Mark Bunker on Radio Paul's Radio Rants

I appeared on the Radio Paul show yesterday.  Here’s the show in case you missed it.  We talked about my background (which I’m not so sure people really care about), the covert ops Scientology’s Guardians Office ran in the 1970’s, the game changing moments that have reshaped the fight against corporate Scientology’s fraud and abuse, and some of the recent scandals rocking David Miscavige’s non-Wog world.  Hope you enjoy it.

Progress Continues on Knowledge Report

Jason Beghe
I took a break from editing in the past couple weeks to head up to L.A. and do a couple more interviews for my new documentary, Knowledge Report.  Tory Christman has been my friend since she left Scientology.  She sat down with me to talk about her experiences both inside the organization and what actions they have taken against her since she publicly departed.
And Jason Beghe made a big splash on the net four years ago when we sat down to do his first interview about Scientology.  We felt it was about time to update his story both for the film and for another revealing long form interview for the net.  Here’s a teaser of what’s in store:
By the way, the latest fundraising campaign for my film ends in a little more than a day.  If you’d like to contribute or just spread the word, click here.

Ask An Atheist

I appeared for an hour on this radio show from the Seattle area.  We talked about Scientology and how it related to the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes divorce as well as the treatment of members in the Sea Org, recruitment, abuse of members and the history of the group and of L. Ron Hubbard.
This video is my edit of the raw interview.  The hosts trimmed it slightly differently for their broadcast which you can hear on their site.  It was recorded over Skype and occasionally the sound quality drops and a few seconds got lost but for the most part the audio is good.

Two Canadian Radio Shows

During the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Divorce-apalooza week, I appeared on a number of Canadian radio shows.  For some reason, the cry came out from Canadians to get a wise and bearded perspective on the whole Scientology issue.  In 24 hours I had done several shows including the Scott Sloan show and these two broadcasts in which I had to pack in a lot of info in just a few minutes.
If you’d like to have me on as a guest on your show, send me an email to

The Scott Sloan Radio Show

Scott SloanI have been very busy this past week talking to reporters about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce. I’ve tried to tamp down the crazy rumors about Suri being kidnapped and sent to the Sea Org and instead concentrated on the real crazy stories going on in Scientology. I did three radio shows within 24 hours for Canadian stations but I didn’t get any of them recorded. They seem to be lost to the wind. However, this morning I appeared on Cincinnati station WLW for a segment with host Scott Sloan. It was a brief piece but I tried to cram in as much as I could in my 15 minutes.

Knowledge Report Fundraising Campaign Was a Big Success!

Delivering an invitation for David Miscavige to be part of my feature film on Scientology, Knowledge Report
A big thanks to everyone who who helped us reach our $7000 goal for this campaign.   Your contributions and your support are making this film possible.   I’ll be flying off shortly for some major interviews for the film and you’ll be seeing some new clips very soon.
Recently, I spent time in L.A. and Hemet shooting some footage for the film.  While at Gold I hand delivered a letter for David Miscavige, inviting him once again to do an interview for the film.
Here’s a copy of the letter:
DM Request 2
I spoke with Tory about my adventures a few hours after the visit to Gold.

A Tale of Two Radio Shows

Mad as Hell in America
Yesterday I appeared along with Jeff Hawkins on a Portland radio show called Mad as Hell in America.  Producer Jesse Singer hosted the show and he invited us on for a full two hours to talk about Scientology.  I was on the phone and Jeff was in studio.  We covered a lot of ground.  There’s never enough time but between us we talked about such things as the Scientology mindset, recruitment and progress up the Bridge, the use of celebrities, control mechanisms in the group and the abusive nature of David Miscavige.  In case you missed it, here it is in two parts:
[audio:|titles=Mad as Hell in America – Hour 1]
[audio:|titles=Mad as Hell in America – Hour 2]
Peter Boyles
A few days earlier, another radio host had the chance to talk with Marty Rathbun.  Rather than shedding light onto some of the problems in the Church of Scientology, the host (Peter Boyles) decided to let the conversation degenerate into mockery of Rathbun, derailing whatever conversation they might have had.  I know I will take some flack for this but I’m siding with Marty on this one. While I agree Marty wasn’t being forthright about the upper level materials, there were greater points which could have been made without just mocking him and driving him off the show.  Anons have been taking delight over at Why We Protest but I think it’s better to keep talking and shed light than just get the heat of a confrontation.  That said, I would welcome the chance to debate any Scientologist on any show and point out when they are less than open or blatantly lying.  It seldom happens but when I get the chance it is fun.
[audio:|titles=Peter Boyles Interviews Marty Rathbun]

