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As many of you know, Scientology is extremely litigious and finding an attorney who understands Scientology and is willing to take them on is difficult.  Attorney Graham Berry has been on the frontlines since the 1990’s and is currently representing several individuals, myself included, in cases involving Scientology.  
If you would like to help Graham cover expenses, here’s what you should know.
Originally Posted by Graham Berry on Why We Protest:

I just received a telephone call from an Anon (an OT VIII!) requesting me to provide information as to how people may assist me in doing what I do against the cult. As some of you know, Moxon and co have some fraudulently obtained sanctions against me which one day, when I have time/money/representation, will be reversed. In the meantime, I work around them. Anyway, PayPal proceeds can be seized by Moxon & Co. Donations do not have to be for any particular purpose.
What seems to work best is either postal orders mailed directly to me or Western Union transfers (which you then need to PM or Email me to collect).
Here is the information:
Graham E. Berry
3384 McLaughlin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Telephone: (310) 745-3771
Cell: (310) 902-6381
PM at WWP= graham berry
P.S. We have the cult on the run and on the ropes. This seems to be the year for the breakthroughs to begin. Let’s bring scientology’s war against the SPs, and its “Targets Defense,” to their conclusion.
P.P.S. COSTCO, Ralphs, Vons, Albertosons, Staples and Office Depot work just fine. I use a Costco card.

Update from the Anons at Why We Protest:

Naturally, for the reasons Graham states, all $$ sent is NOT a donation but for Graham’s EXPENSES of taking action and legal representation of Anons. I’m sure we’re all clear about that.
If Paypal or credit card is your preferred source to help cover his legal expenses, you can send money to the fund listed for Graham on the front page of WWP. We will be sending out regular US postal money orders to him when it hits $200. One will be sent off tomorrow since it is at $220. This money is of course meant to help cover the costs and expenses that he racks up doing all of the legal work he does.


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