What is Bunkology?

Bunkology grew organically from the groundwork laid in my best selling book “Bunkanetics.”
Bunkanetics has touched the lives of many but when sales started to fall I knew there was something missing and that’s when I created Bunkology.
Bunkanetics dealt with the wallet but Bunkology deals with your whole bank account, your real estate, your future earned income and that of your dependents.
There is a great conspiracy in the world. A conspiracy of the Twelve Dry Cleaners who seek to control the planet, enslaving mankind with their promises of one-hour martinizing.
True cleanliness does not come from chemicals. That’s why I support the CCHW, the Citizens Commission on Human Whites. The CCHW ruthlessly attacks dry cleaners and will do so until every criminal martinizer is behind bars.

Merchants of Chaos Attack

A recent rash of newspaper articles have viciously attacked the Church of Bunkology, trying to smear our good name but Bunkology continues to prosper…becoming the fastest growing church in this corner of the ga-lax-y (accent on the “lax”, please).

The above images were created by a XENU TV fan during the LMT days.  He also created these imaginary multimedia goggles.

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