 2000

Pat Harney and Al Buttnor
I was digging through my archives and I found a portion of a Glenn Beck radio show from March 2000.  Beck was merely a local boy in Tampa, Florida and not yet the major loon who would be propelled to fame and fortune by FOX News.  Instead he invited on some loons from Scientology’s public relations arm, Al Buttnor and Pat Harney.  Harney was then known as Pat Jones and we would often run into her around Clearwater during the LMT years.  Buttnor had been brought down from Toronto to help out with the dual PR disasters of the Lisa McPherson case and the opening of the Lisa McPherson Trust.  Here’s an fine example of the PR work he did for Scientology at the time.  Buttnor reaches out to the husband of a critic of the Church of Scientology:

Pastor WIlliam Palmer
Hamilton Transfiguration
Evangelical Lutheran Church
232 Fennel Ave.E
L9A 1S7
Dear Pastor Palmer:
I am very sorry to have to write to you. It is a very
difficult matter to broach because perhaps you are not even
aware of the situation.
I am sorry to tell you that your wife has become involved
in a hate campaign against our religion in Toronto both by
her regular postings to the internet on a newsgroup and by
her recent participation in pickets at our Church. We are not
sure why she is doing this.
We have discussed this matter with several of our Lutheran Friends
and they suggested that we write to you in an effort to open a
door communication and hopefully reconciliation. It was even
suggested to us that a mediator from Conrad Grebel College may be
of benefit to resolve the situation if necessary and we agree that
this may be helpful.
Communication can resolve all things. I hope this is a matter we
will be able to discuss.
Please feel free to write me at your earliest convenience.
Yours Sincerely,
Rev. Al Buttnor

You can see why Buttnor’s delicate touch was felt needed in the town where Miscavige’s biggest headaches were ongoing.  He returned to Canada later in the year when his son was tragically murdered.   You can see a nifty pic of Buttnor on although it can’t compete with this candid shot of Buttnor taken by Bob Minton as Buttnor was hiding in a Tampa airport toilet stall while reporting back on Ursula Caberta’s near arrival from Germany.
Enough of the pre-show.  Here’s the recording of Glenn Beck’s chat with them, featuring callers from the Clearwater area.
Buttnor and Harney on Glenn Beck
Incidentally, if you’d like to listen to a show that featured both Pat and myself, click here.  It was a fun show from Texas in 2008 and a rare circumstance where I was able to interact with a Scientologist on air.

Mark Bunker on Radio Paul's Radio Rants

I appeared on the Radio Paul show yesterday.  Here’s the show in case you missed it.  We talked about my background (which I’m not so sure people really care about), the covert ops Scientology’s Guardians Office ran in the 1970’s, the game changing moments that have reshaped the fight against corporate Scientology’s fraud and abuse, and some of the recent scandals rocking David Miscavige’s non-Wog world.  Hope you enjoy it.

Ask An Atheist

I appeared for an hour on this radio show from the Seattle area.  We talked about Scientology and how it related to the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes divorce as well as the treatment of members in the Sea Org, recruitment, abuse of members and the history of the group and of L. Ron Hubbard.
This video is my edit of the raw interview.  The hosts trimmed it slightly differently for their broadcast which you can hear on their site.  It was recorded over Skype and occasionally the sound quality drops and a few seconds got lost but for the most part the audio is good.

Two Canadian Radio Shows

During the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Divorce-apalooza week, I appeared on a number of Canadian radio shows.  For some reason, the cry came out from Canadians to get a wise and bearded perspective on the whole Scientology issue.  In 24 hours I had done several shows including the Scott Sloan show and these two broadcasts in which I had to pack in a lot of info in just a few minutes.
If you’d like to have me on as a guest on your show, send me an email to

The Scott Sloan Radio Show

Scott SloanI have been very busy this past week talking to reporters about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce. I’ve tried to tamp down the crazy rumors about Suri being kidnapped and sent to the Sea Org and instead concentrated on the real crazy stories going on in Scientology. I did three radio shows within 24 hours for Canadian stations but I didn’t get any of them recorded. They seem to be lost to the wind. However, this morning I appeared on Cincinnati station WLW for a segment with host Scott Sloan. It was a brief piece but I tried to cram in as much as I could in my 15 minutes.

A Tale of Two Radio Shows

Mad as Hell in America
Yesterday I appeared along with Jeff Hawkins on a Portland radio show called Mad as Hell in America.  Producer Jesse Singer hosted the show and he invited us on for a full two hours to talk about Scientology.  I was on the phone and Jeff was in studio.  We covered a lot of ground.  There’s never enough time but between us we talked about such things as the Scientology mindset, recruitment and progress up the Bridge, the use of celebrities, control mechanisms in the group and the abusive nature of David Miscavige.  In case you missed it, here it is in two parts:
[audio:|titles=Mad as Hell in America – Hour 1]
[audio:|titles=Mad as Hell in America – Hour 2]
Peter Boyles
A few days earlier, another radio host had the chance to talk with Marty Rathbun.  Rather than shedding light onto some of the problems in the Church of Scientology, the host (Peter Boyles) decided to let the conversation degenerate into mockery of Rathbun, derailing whatever conversation they might have had.  I know I will take some flack for this but I’m siding with Marty on this one. While I agree Marty wasn’t being forthright about the upper level materials, there were greater points which could have been made without just mocking him and driving him off the show.  Anons have been taking delight over at Why We Protest but I think it’s better to keep talking and shed light than just get the heat of a confrontation.  That said, I would welcome the chance to debate any Scientologist on any show and point out when they are less than open or blatantly lying.  It seldom happens but when I get the chance it is fun.
[audio:|titles=Peter Boyles Interviews Marty Rathbun]

The Edge – Mike Rinder

Here’s a show which was originally broadcast in October of 2010.  Mike Rinder does a great job talking about his experiences in Scientology and how David Miscavige has been running the organization and treating his staff.   I enjoyed this show immensely.   Tom Smith of The Edge has done a terrific job of covering Scientology over the years.
The Edge with Mike Rinder