The Edge – Mike Rinder

Here’s a show which was originally broadcast in October of 2010.  Mike Rinder does a great job talking about his experiences in Scientology and how David Miscavige has been running the organization and treating his staff.   I enjoyed this show immensely.   Tom Smith of The Edge has done a terrific job of covering Scientology over the years.
The Edge with Mike Rinder

The Edge – Jeff Hawkins

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Thursday March 6, 2008
Jeff HawkinsArnie Lerma posted a radio show over at his site.  It’s another in-depth interview with an old-time high level Scientologist, Jeff Hawkins.
Jeff created the exploding volcano ad campaign for Dianetics.  Now he is unleashing some more explosive material as he discusses life inside Scientology and the upper tier of management.
Shore stories get blown and beatings from David Miscavige are revealed.
Listen to The Edge

The Edge – Larry Brennan

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday November 11, 2007
David MiscavigeIt’s always great to hear new voices. This is the first interview I’ve heard with Larry Brennan who worked alongside David Miscavige during the period prior to L. Ron Hubbard’s death when Miscavige was grooming himself to take over Scientology. Larry posts on alt.religion.scientology as “SME.” Here’s a link to all of his posts.
Larry worked in Legal at a time when Scientology was in a hell of a legal mess, facing a class action suit by disgruntled former members. Larry gives us insight into this period, during which time Scientology was juggling the books, creating a new corporate shell game and funneling millions in cash to Hubbard.
Larry goes in to great detail about the activities of Miscavige and others as they committed fraud and abuse on a grand scale. Continue reading “The Edge – Larry Brennan”