Stephanie Miller on Jett’s Death

Broadcasting legend Stephanie Miller

A lovely Anonymous member, who shares with me the worshipping of Stephanie Miller, sent me this clip from Monday morning’s broadcast.
Stephanie brings up Jett’s death and her producer mentions that down the road, the Scientology connection has to be looked into.
I think there is a likelihood that Jett didn’t get proper treatment throughout his childhood based on his parent’s beliefs. I don’t know that for sure but that’s a possibility. Many people have thought the Travolta’s were unwilling to admit Jett had autism even though the seizures are consistent with autism and not at all a by-product of Kawasaki disease. Do I know? Of course not. But it is an argument going on just as forcefully on the autism message boards right now.
What ever the reason, it remains a very human tragedy with a grieving family who has my sympathies.
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When a Christian Scientist’s child dies because the parent’s religious beliefs stop them from seeking treatment, they grieve just as much as other parents do. It is an incredibly sad situation that people can turn away from science which might save a life and put their child’s fate in the hands of dogma.
I believe John Travolta did every thing he knew how to help his child and gave him the most wonderful life possible. I don’t doubt that for a second, even though I have no more concrete evidence to go by than the same newspaper reports from which I draw my conclusions about the death. I have no reason to believe Travolta is anything short of a loving father who must now be suffering terrible pain.
I felt the same thing about the people watching over Lisa McPherson in her last 17 days. They did what they felt was right. They thought they were helping her. They were following Hubbard’s policies and ultimately Hubbard’s tech led to Lisa’s death.
Will Hubbard’s tech share some responsibility for Jett’s death? I don’t know that. There is a possibility but I’m not in a position to make that judgment.  If it turns out it did, other parents should be aware of the risks.  Like Christian Scientists, they may still prefer to go with Hubbard’s teachings but the truth should come out so they are at least informed.

Suri's Life

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday February 21, 2008

The exotic and enticing Stephanie Miller took another cheap pot-shot at Tom Cruise on her radio show, God love her.
This time it was an inside look at the life of little Suri Cruise. They mixed in a lot of info about barley water for babies, kids being treated as adults because they’ve lived billions of lifetimes and other Hubbard nonsense and made it even more nonsensical in the process.
Sure, they don’t have everything straight but at least they know how to have fun.
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Tom Cruise on American Idol?

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday January 21, 2008
Stephanie Miller
Radio goddess Stephanie Miller — along with voice man Jim Ward — comment on the astonishing news that Tom and Katie are going to sit in the audience of American Idol.   This is the type of populist damage control usually done by lesser mortals — not the world’s biggest movie star and an Operating Thetan.
Okay, so this isn’t the funniest bit they may have ever done but still, it’s always fun to see just how in-depth Jim Ward’s knowledge is of Scientology buzz words and mythology.

Stephanie Miller on Tom Cruise Tape

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday January 17, 2008
Stephanie Miller
Radio goddess Stephanie Miller — along with voice man Jim Ward — goof on the Tom Cruise Scientology video.
They are joined by The Soup host, Joel McHale who can’t say enough about the seeming insanity of the tape.
Then Stephanie returns to the subject in the daily Hollywood gossip segment, Tinsel Talk
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ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Friday August 17, 2007
Stephanie Miller
I have no interest in the Beckhams.  None.  Zilch.
However, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruise have LOTS of interest in them.    Tom made a full court press to get them into Scientology and while I haven’t seen actual proof that they are new members, the two couples seem inseparable.
Today, Stephanie Miller was reporting on Beckham’s first score with whatever American team he now plays on (yes, I know I could do a quick Google and find that out but that is how little interest I have in them)  and for some delightful reason Tom Cruise jumps into the action to tell Mrs. Beckham (one of those Spice Girl people…ditto on refusing to Google) how to rise on the Tone Scale.
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German Flap

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday June 28, 2007
Stephanie MillerStephanie Miller took up the story of Germany refusing Tom Cruise permission to film in government and military offices for his upcoming Nazi-Era film.
Once again, someone in the Stephanie Miller brain trust shows off a fairly thorough knowledge of Scientology buzzwords as Tom Cruise jumps on Oprah’s couch.
Voice guy Jim Ward gives a pretty good demonstration of why Germany might be wary of granting Scientology access to their offices.
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Flirting With Disaster

BROADCAST DATE: May 4, 2007Stephanie Miller goofed on the rumors of Katie’s flirting with her co-star on the set on “Mad Money.”
Personally, I don’t put much stock in these rumors but it doesn’t stop me from being amused by the following antics.
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Couch Jumping

BROADCAST DATE: March 22, 2007
Stephanie Miller If there’s a mention of Tom Cruise in the news, that means Stephanie Miller’s expert voice man Jim Ward will be jumping on Oprah’s couch. I don’t know if the writing of the bits comes from Jim or Stephanie but whoever puts the pieces together has a pretty in-depth knowledge of Scientology buzzwords.
On today’s show, they tackle the announcement of a new film about the attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler.
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Because Larry King Really Needs a Creepy Stare

Tom Cruise reportedly gave Larry King a tour of Scientology’s hit-job on Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. “Hey, let’s take the kids!”

King said he was not convinced of the sect’s stand, saying “Their attack on psychiatry is incredible. They hate psychiatry,” reported in a story carried on IANS Tuesday.

Stephanie Miller is a terrifically funny radio show host with a smart, faced-paced liberal mind. She covered this story on her daily morning drive-time show.
You can listen to three daily comedy segments on her blog and subscribe to hear the whole show. The archive of her bits is a terrific place to browse. She has a gifted impressionist with her every day who not only does some fantastic voices but he has a deep understanding of the wackiness of Scientology.
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