New Scientology Attack Against Me

The Anti-Marty team has posted a lengthier attack on me which you are welcome to peruse at your leisure.  That’s one of the key differences between us.  I will actually link to their attacks on me and let you look at both sides.  No where on their attack page will you you find a link back to me or my movie, Knowledge Report.   This is one of my favorite sections:

Like most suppressives and bullies, Bunker can dish it out but can’t take it. If people attempt to exercise their free speech rights by speaking out against Bunker, he quickly acts the innocent victim, whining “look what they are doing to me.” But of course he never bothered to look at the hatred he has been spreading against Scientologists. Like most bullies, he wants his victims’ hands tied behind their backs while he punches them.

I find it amusing that an organization led by David Miscavige is accusing someone else of being a slap-happy bully.
Hooray!  It has been years since I last had a Dead Agent page about me on Religious Freedom Watch but tonight I discovered that an Anti-Marty blog has a very amusing write up about me.  I’ve stopped the chuckling long enough to share the page with you.

Mark Bunker has spent decades trying to make a living out of the destroy-Scientology business. Unable to make a living otherwise, he has taken money from anyone who would patronize his camera and slander for the purposes of mocking LRH and Scientology. Bunker is, and always has been, for sale — literally – he’s been paid for years to attack the Church. He has specialized in attacking LRH and ridiculing the Scientology scriptures, going so far as to publish any copies of upper level materials he could get on the Internet. His personal attacks on LRH and attempts to degrade him in any way possible have been his trademark.
When Anonymous began committing criminal acts against Scientology and Scientologists (Bunker and his cohorts were involved in a theft of Scientology property which, was posted on the Internet to solicit Anonymous attacks against Scientology), Bunker immediately befriended those he could locate and persuaded many of them to donate money to him to help him in his quest to destroy Scientology.
A few months ago Bunker started asking Marty Rathbun’s cult following to donate money to him so that he could help “save” Scientology. Why the about-face? Suddenly, because it seemed to make financial sense, he had “no disagreements with Scientology scriptures at all,” and only wanted to see them “properly” applied. Bunker has negotiable morality, and guarantees to service the highest bidder. The clue to this man is in his name – Bunk. Scratch his back and he’ll scratch yours, but for money.

I’m especially amused that they used a picture I took of myself looking extra goofy.  I have tons of those, boys.   You’ve inspired me to put together a fake teaser poster for Knowledge Report.
Knowledge Report

Michael Fairman On Fair Game Attacks

Michael Fairman
I had the great pleasure of interviewing actor Michael Fairman and his wife Joy last weekend.  Michael has a lengthy career in front of the camera and is one of those actors you recognize immediately from countless productions.  He also appeared in a number of training and promotional films for Scientology.  When Paul Haggis announced he was leaving Scientology a while back, it spurred Michael into looking for more info on the web about the group he had been in for decades.  Already fed up with the constant regging and other outpoints he had seen first hand, suddenly he discovered the wide range of abuses former members had been reporting.  He publicly departed Scientology earlier this year in a letter published on Marty Rathbun’s blog.
In this brief excerpt from our interview, Michael talks about the attacks Scientology has made against Independent Scientologists and other whistleblowers.
In this clip, you can see a fair use excerpt of one of the ads he made for Scientology.
Michael has also been interviewed by Tony Ortega for the Village Voice.

Celebrity Recruitment

Karen Pressley was an executive for Scientology’s Celebrity Center.  She sat down with me recently to do an interview for my feature film, Knowledge Report.  In this short clip from our chat, she tells us how Scientology management would target celebrities for recruitment and threaten the CC execs if they did not bring in a certain star by the end of the day.    Continue reading “Celebrity Recruitment”